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This story is a sequel to Danganronpa vP: Harmony of Despair

A few years after Twilight's coronation, Starlight Glimmer decides to take a well-earned vacation from running the School of Friendship. She uses the Crystal Mirror to travel to the human version of Equestria and surprises her friend Sunset Shimmer with a visit.

However, her vacation is quickly and rudely interrupted. Starlight soon finds herself stranded in a remote mountain valley with Sunset and fourteen other humans, with no memory of how they got there. A strange black and white bear appears to tell them that this is now their new, permanent home; the only way to leave is to kill someone and get away with it in a trial.

With only her wits and a fraction of her usual magical capabilities available to her, Starlight vows to do whatever it takes to get herself, Sunset and the others to safety. Nopony- er, nobody's going to die on her watch! But the Mastermind has their own devious plans...

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And if you're expecting a typical pony-style happy ending? Oh, no... people here are going to be dead dead this time around.

Yeah, I was figuring that much.

There ARE a few characters that I definitively hope make it out, but I won't say which ones to avoid tempting fate.

But I'd love to see Starlight spend free time events with Sunburst.

So Starlight gonna be are main protagonist for this interesting

Also I’m really REALLY hoping sonata makes it out of this alive because she’s my number 1 favorite MLP character and favorite siren. Plus she doesn’t give out the evil vibe like her sisters

Also I would LOVE to see starlight and sonata spend free time together. Sense I can see them getting along. Perhaps sunset can join free time together to

Also I can DEFINITELY see Sonata Dusk having the aoi asahina vibe. Anyone else agree with me

That is good that most of the Rainbooms are safe. But Sunset, Starlight, Flash, Human Sunburst, Human Dr. Whooves, Sonata, and some of the Shadowbolts are in danger.

And is the Tantabus even Dead??!! Unless this one is the Human/Equestria Girls Verison of the Tantabus itself!!! Or this is the Real Monokuma!!! :twilightoops:

You're welcome! I wasn't expecting to see the sequel so soon, goodness.

And oh, Button Mash is here. Good. I like having a character around whom I hope dies as soon as possible. :ajbemused:

But seriously, this is quite the interesting group. I can see some tension building already between Starlight and the hunter twins. The sumo wrestler guy is hilarious. I'm positive that Silver Arrow is going to kill someone sooner or later. Maybe Sunset. (Though I don't blame Sunset for being entranced right away. I would be too in Sunset's shoes.)

Actually I'm almost certain Sunset's going to die first, or at least early on. Having a friend she knows isn't something Starlight's going to get to keep around for very long. A pity too. Poor Sunset. I'll miss you when you're gone.

Flash might also kick it sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Sonata? I'm thinking she's a survivor. Interesting choice to use Sonata rather than Adagio or Aria. I'm guessing you needed someone who was Pinkie Pie like and Sonata was the best thing, and you already have a couple of meaner people in the form of Sugarcoat and Juniper.

Dr. Time Turner-Hooves is the choice that's most intriguing to me. I want to say he'll be like Flam and stick around, buuut at the same time... he gives me a Luna vibe. And that's not a good vibe.

So I vote to speak with him first. That's who I want to see an FTE with.

Agreed. She's going to be fun. If we're picking vibes like that, I think Sugarcoat might be more Fukawa or Togami, while Flash might be Hagakure if he's lucky. If he's not Hagakure then it's going to be someone else, like the sumo guy.

Yeah! Sonata just give those vibes of Aoi. Plus she was the ultimate swimmer. And sonata a siren and there personality are the same Aswell!


And oh, Button Mash is here. Good. I like having a character around whom I hope dies as soon as possible.

Okay I have to know what your issue is with Button Mash. Like... I don't love him or anything, but why him in particular you hate?

Well, it's not so much that I hate the character as presented in canon as I dislike what was done with him in fanon. Yes, Jan Animations was all nice and good and fun, until you realize that behind the scenes, the character's mother was designed more for the sake of incest child porn with Button rather than as an actual, you know, character. And that's all they seem to be used for by the fandom. I don't like that.

