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Im out · 5:51am Dec 17th, 2017

Got let out around 1 am today, was too tired so i forgot about posting here, im not better but i will be getting help

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thanks for the watch

Thanks for the fave, here is your complimentary yay:yay:

This my just be me, it may not, but this site has been the one of two things that keep me from suicide(the other being my pokemon games)
If im dead by the time my parents see this id like to let them know that they did everything they could to keep me happy, but sometimes gifts and the "i love you" aren't enough
To my brother, i hope you can move on and not blame yourself for what has happend
To the few friends i have, i hope you will never forget me as i will never forget you
To anybody reading this, im not dead YET but im getting there, and ill be posting my name and time of death just before i do it, post encouragement if you think that will help but i doubt it now
Im not a writer so I'll never post my story, but if anybody close knows me well enough, make a fanfic on my stuggles here
Thats all for now, ill post again either before i die, or when im finally sick of this site

P.s if this is me before i finally do it, plz remember to watch your favorite episode of mlp, pokemon and SU, you know the ones, it will help ease the pain

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