• Published 22nd Jul 2016
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The Draconequus who was The Savior - AkumaKami64

Some things never change: He's still the number one most unpredictable and knucklehead on the planet. The fact that he's now the Mad God Discord and doesn't remember being Naruto the Savior didn't change that. Twilight just had to make him remember.

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The Pony in the Memories! Discord's Denial!

Twilight Sparkle had no idea where she was. Her mind had been close to mush, as it strained and failed to process the many ages of life Discord had lived all at once; Ages without civilization at all, the rise and fall of race after race, the world changing unrecognizably. It was too much, too much, too much!

And, all at once, it stopped. It was as if the memories had swung her head first into solid stone. Her mind had cleared, but only barely as a great ache formed through it.

She raised her wobbling head and saw that she was...in a playground?

Looking around, she did indeed see that she was in a playground. Though, where she was beyond that was not something she could guess. This town or city didn't look like Ponyville and some of the buildings were strangely cylindrical. She could also spy a large rock formation of some sort not too far away.

And the sun was setting. Had she been out that long? Or was Discord messing with her again?

Her ears twitched as she heard it…crying.

Turning about, she spied a lone figure in the park, sitting on a swing. That wasn't what shocked her though. He was...something. Some form of odd, furless bipedal. But he was short or very young. Blonde hairs on top a face held in his hands, tears sobbing through the little fingers.

Weirded out as she was by the new species, she couldn't help wanting to comfort him. He was so tiny and alone. Cautious, for him and herself, she slowly trotted over until she was just out of the reach of his limbs. "Are...are you okay?" she asked gently.

The boy didn't respond, he just kept crying.

"H-hey, can you hear me?" Twilight asked as she reached out to touch him…and nearly had her mind shut down as her hoof went through him.

She flinched back, some primordial part of her fearing this may be a ghost. Her rational mind caught up with her as she recalled recent events. Looking toward the legs of the swing set, she hesitantly placed her hoof on it.

It made impact, feeling the cold steal beneath her hooves stopping her movement.

She scowled in doubt and pushed harder.

It went right through the bars without a sensation.

"I'm the ghost," she whispered with wide eyes as she looked about. "This is a memory...?"


Twilight blinked as she heard him speak and turned back to the boy. It was a hoarse, desperate plea. Somehow, she didn't understand the word, but the meaning was broadcasted directly into her head.

She didn't have time to think about that as the full question left the boy's lips.

"Nande min'na watashi o nikumu no?" (Why does everyone hate me?)

Twilight nearly jerked back in disbelief. Child abuse and neglect wasn't an unheard of thing to ponies and every race had orphans. But still, the idea of a foal crying and actually believing that everyone hates him, that was something Twilight couldn't even imagine. But this...ape-colt, sitting out so long after most parents would call them home?

His cry didn't feel melodramatic.


She nearly jumped out of her fur as she spun around and saw another bipedal. Much taller and older, if the wrinkles meant anything to them. He wore some kind of white outfit of heavy cloth with a formal hate of red and white.

On it was a symbol she didn't understand. Apparently, this translation thing was only an audible aid.

She turned back to the boy, who looked up with tear-stained, but deep blue eyes. "Jiji."(Old Man)

He was clearly happy to see the older creature, but Twilight could almost feel sorrow between them

The "Old Man" silently held out his hand for the "Naruto-kun" to take.

In that moment, Naruto did something that stunned Twilight to her core. He wiped off his eyes, took the offered hand and...smiled.

It was big, it was wide and it was so well faked that it not only broke her heart a little bit...but almost made her believe it. If she hadn't seen the change, she wouldn't have seen through it.

But that wasn't the true revelation…the grin, the wide toothy grin that made it seem like he didn't care. About the world, the people or anything else that hurt him. That being alone wasn't bad.

It was only now did she realize, as the pair walked away, that she had seen that grin.

It was Discord's.


Twilight bowing to Discord; At that point, the mares thought this had to be the most world shattering event they would see all day.

"Ore wa sono otokode wanai," Discord all but snarled at her, his fangs on full display.(I am not that man)

Twilight just smirked as she looked up in challenge. "Watakushi wa ima sore o hakkiri to miru koto ga dekimasu."(I can see it clearly now.)

"What the buck is she saying?!" Rainbow hissed in frustration as they watched Discord visibly reel back with wide eyes.

"Kiden no kurushi kao," Twilight finished, almost savoring it.(Your pained face.)

Discord's whole body shook, looking as though his heart had just been stabbed out, looking at her in disbelief. His claws dug into themselves into his palms as his face twisted in rage.

"I'm going to guess it wasn't nice," Pinkie Pie whispered in alarm as Fluttershy whimpered beside them.

None of the five had any time to react as Discord, with speed that impressed even Rainbow, swung his entire form forward-

-And head-butted Twilight, mindful enough not to stab himself on her horn.

"Twilight!" Applejack yelled as they all started to run to their friend's aid-

"Stay back!" Twilight yelled, her face twisted in pain but refused to move as Discord stare down at her, scowling.

Her words more than anything brought them to a halt. "Twilight? That is you, Darling?" Rarity asked in concern.

"Yeah, yeah it's watakushi.(me)" Twilight answered woozily. She forced herself to raise her head high and grin at Discord sheepishly. "I kind of sore ni ataisuru.(deserved that)," she stated while rubbing the back of her mane.

Discord's eyebrow twitched. "You're a real aho, Siri-Gaki,(fool, Butt-Brat) you know that?" he asked gruffly.

"Glad to be living up to your standards, Dobe," Twilight answered with a chuckle.