But like I said, I have no problem with the character as presented in canon. And he's not a bad character, really. I just don't like him much because of what I associate him with. I have that same feeling towards a lot of other popular OCs in the fandom.


behind the scenes, the character's mother was designed more for the sake of incest child porn with Button rather than as an actual, you know, character.

Really? I never got THAT vibe from her.
I mean, yeah, there is a fair amount of incest porn between Button and his mom, but I feel like that's just a natural (or as natural as you can get) byproduct of the fandom, and not so much an intentional thing.

There was a controversy way back when Jan Animations was popular, some leaked audio from the creator featuring Button sexually assaulting his mother. This was one of the things, I believe, that lead to its cancellation. It's been years since I looked into this though, so I don't recall anymore.

And in any case, I'd prefer not to clutter witegrlninja's comments with this conversation. We can take this to PM if you feel the need to continue it.

I think we can just end this conversation there.

...Good god, really? I only ever knew of him from the show and maybe one or two much more innocent fics than that. ._.

Well, I've already got plans for him...

Is this going to follow the same structure as the first one, with the two part prologue, each daily life being three chapters, and each deadly life being three chapters?

Yep. It might also have a bit of an interlude between chapters.

Interesting decision to bring in the Monokubs.
Any particular reason Monodam was left out?

Button slumped in disbelief. "Is this for real? Did someone lace my weed?!"

Okay I was NOT expecting Button to be a stoner

"Because Daddy gets all his alternative facts from the most trusted names in fake news!" Monophanie wheezed.

Okay I know V3 had "Make this country great again", so I should have expected something like that, yet somehow I didn't.

He grinned wickedly, opening his mouth to show off his teeth.

Okay, I'm glad he never did THAT in the games.

Definitely getting the feeling that Sunset's going to die in either the first trial or the fifth.

There's a reason... also, he was my least favorite Monokub, but there's a reason...

I liked him more than Monosuke and Monokid myself, but he's definitely not my favorite.

All rights sequel time. We're here for the 4 things.

1: the mystery
2: murder
3: execution
4: and finally Monokuma

Monodam is left out again or maybe they didn't build him. they did say they're not going what they went for the last time with him

Monophanie's my favorite. She's just so pure and sweet for a Monokub, and then she calls the kids "you bastards".

I believe Monophanie used that line in the game somewhere. I want to say she did it in the prologue of V3.

But oh my dear, the Monokubs. I'm torn. On the one hand, I did enjoy their theme music in V3. On the other hand, they tended to bog down the story, and rarely felt like they amounted to much. That said, I'm confident you'll find some good use out of them.

And naturally Button Mash knows Danganronpa, though it seems Sunset doesn't. More reason to think she's going to die early.

Indigo, meanwhile, is reminding me a lot of Ibuki. Which is either a really good sign, because I loved Ibuki, or a bad sign, because it means she'll die around Chapter Three and then we'll be sadder for it.

This'll seem weird, but my favorite was Monokid. He was genuinely funny during his brief appearance, and I thought it a shame he was slain early in V3, especially since as the Monokub cast dwindled they became less and less interesting, culminating in the... ugh, awful, awful way they used Monotaro and Monophanie in Chapter 4.

I liked Monokid, too. Plus he was voiced by Nekomaru, my favorite.

And... yea, that's where it's from. It was just too good not to include, really captures how bizarre the whole situation would be. They will definitely have a bigger role than in V3, though.


naturally Button Mash knows Danganronpa, though it seems Sunset doesn't. More reason to think she's going to die early.

I actually think its the reverse, let one with the most knowledge die before revealing it, heck knowing how the situation works seems like a huge target for button to be killed

Huh. Somehow I forgot about that one. Probably because I don't tend to rewatch the prologue.

