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Deciding to check up on his defeated foes, Discord is hit by the memory spell meant for Rainbow Dash. As a result, Twilight now knows Discord better than he knows himself- including the man he use to be. The memories of a hero, buried under the mind of a confused and lonely immortal.

His past is bleeding into his present and Twilight refuses to let him be turned to stone. Thus, in one form or another, the world will once more know its greatest savior: Naruto Uzumaki.

But Twilight is not the only one aware of the ancient past......

AN First ever Naruto-is-Discord fic.

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I, wait, you, what, uh, how did- REALLY? Wow, uh, shit, you have my attention with that synopsis. I'll give this a read later, just because you legitimately caught me off guard with that.

EDIT: So, uh.....wow. Okay, you had my attention before, and now you've grabbed it full-on. Cripes, I have no gods-damned clue as to what's going on with Twi, and Discord...actually, is it still Discord, or is he Naruto now? Or, wait, he was already Naruto before and then he turned into Discord, but then how did-?

Know what? I'll stop trying to figure that out. I'm sure it'll be explained eventually.


I agree with you, I can say with 100% certainty I have not once seen a fic with this concept and I have seen many fics on this site.

Definitely going to read this later.

Awesome idea. I mean now that i've read this I question why no one's thought of this before. Can't wait to see where you go with this. Something tell's me Discord isn't going to become like his old self easily. Can't wait to see how everyone will react when Twilight tell's them about Discords past.

Oooh this is going to be good. Bet twilight 2.0 is going to butt heads with sunbutt.

Ok...ok..OK YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!!:yay: You sir have got a like, and follow of this unique story that you wrote.:twilightsmile:

Interesting... very interesting. This story certainly has potential to go places. I hope the author decides to roll with it, because I do believe it's a unique Naruto crossover premise, and that's saying something considering all the unique ideas I'm aware of from it.

It makes so much the number one surprise ninja is the number surprise being

I'd like to know how Naruto ascended to Discord. It's the Shivering Isles all over again.

Great story and looking forward to more. I'm surprised "urusai" was used as "noisy." I was taught it usually means something along the lines of 'be quiet' or 'shut up' depending on how forcefully it's said.

7416599 Of course, the shivering isles oblivion dlc. i know exactly what you mean.

7416681 I kinda know about it from a daedric quest in skyrim. So the idea of Discord having mortal origin like Sheo isn't too far off.

ahaha holly crap xD i really didnt expect a Naruto Crossover here haha
i have to say this is interesting
i love naruto and i love Discord
but as a crossover? hm not really sure yet
since i normally really dont like crossover mlp fics
but ill keep tracking it and i wanna see where this goes
oh and i loved the interaction between Twilight and Discord :D even if its not much yet but so cool ^^

Hmmm.... Decided to actually give this a shot. I am... intrigued. Not sure why it has so many downvotes. The only thing I can think of is Twilight's sudden change in personality. Even if she is more protective of Discord now that she's seen the past... I'm not sure why she's so aggressive and rude to her friends. THAT is the bit I don't get. Being a bit more protective of him? Yeah, sure. Saying they're Noisy and are idiots? That doesn't strike me as Twilight. It's almost like Twilight's now a fusion of herself and young/impulsive Naruto... which I'm not sure I like.

Still though, the idea is interesting. So I'll watch this story for now and hope to see an update soon.

Sadly, I'm thinking we probably won't see any further updates for this. You have a long record of posting one chapter to a story... then never posting another after that.

I'm vary interested in the story keep up a good work update soon naruto is discord this story is perfect I can't wait to see what happens next. Question will this be a discord and twilight pairing? Just wondering. Updated soon :twilightsmile:

7425118 Actually, in the story Discord said the memory spell Twilight used was dangerous because the user could become tainted with the recipient's personality.
And I know what you mean, I checked his FanFiction page, and he only has 5 completed stories, only one of which is more than 1 chapter long.


ALL his stories show as incomplete to me. None are completed.

And the spells recipient in this case, was Discord, not Twilight. In which case it would be Discord influenced by Twilight's personality, not the reverse.