Discord's snout curled before he winced. "This isn't owatte(over)," he promised as he closed his eyes. "Arigato,"(Thank you) He added reluctantly, almost as if forced to.

The rest of the main six stared on with wide eyes as Discord disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The silence was deafening as they were left with their clearly changed friend. "Pinkie," Twilight murmured, turning to face the group again with a neutral stare.

Rainbow and Applejack both got in front of the party pony to block Twilight, "Twilight, I don't know why you're mad, but-" Rainbow started, only to blink as Twilight was gone and a gust of wind went by her.

"Gomen'nasai!"(I'm sorry!)

They turned, while Rarity and Fluttershy jumped in freight, seeing Twilight had gotten to Pinkie Pie.

And was now hugging and crying on the bewildered earth pony, repeating the same thing over and over. "Gomen'nasai! Gomen'nasai!" She wept uncontrollably.

Pinkie blinked before embracing her unicorn friend. "Ahh, it's okay, Twilight, I forgive you! I know you wouldn't hurt me!" she assured, rubbing Twilight's mane.

"Anata ga sore ni haitteinai kagiri," Twilight answered with a sappy yet cheeky grin.(Unless you're into that.)

"That one I can't guess," Pinkie Pie admitted with a grin of her own.

Twilight blushed a bit, realizing what she said, but chuckled as she turned to face the others. "Gomen," she repeated. "My head was a bit all over the place."

"I'll say. Yer talking all funny, deck Pinkie and stick up fer that no good varmint," Applejack said with a scowl. "Twilight, what's going on-and why are you crying again."

Twilight smiled through the tears as she grinned, wide. "I just haven't realized how much I missed you guys after all this time," she answered with a sniff.

"...Twilight?" Fluttershy spoke up nervously. "It's um...we didn't go anywhere?"

Twilight smiled, reminded too much of a certain Hyuuga, "I did, Fluttershy, I did," she whispered before blinking, plastering on a smile. "Now, I'd love to explain the insanity I just went through in that man's head, but that's about all the time I got."

They all shared a look at that. "Whatever do you mean-" Rarity started, only for Twilight to collapse onto the ground. "Dear?"

Everypony was about to panic until Twilight started to snore…loudly.

"What's a "man"?" Pinkie Pie asked with a head tilt at the slumbering pony.

"...Okay, what the buck just happened?" Rainbow summed up with a creased eyebrow.

"I would like to know that as well."

The five turned with wide eyes as they saw Celestia, Alicorn of the Sun, approaching with a raised eyebrow, "Princess!" they all greeted with half bows.

"Could somepony please explain what that magic shockwave I felt was? Along with where Discord's statue is and why my student is passed out?" Celestia asked with a frown of confusion, craning her head down to her student. Her horn glowed golden and blinked. "She was going on sheer willpower and her own magic pushing her."

Rainbow, Applejack and Rarity shared uncomfortable looks about how to explain this delicately.

Pinkie Pie, utterly straight and blank-faced, stared at a confused Celestia and said one fairly firm thing, "Before we get started, I just want to say: I do NOT want to press charges."

Celestia stared; she was getting the feeling this was going to be a...strange conversation.


Discord practically screamed as he destroyed another mountain, before gripping his skull. He had no idea where he was, just that there was no life to witness or suffer his wrath as a lash of his tail tore a gouge into the earth. He hardly even recalled what he was doing, just doing it to push out those memories.

He was not Naruto! He was Discord! He didn't even know who Naruto was and he didn't want to! He didn't, he didn't!

No matter what Sparkles thought.

No matter how much he wanted to smile at the voices in his head.

No matter how much his tears said otherwise, as he sobbed into the ground…alone as he always was, but truly less alone than 'Discord' had ever known.

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Comments ( 33 )

Wow I almost forgot about this story. Good to see it updated.

Ditto...and what a strong chapter...honestly though I wonder if anyone besides Naruto or Hart Potter has ever been used as Discord? I REALLY like the amnesia approach....

nice work and looking forward to the next chapter of this and Celestia of Chaos

Holy shit this updated.

And once again, AkumaKami64 manages to write yet another enthralling perspective of Discord. this is outstanding!

So wait is twilight capable of chakra or is magic and chakra one and the same:rainbowhuh:

Yes! It has updated! I hope this is a sign of many more chapters to come.

Huh... Well I wasn't expecting an update from this, it's a welcome surprise though.

Clearly some of Naruto's/Discord's personality and memories must've rubbed off on Twilight, because she would never have said or thought something like that before. I think the only reason she didn't die of embarrassment right there is due to the sheer exhaustion she was feeling. It makes me wonder if some of Twilight rubbed off on Naruto/Discord as well.

I'm going to guess magic and chakra are the same thing, it's merely how you use them that makes for the differences.

Another thing I would like to know: What the hell happened to Kurama?

BURN THE NEC-oh, an update, huh.
(yes, i'm aware that it doesn't work like that in here, but i still wanted to say it)

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this is genius

Nearly a year now and still dead.

It's sad to see good stories go down the drain.


You realize Naruto didn't just have Kurama by the end he had all of them in one way shape or form. Discord is made up of many animals what you think happened?


You realize that comment is over two years old at this point, right? Do you enjoy beating a dead horse/pony? Unless it is somehow vital, please don't reply to such old comments. The only alerts I would like to see from this story at this point is new chapter notifications.

It took two years to get a second chapter we could be getting one at any time so don't assume that the horse is dead just yet


I more meant my comment being a dead horse, being it was two years old. There was no reason to reply to a comment that old with trivial information.

It wasn't trivial I was hinting that part of the reason Discord is so insane is because of the juubi inside him the " what do you think happened?" is actually a multifaceted question

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