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Yo, I'm Alvin, I write stories about multi-coloured horses. I write too much dialogue. Starlight is best pony no you can't change my mind <3


This story is a sequel to Super Ponyronpa 2: Fervent Flora

Starlight Glimmer wakes up on the campus of a magic school, unsure of how she got there.. After wandering around, she finds a group of ponies that are also stuck in this place with her. Unable to use magic to open the doors, and unable to fly out due to a magical dome, the ponies have to find a way out and fast. But that isn't all, it seems some pony has a very particular set of 'rules' for the ponies to follow while they are trapped. The rules are pretty simple for a pony to grasp, but some of them are... 'strange' by all means.

It's up to Starlight and her friends to get down to the bottom of what's running this freakshow and what's keeping them trapped in this place. If they can find any way to escape, they need to find it quickly... before things go haywire.

[Cover art made by WhiteQuartzTheArtist]

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This is going to be fun

I was literally thinking about this haha

I just happened to finish reading two other Danganronpa fics yesterday. This is convenient.

Don't you love coincidences? :rainbowderp: I'm surprised there are other Danganronpa fics on this site tbh

There are a few ponies I hope survive, and a few ships I hope to see make it through.
But I won't say specifics to avoid jinxing anything.

There's actually a fair amount of them, but only a couple have actually been finished.

I've already got the survivor's list and death orders hand picked, so you might be in for a few surprises! :twilightsheepish:

I'll try and make sure that mine gets finished then! :raritywink:

damn i had their intro animations playing in my head :twilightsmile:

place your bets mares and gentlecolts because we are about to have ourselves a Danganronpa!!
*danganronpa intro music starts to play*

Comment posted by popitlockitponies deleted May 17th

Haha, I might make proper intro cards later! I've got a custom intro template, so I might be able to snag some vectors and make them.

It's a good thing Blueblood is there. He makes the perfect pony to fix this first problem. No redeeming qualities and no pony will miss him. :pinkiecrazy:

LOL :rainbowlaugh: If I was in their place that's surely what I would do! To hell with being executed, nobody wants him there anyways!

Letting the group go hungry until a murder happens is a brutal first motive. I look forward to reading more of this.

"It was cold, which I appreciate," He laughed. "It seems they've got custom air conditioning for me. It's a completely different temperature in that room than everywhere else. If anypony but me was in there, they'd be freezing I bet."

could just be reading to far into this but I have a strong feeling this could be important :trixieshiftleft:

Glad to hear you like it! I'm looking forward to finishing this story too! :twilightsmile:

"They're big! They've got showers too! Only two of em', suuuper weird. Guess they don't want anypony getting any ideas, if ya know what I mean."

"Don't say that," Starlight squeaked, her face blooming with blush at the mere thought. Pinkie became a snickering, snorting mess as she rolled off of the stallion's back. His body was lightly shaking with laughter too.

Definitely at least two pairs among this group that I can think of having some fun in there.

I thought for SURE the first dead body would be somepony else.

"And look," Feather Bangs called the attention of the other ponies. "They're leading up to this dorm."
"That's Fluttershy's dorm," Starlight said.
"Could it be that..?" Rarity trailed off, but covered her mouth in shock.

So whoever did it is obviously framing Fluttershy

And based on that hair, it's probably Rarity or Twilight. Most likely the former

Only way to find out if you're right is going through the class trial! :rainbowkiss:

"It's only scary if you let it be!" Pinkie snickered. "I think this is really fun!"

"Yeah! We shouldn't let it get us down in the dumps!" Cheese Sandwich agreed with the mare directly across from him. "If we focus on our bad feelings, then we'll be all discombobulated! We'll be wrapped up in a crazy weird bow on a Christmas present nopony asked for!"

Only those two (and Philomena + whoever the Mastermind is) could have fun in a murder trial.

"The same situation applies to Twilight's hair. Her hair is primarily blue, so why would only purple strands be in the drain?"

Really? The only color other than Purple that I've heard it described as is Lavender

Called it.
Then again, this is probably the most obvious first culprit besides Leon.


Really? The only color other than Purple that I've heard it described as is Lavender

Twilight's only got pink and purple stripes in her hair, even the wiki has her main hair as blue

Yeah, there was no way to make the culprit not obvious with the lack of things we could use haha. I'll try not to make it so obvious for the next chapters. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by titanhades70 deleted May 19th

ohh man one down but....who done it???

well at least they get a full feast not just.....bread and milk :facehoof:

hmm all the evidence is pointing towards one pony....cant wait for this trial


Comment posted by vcsting deleted May 19th

....damn brutal Philomena just brutal :ajsleepy:

Why does the synopsis have random red text in it?

Well, it's not random. I tried to use the colour to create some dramatic effect. It's supposed to emphasize the words, kinda make it obvious that something's not right. It is Danganronpa afterall. :twilightsmile:

"Yeah, me too." Twilight looked down at her plate as she cut another section of her pancakes. "I wonder where the other princesses think I've gone. I hope they aren't too worried."

With Philomena as the Monokuma stand-in, I have a few ideas myself, but I'll wait and see how things play out.

And if I didn't ship Cheese and Pinkie enough already, this fic is somehow making me ship them even more.

Trixie's probably going to be the next victim/spoiler]

Dawg, you work fast. Pretty impressive.

When I get on a writing binge, I just write, write, write! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks!!

"We should plan a show for everypony!" Cheese bounced in place. "We can have a comedy act with Pinkie and I, Trixie can do a magic act, and Feather Bangs can sing some music!"

Oh no. Those never end well.

With Celestia involved, I'm going to laugh if it turns out this was all one elaborate Nightmare Night party or something that Twilight had suggested.
That's probably not the case, but it IS the first thing that I thought of.

LMAO that'd work for a good shitpost :rainbowlaugh: Maybe I'll write that after the story is all finished

Comment posted by superfun deleted May 23rd

Cheese Sandwich, the Ultimate Party Planner.

There goes one of the ponies I hoped would survive this. He's my second favorite in the whole series.

"Just call me Pinkamena from now on," She said. "I'm tired of being cutesy and playing games."

Something tells me she's going to be a culprit at some point herself.

Right now, my first immediate suspect is Applejack

The character I suspect most for this trial seems to be Applejack but I am not sure with this one.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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