This particular memory spell was all kinds of dangerous for a mortal mare like herself. It had a big chance for her mind to be contaminated with some of the personality and memories of her target, and she was using this on five ponies?

Coolosus is actually right. Twilight would be influenced by Discord-Naruto's personalities and memories, not the opposite.

And yes, I know I have a lot of fics. I go where my muse takes me- last time I tried to force it, I couldn't write for nearly a year and what I got out before that set in was subpar in my own opinion. I don't abandon fics, but I do let them marinate and age until their ready.

Now this is one fic that a lot of people would just die for an update

I really really liked how the chapter went and I can't wait for the next chapter to be really.

I like your Discord/Twilight thing, they can make such interesting friends and I have never before read a story where Naruto eventually became Discord so I hope you get back to writing this.

Oh my glob this is amazing!! Holy heck I can't wait for more!

This story isn't dead. It hasn't been too long past one year. I consider a story dead when it has been left alone for ten years, or the author chose to leave the site forever.

Also, the Author just updated "Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo" on Fanfiction.net today.

Even if his other stories are still updating That doesn't really mean this story isn't dead

That logic applies to an author in fan fiction.net
And his name is NeonZangetsu

The comparison or more specifically the one who is being used as the comparison should make it obvious as to WHY that logic is a bit flawed

Which is why I added the other two qualifiers for my opinion as to when a story should be considered dead.
The mention of 'DV:HoN' was me attemping to promote said story for those who like this author.
This story is also on FanFiction.net. That is similar to 'Quantum Castaways' by DustTraveler (I hope I'm spelling it right). I say similar because he (DT) decided to stop updating it on FanFiction.net.
Anyways, even if this story is dead, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be worth reading. When I read a story to it's stop, I like to then imagine what the rest of the story would be like.
And about the time between updates, there have been many stories that have a year or longer gap between updates.

I really like this story and I hope it doesn't die. Please update?:pinkiesad2:

If the author is short on ideas, then I've got one word for you. Reincarnation. Reincarnation is a prominent belief in Eastern cultures and a fun literary device to play with in my own opinion. My theory is that when Twilight headbutted Discord into his past, his memories triggered her own past life's memories. And the influx of new memories to process disoriented her and she probably thinks that she's her past life.

If I were to guess who she was, my first guess would be Shikamaru. She's certainly a genius though not lazy and I could definitely see her playing chess. Plus Shikamaru became assistant to the Hokage, both the sixth (Kakashi) and seventh (Naruto) so it makes sense to me that if Shikamaru's memories woke up and he found himself in a strange place surrounded by strange creatures acting threateningly towards a being that he/she knew was Naruto that he'd react the same way.

Of course, this is all a theory and if the author feels that there is someone better suited to be Twilight's past incarnation then so be it. The one match up that I think is perfect is Fluttershy/Hinata. Hinata and Fluttershy share so many traits that it could work. Both Flutters and Hinata are shy but they work very hard to overcome their shortcomings and issues to improve. They're still soft-spoken and quiet, but when push comes to shove, you can bet that both will stand by their friends and family in times of need. Plus I kinda like the Fluttercord ship.:twilightsheepish:

Sup? Mind explaining why you haven't updated this fanfic?

Please say u have not forgotten or not doing this story no more please

Welp 2 years of inaction

This story is definitely dead

You know, maybe I'll try this as well. Like I said earlier, reincarnation is a fun literary device to me and I've never had a reason to try toying with the concept before.

Where do I put the quarters to keep this ride going?:moustache:

...Why hadn't I found this before now? And why the hell is there only one chapter?! I need MOAR, dammit! :flutterrage:

Wow I almost forgot about this story. Good to see it updated.

Ditto...and what a strong chapter...honestly though I wonder if anyone besides Naruto or Hart Potter has ever been used as Discord? I REALLY like the amnesia approach....

nice work and looking forward to the next chapter of this and Celestia of Chaos

Two years... I had my doubts, but this story is not dead yet. This pleases me. :)

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