And... despite how the Monokubs ended, I actually still really like Monotaro and Monophanie

Oh he was? No wonder I liked him so much. Nekomaru might be my favorite character from 2. He's funny, but also inspiring. And um... muscular. :derpyderp2:

Hrm, good point. It's not like Button is the protag. It would make sense to off the knowledgable one early. But that all depends upon why this KG is going. We know the deaths in this one will be real, but I still wonder if it's going to be the same or similar mastermind as vPs. I feel like the answer to that is no, but there are ways I could see it done that would be quite fascinating, so... we'll have to see. (I may have also been projecting from my own story, where Sunset is the protag and the one who knows Danganronpa so I assumed that knowledge equaled survival. :twilightblush:)

Honestly I only remembered because I watched NicoB's playthrough of V3 sometime late last year. Was one of the things that inspired me to write a DR fic.

Monotaro and Monophanie weren't bad characters. They could be fun, in a way, though I feel like 'Taro's memory schtick got old pretty fast. I liked him getting attached to Miu. And Monophanie was funny in a "I'm like an evil Monami" sort of way. So I don't dislike them. But I do dislike what was done with them, especially since all it seemed to culminate in was providing the main means of death for Gonta's execution. Which could've just as easily been done several other ways.

While I've seen bits and pieces of that LP, the two that I find myself going back to the most are Lucahjin's and Johneawesome's.

And yeah, that whole thing was definitely a bit of a waste.

I am still trying to understand why very few people are not even trying to create a unique security system for Danganronpa fanfics. They're in the forest camp, lot's of open spaces. How Monokuma is supposed to enforce his rules with stationary machine guns? Why machine guns in the first place? (Just for reference I think the author confuses minigun with a sentry gun)

The Monokubs will be wandering around nearby as well. They might not have Exisals, but they do have shitloads of guns.

Didn't all the Monokubs have the same voice actor, and that was part of the joke?

They have different VAs
Monokid was voiced by Patrick Seitz
Monotaro was voiced by Sean Chiplock
Monosuke was voiced by Brian Beacock
Monophanie was voiced by Natalie Hoover
Monodam was voiced by Jason Wishnov

Interesting decision to bring in Monocoins and the MonoMono machine

SO SHE'S THE ULTIMATE ??? IS SHE? Hmmm... :trixieshiftleft: If you and I pick the same actual talent for her for our stories I will be shocked.

It's not surprising they'd single out Sunset's magic. Interesting that you're letting Starlight keep hers. I'm sure that'll play into things at some point.

I'm willing to bet Memento is going to get accused of murder several times but if she does it, it won't be till Chapter Three or Four. She has the feeling of a late-game blackened, who proves useful in the early cases then uses the lessons learned to good effect.

I highly doubt that was a fat fingering on Sonata's age. That's probably her real age.

Dr. Hooves is starting to feel more like an early victim. He's much older than the rest of the cast (apart from Sonata) and thus will have a harder time getting along, plus his talent is threatening. He's a danger to keep around. Yes, the detective tends to survive, but that's a tendency in the canon games only--Fangans have done horrible, horrible things to detectives.

Sugarcoat is starting to feel like the Togami of the group. If she's a licensed therapist, she's going to be able to manipulate people.

I expect the first murder to involve the indoor pool or the cafeteria in some way. Drowning is a possibility, but I also wonder if the pool chemicals will be involved. Oooh, there's a thought: someone seals up someone's cabin and uses the chlorine chemicals plus some ammonia cleaner from the kitchen to gas someone. That's a likely first death scenario. I could see Sunburst doing that.

Ohhh. It wouldn't even occur to me to use the American voices but I bet we don't want to start some kind of dubs vs. subs war here so fair enough!

It does seem weird they wouldn't try to recreate the joke for the English release, though, as an aside.

I believe there was an intense focus in the English release of reusing voice actors who voiced characters in the prior releases, such as how Grant George voiced Leon and then went on to voice Shuichi. The same one was also used for Sayaka and Tsumugi, making for an amusing turnaround scenario. I also know that Kokichi was voiced by Fuyuhiko's, and Korekiyo by Teruteru's. I don't remember any of the others off hand.

I remember hifumi and keebo were the same person
As well as maki and someone from UDG

I also requested starlight to spend time with sonata when you ask about it the first time.

