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A group dedicated to Stuart Little. I created this because Stuart coming to Equestria would rock! Come on admit it. You too would like to see a Stuart Little crossover too. Why I think it would work is because both have similar types of stories in some ares, heck even some of the characters match up with MLP.


1.) It doesn't just have to be Stuart in the story, in fact it could be George, Margelo, Mr. or Mrs. Little, heck even Snowbell or Monty just as long as a Stuart Little character is in it or...

2.) If it's based on a certain scene from any of the three movies it'll count even if none of the Stuart Little characters are in it

3.) A MLP character going to Stuart's world can count as well

4.) If it's a re-telling of any of the movies but staring MLP characters it also counts

5.) An Equestria Girls crossover works as well

and that's it for rules, other than that have fun! What? You expected me to say something about no mean comments? Well I like to listen to what people have to say, so let loss if you want to. ANYWAYS! As I was saying, have fun!

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