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writing stories to improve my creative writing


School recently started again and I'm not going to lie, my semester is extremely heavy. I have a lot of brutal courses and they are taking a huge chunk of my time and effort at the moment. So unfortunately I won't be able to allocate any of my free time to writing anymore. However, I am not outright cancelling my current projects! Just anticipate longer updates or weeks without anything new. Thank you! :)

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The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Final Arc - Rough Draft
Slice of Life/Sad
Featuring: Twilight | Celestia

Sentio, Ergo Sum
Chapter 4-Chapter 6 - Editing
Slice of Life/Sad
Featuring: Twilight | Starlight


From The Best
Prologue-Chapter 17 - First Draft
Slice of Life/Sad
Featuring: Twilight

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First and foremost, I'm not a very good writer, but I am trying! I write solely for practice and fun. I think because I don't put an emphasis that these stories have to be good I allow myself to make a lot of mistakes and that will be evident throughout. I believe allowing yourself to make mistakes and just have fun makes writing a lot more enjoyable for me. So I hope you can be patient as I improve over time. I'm incredibly thankful to everyone in this community for uplifting and helping me improve my writing, I appreciate all the criticism!

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I do so hope you do write a full story of Therefore You And Me, that story was beautiful.

BAHAHA, I loved the parody!!

Piano, my little pony, and neon Genesis evangelion? I have literally THE perfect video for you!

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