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Star Wars Tale · 11:25am Jul 7th, 2016

Over the past months I've been thinking. What if there was a Undertale Star Wars alternate universe? Then while eating Tabasco and habanaro flavored Slim Jim's I was thinking to myself, "how exactly would a Undertale Star Wars alternate universe work?" And then it hit me. While I was watching a canon story playthrough of KOTOR, Knights of the Old Republic, I noticed how some things in it was similar to Undertale. A main character who doesn't know what's going on in the beginning at first, makes a ton of new friends, discovers a whole bunch of lore stuff, ends up discovering the secret identity of the villain, Flowey's Asriel and Malak was Revan's old apprentice aka your apprentice, discovering your real identity, You don't learn your real name's Frisk until the end of the game and you don't know that you are Revan until the middle, meeting a bunch of quirky and memorable characters, romance, Undyne x Alphys, Papyrus x Frisk??? and Revan x Bastila, Fem Revan x Carth, the final boss bei

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Thanks for faving RD's shenanigans :rainbowwild:

Thank you for faving Two In Exile and keeping Twilight and Sunset company as they try to get by in the human world. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite 💜

I always do appreciate stories about Overhated Flash Sentry. It lets me know that there are people who like him.

Glad you enjoyed "Never Again". Thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

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