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One fine, perfectly normal day, Twilight unlocks the doors to her School of Friendship... and promptly loses consciousness.

When she comes to, she finds that her friends, mentors, other ponies she knows and even a couple unreformed enemies are with her, and her School has been radically modified, relocated and encased within a barrier. A strange little black-and-white bear tells them that they now live here indefinitely; the only way they can leave this place is if they kill a fellow pony and get away with it in a trial.

But Twilight has nothing to worry about. As long as she believes in the Friendship between herself and the others, there has to be a way for everypony to escape alive and well. Surely nopony would even dream about killing another pony... would they?

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This is great change of pace

Oh what great stories to be woven and told soon! What mystery and doom lies ahead? Will despair defeat our heroes or will hope gleam on a new horizon? Welp, we’ll get a good taste of murder and get the blood pumping as we delve into this next chapter. Onwards! I can not describe how excited I am to get the class trial started!

......why Twilight, just why.......

Booby traps are not Monokuma’s style.

Uuuhhhh, wasn't the first game is where he self-destruct when a victim grab him? I think that count as a booby-trap.

That also counted as violence against the headmaster.

I have a question...
Does pinkie pie still have her 4th wall breaking skills and teleporting out of no where skills??

She can break the 4th wall all she wants, but she can't leave the school grounds. Can't teleport, either.

If it's like the franchise game or anime, all of this is simply a TV show, forgot if there's actually any deaths at the game's final entry.

I think the party will be the first murder. (Just a guess)

"Isn't there?" Monokuma giggled. "It's a little thing called 'motive'. And I've got the perfect one to kick-start this killing game!" He then triumphantly held up the egg-timer device used to control the Sun and Moon in the Princesses' stead. "Listen up, everyone! The first student to graduate from the School of Despair... will also become the new Supreme Leader of all of Equestria!"

Nope i'm good: Rainbow,Applejack
Maybe,Maybe not: Futtershy,Pinkie,Twilight
Can't really speak for: Rarity

Same with the Attorney series, the first case is always the easy one, the real deal start at the third case and the final where everything went down and end.

Starting with an accidental kill?
Man, that's... Well, that's just... It sort of follows the Rule of misfired Kill on Chapter 1's, doesn't it?

Quick prediction for a future chapter:
Discord's either going to convince Fluttershy to kill him, or set things up so she kills him without knowing she did it to give her plausible deniability.

Well then, that was certainly a surprise at the end.

How unfortunate, to think that all of this is happening right now. Not gonna lie I was tearing up a little when Rainbow Dash was faced to die after the trial. That punishment Monokuma gave her was extremely brutal, I noticed you were referencing the Rainbow Factory as I read this chapter. I can;t wait to see more of what happens next.

Someone else who's writing a Danganronpa story! Yes! :pinkiehappy: And a well written start at that. Discord's inclusion seems a little suspect. Hmm... :duck: I wonder what ramifications this has on the story. Also, I love the idea of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps comforting each other. Can I ship them? Can I? Can I?

Bulk Biceps: "YEAH!"

A great first impression. I'll be reading more of this soon. :twilightsmile:

P.S. Keep Applejack alive please. :ajsmug:

I will make no such promises. :P

Thank you for the compliments! I read your story and really like it so far, too!

Twilight: "We should all stay in our rooms since it's dangerous and we could be brutally murdered."

Fleur and Lightning: "No, I don't think I will."

Twilight: :facehoof:

It's taking me a while, but I will catch up with this story!

I approve the first victim! :trollestia: Now things will take a turn...

That description of the the body was wonderfully horrific. As for who the culprit was... Um, I'm not sure. :twilightblush: Guess I'll find out soon!

We'll all I can say is, Fleur seems suspicious as buck. :trixieshiftright:

*Twisted Firestarter starts playing* :pinkiecrazy:

And here I thought it had something to do with the incinerator... :rainbowderp:

*Sniffs* This won't go down well. :raritydespair:

Discord was my first thought but he seems a bit too obvious to be the traitor. Hmm... Trixie? Maybe?