Sense I feel like those two can get along well together

Comment posted by ace_attorneyfan800 deleted Jan 25th, 2021

Kyle Hebert voiced Kazuichi and then Kaito
Chris Tergliafera voiced both Gundham and Ryoma
Johnny Yong Bosch went from voicing Hajime to Rantaro
Kaiji Tang voiced Yasuhiro and Gonta
Hiyoko and Kirumi share the same VA
Kyoko and Kaede were both voiced by Erika Harlacher
Chiaki and Himiko share the same VA
Julie Ann Taylor went from Ibuki to Tenko
Cassandra Lee Morris went from Aoi Asahina to Angie Yonaga
And Wendee Lee went from Akane to Miu


It's really cool to see the directors playing around with this kind of meta commentary with the casting. Given V3's themes, it makes total sense to have the same people from previous games involved. (I just was glancing through and saw they did cast several actors from the stage production as voices in V3. Kaede was Junko, which makes sense since she's the big red herring mastermind, and Miu's voice actor played Chihiro in the stage play, and imagining Chihiro in the voice booth saying Miu's lines is a damn riot).

The Japanese voice acting jokes seem to mostly be referencing other famous roles. Peko (the whole serial killer magical girl thing was just to get that actor to do the Sailor Moon voice), Hajime (might as well just have Detective Conan as the protagonist), Keebo (mecha pilot playing an actual robot now), and Ryoma (Solid Snake's voice coming out of that character is hilarious) are the ones I know about, but I'm sure there's others, I'm not up on my anime.

For one time only, the blackened who successfully pulls the wool over their fellow campers' eyes gets to leave, and the others get to continue living, too!"

I REALLY hope you won't pull a Kaede with Starlight. That motive brought that up as a possibility, and, even though the rest seemed to deny that, I'm still worried

Mmmm... chankonabe. Now I want some.

So this was some valuable insight into our characters. This first motive is similar to the First Blood perk from V3, albeit with a bit less "get out of jail free" and more "get out of jail without committing mass murder." Still definitely much more motivating than these people realize. It's a lot easier to justify killing to escape when all you have to do is kill one person instead of everyone... I won't lie, I'd be more tempted by that than most motives.

Doctor Hooves meanwhile seems to be suggesting he's the actual Doctor, and also the one from Equestria at the same time. Unless the joke's going to turn out to be the alternate universe is actually G1 MLP. That would be pretty funny.

I have a couple of suspects but I'm going to keep those close to my chest for now. As for Sunset, I'm glad her mind magic was addressed early. We'll see how important that proves to be.

"I've thwarted their plans more than a few times... they basically yell 'obliterate! Obliterate!' the second I'm spotted."

Doc, cut that shit out, you are not a human. :applejackunsure:

"I bet the motive's gonna be about the supposed 'traitor', huh?" Button glowered. "Or maybe it'll be a video showing us all the horrible things you've done to our friends and families? It's not hard to assume when you're copying off of a game series."

I am waiting for the ultimate kick off: We are in the TV show, mate. Why couldn't Monokuma wipe his memories completely?

Well,heres how i can see this playing out
1 you copy v3 and do a trial
2 you have the mastermind kill, claim it,they run the game from afar
3 you get starlight, sunset or button to kill, with the prospect of using their knowledge to get help rescue the others
Please note 1&3 are not mutually exclusive, and 3 is in the hopes that none of those people are the mastermind

Sunset Shimmer is the Ultimate Hope. Calling it bitches.

"Oh, I think you'll find that motive to be quite... motivating," Monokuma smirked. "Just think... the killer will be free to leave and continue on with his or her life like nothing ever happened, while the rest of you saps stay here... camping forever!"

That’s a motive anyone could fall for. Right now they’re all terrified and they just want to go back to their normal lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if a dead body is found soon.


Pfft, that IS something that'd be in the games.

I screamed in horror, my own voice nearly eclipsing Silver's. Because lying behind one of the logs surrounding the fire pit, in a pool of blood, was the crumpled body of Dr. Hooves.

Oooh boy.

if the bear kids didn't bite the dust during executions i'll be disappointed but again its your story. Also damn, they had to go after Derpy's man.

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