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Star Wars Tale · 11:25am Jul 7th, 2016

Over the past months I've been thinking. What if there was a Undertale Star Wars alternate universe? Then while eating Tabasco and habanaro flavored Slim Jim's I was thinking to myself, "how exactly would a Undertale Star Wars alternate universe work?" And then it hit me. While I was watching a canon story playthrough of KOTOR, Knights of the Old Republic, I noticed how some things in it was similar to Undertale. A main character who doesn't know what's going on in the beginning at first,

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Thanks for the fave on "Reaching the Next Level"

Thanks for the fave on "Building A Different Fence"

I'm just a sucker for those kind of stories and I thought it was adorable and cute.

Thank you for the favourite on Foal's Play. What did you like about it?

I am happy to announce that Spirit of Justice is now on the iPad!

That's right. Pick up your tablet and prepare to solve some new cases. Phoenix will be handling the cases in Khura'in, while Athena and Apollo hold down the cases back in the USA.

Just like the other games, there are five cases.

Case 1: The Foreign Turnabout: Phoenix's trip to see Maya in Khura'in is swiftly turned into another day in the courtroom when his tour guide, Ahl'bi Ur'gaid, is falsely accused of murdering the security guard, Mr. Paht Rohl. In a country where lawyers are outlawed and despised by the public, can Phoenix Wright solve a case where everyone in Khura'in wants him dead? Or will this be his last dance?

Case 2: The Magic Turnabout: Trucy Wright's latest magic show is cut short and turned into a horrific murder case after one of her tricks goes horribly awry. With both her life and the future of the Wright Anything Agency on the line, it's up to Athena and Apollo to solve this case before everything goes up in smoke for them all...

Case 3: The Rite of Turnabout: In Khura'in, a murder at the Purification Rite puts Maya Fey on the chopping block. Now, Phoenix must step in once more to save his oldest friend from the wrath of Khura'in's twisted law. But with Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi on Phoenix's ass and turning the case in his favour at every step of the way, could Phoenix and Maya perish together?

Case 4: Turnabout Storyteller: A rakugo comedy show takes a rather nasty turn when a murder befalls the event. With Apollo out of the office and on a trip to Khura'in to support Phoenix, Athena's left all alone to handle this case. Luckily, she's not alone. A former prosecutor/convict has decided to take up the reins and support her on this case. Yes. Athena and Blackquill are working together in this one.

Case 5: What starts out as a simple little murder case in Kurain Village quickly spirals into an out-of-control situation. The Defiant Dragons, led by the rebel leader, Dhurke, is causing chaos, and it's up to Phoenix and Apollo to tackle both them and the murder case together. This very case could shape the entire future of Khura'in. Will the monarchy crumble before Dhurke and his dragons? You decide this trial's fate, my friend...

DLC Case: Turnabout Time Traveler: Larry Butz is investigating a new murder. But what's odd about it is that Phoenix's client claims that he's a real time-traveller. Not the most ludicrous case Phoenix has had in his life, but one that he, Athena, and Apollo together will need to solve. And FAST.

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