OH NOES! :pinkiegasp:

That story about Mossy was pretty heart-rending, too... :applecry:

That was... :rainbowderp:

When "bluish fur" was mentioned in the previous chapter, she was my first thought. Then during this chapter I thought, "doesn't it sound like she's trying to derail the trial a bit much?" But I didn't want to believe. :rainbowderp: Welp!

Bloody masterful! Bravo! Really got me in the feels. :raritycry:

Most of all I loved the scrum debate. :twilightsmile: Could really feel the desperation from each character. I had wanted to include scrum debates in my own story but eventually gave up on the idea, so it was a treat to see one show up here.

So I finally caught up to your most recent chapter! :eeyup: But boy... is it a doozy. :twilightoops:

I completely agree with your comment that in the Danganronpa series the characters seem to get over the deaths way too easily. Other MLP Danganronpa fics tend to have this problem as well, so I'm very appreciative that you went the extra mile to make a point about it. (It's also something I've tried to rectify with my own story)

I really liked the fact you had a counselling session take place, and for the characters to go through their full spectrum of emotions. Felt very fitting. As someone who lost a close family member a few years ago, I found it all too relatable. Good job! Looking forward to the next update. :raritywink:

Wonder what exactly the others saw on video ... puhuhuhu

...Wow Rainbow does sucks trying to hide stuff.

Great chapter btw, got hit right on my sweet spot for remembering my boi Mondo.
At least monokuma didn't ate something using that rainbow jelly liquid stuff


Thanks! :D

It was kind of tedious to write... I'm not sure I'll do another one. And after finally reading your trial chapters I can see how it'd be really difficult.

It's a great idea you have, btw. I haven't seen a fanfic with reader participation since my Quizilla days! ...Though I have a feeling that your story is gonna wind up being hella long. XD

on one hand i was wrong about Pinkie being next. On another.. whyyyyy


Though I have the feeling that your story is gonna wind up hella long. XD

Well... You're not wrong there! :twilightblush:

I'm a fair bit ahead of what I currently have published, one more chapter to write before the 3rd Investigation. And, um... It's already pretty darn long. But I'll make it worth it! :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, another great chapter you have here. :twilightsmile: Twilight notices they're getting over the deaths a bit too quickly? That... Is a troubling thought with some scary ramifications.

Also, I have a terrible feeling Fluttershy is in danger... :fluttershbad:

There's always two victims in the third trial, isn't there? And my gut feeling was right. :ajsleepy: I think we all know who was responsible for this one. Seems to me it was an act of pure kindness for their one true love...

Hmm... I think there's more to this one than I first assumed. :trixieshiftright:

Well, looks like the killer really put their hoof in it this time! And after all of Discord's planning... :pinkiesad2:

Aww shucks I'm kinda disappointed that Fleur is the one. I was kinda hoping they would be kinda like Reddit CEO himself Byakuya, like being an asshole but not a killer
Great chapter as always tho!

Going by the laws of Danganronpa, Chapter 4's gonna see us the death of Bulk isn't it? Either as the Blackened or the victim, it's just the law of Danganronpa, the Muscle Character dies every 4th chapter.

"Oh, you have... you know him well,"

That was an "Oh, snap!" :pinkiegasp: moment for me.

Sounds like something sinister is on its way in the next chapter. :applecry: Great work as always!

Comment posted by Pamoh2019 deleted Sep 18th, 2020

Okay so this is chapter 4 in the games the trader usually dies in this part and the character that has the most information.

I thought during the 4th chapter the muscley people always dies..

no in the first game Sakura dies in chapter 4 but also she was Trader. in the second game of Buff character dies in chapter 4 and in the final game 6 Buff character die in chapter 4.

Curses! I missed the dang trial! :flutterrage:
But, after reading the other chapters I feel conflicted. On the one hand I find it good for the mood that fits with the tone. Yet this still left me feeling other emotions when the murder happened. You know what nevermind, I just confused myself. :rainbowhuh:

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