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Sunset Shimmer, twenty-four years old, woke up on a cruise ship, without knowing how she got there, or why. She encountered fifteen other souls, all of them trapped aboard by a mysterious pony known only as Monoponi, who informed them they are there for one purpose, and one purpose only:

To kill each other.

Now struggling to survive while desperately trying to recover what memories she's lost, Sunset is thrust into a deadly situation, where anyone, at any turn, could become the next killer. Who will survive? Who will die? What is Monoponi's true goal? Who is he, really?

Sunset can only hope to find out before she, too, becomes a victim of the killing game.

A Danganronpa/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Equestria Girls crossover, taking place post season nine of Friendship is Magic, featuring complex mysteries, flash-in-the-pan romances, and various custom art pieces along the way. Now completed! :twilightsmile: All art credits can be found on my blog. Thank you especially to lennardd and JQarp of Archive of Our Own for inspiration, and to any and all who read this story.

Now featuring a TVTropes page created by SuperSonicHeroes. A big thank you to them as well. And if you enjoy this story and want to support it and future works, please feel free to donate to my Ko-Fi account.

Hungry for more DR:IHW? There is a now a compilation of alternate moments/other stuff called Lost Moments. Check it out! :twilightsmile:

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This seems interesting. I am a fan of Danganronpa for its interesting characters, clever trials, and unexpected twists. This is an interesting cast here, but unfortunately due to the very nature of this kind of story most of them won’t make it out of this alive.

I have my own hopes for who I want to survive this, as well as one or two I want to die, simply because I don’t like them.

Some predictions as to what will happen:
Wallflower is the mastermind. Considering all of the friendships that were erased, this seems right up her alley

Fluttershy is going to be a culprit in an accidental murder

Flash will be the first victim

Diamond tiara will be a victim and one of the CMC will be a culprit

Aye. It's always the saddest part of Danganronpa, knowing that you're going to get attached to characters only for them to be taken away. But that can be part of the charm, and really help make you appreciate them more, too. Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy! (And that the ones you want to live do and the ones you don't don't.)

Ah, some interesting predictions there. :twilightsmile: Thank you! It's fun to see people speculate.

I think in this case that dread of what's going to happen is slightly amplified because we already know the characters.

Indeed! It definitely boosts the anticipation. I've read other crossovers before, one of which actually helped partially inspire this story (primarily inspiring me including the art in it.) It's called Danganronpa 69: There's MORE goddamn hope?! and since I know a lot of the characters in it--including MLP's very own pony Fluttershy!--it was thrilling to read through. It's a script format story, but if you're eager for a great Danganronpa story that's not too difficult to read in quick chunks, I recommend it.

You are welcome. This first chapter was a very interesting start, especially since the Danganronpa games apparently exist in the EG universe and Sunset has played them. That’s bound to be a mind-screw. I liked a lot of introductions here and felt most of them fit the characters.

I’ll be sure to share my thoughts going forward, especially when we start getting to the victims and culprits. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that at least some of my choices will survive this.


C1 victim: Timber Spruce
C1 blackened: Twilight

C2 victim: Scootaloo
C2 blackened: Diamond Tiara

C3 victim: Applejack, Rarity
C3 blackened: Apple Bloom

C4 victim: Rainbow Dash
C4 Blackened: Wallflower

C5 victim: Adagio
C5 blackened: Flash Sentry

Mastermind: Pinkie Pie

Survivors: Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Trixie

(PS hi; sometimes I spell my name differently. Intrigued by this!)

Whats this? Another Danganronpa crossover story? I am intrigued, I will look forward for more of this story very soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Ooh! Another Danganronpa story!


...so then the edge is NOT real in this one. Right? It's assumed.

Not gonna lie but I’m HOPING Dagi and wallflower survive all of this. Then again..😣 part of me feels like they could also be the mastermind. Specifically wallflower.

We can definitely hope they'll survive. I'd say who I'd hope survive, but then, I ah, I already know. :trollestia:

Man the suspense 😣. Character I like and really like. Any could die at any moment. I won’t be ready if they die

Wow, that got a little intense. I'm proud of the ones that decided to stand up for Sunset when she was under suspicion, especially Flash (but no, I don't ship him and Sunset, I prefer Flashlight). I was a little surprised when Adagio switched sides and stood by her, but I wonder if maybe she remembers her past in Equestria like Sunset does too and that won her over.

My first guess for who the traitor that stole everyone's memories would probably be Wallflower, since it fits her MO from canon, but if there's one thing Danganronpa teaches, it is to expect the unexpected instead of the obvious. Also, it was said the "traitor" stole their memories, not the "mastermind" so hopefully they'll catch that detail.

Yeah, I agree, if Flash is going to be shipped with any lady, it should be Twilight. He and Sunset have too much of a canonical bad history for that to go well. (Seeing as how they're literally exes and all that.) They make good friends though. Flash is just kind of like that for everyone, really. A good support guy. Dependable.

As for Adagio and Wallflower, we'll have to see. :twilightsmile:

Yep, exactly! Always nice to see someone else gets it! The two of them are good friends but too much bad history to work as a couple, especially since Sunset said she didn't like him like that and was using him to get popular. I also like Flash more with Twilight since he is way more supportive and better for her than Timber (that guy's just an asshole).

Twilight, human Twilight at least, certainly could use a supporting lover, whoever she ends up with, I do agree. She's the kind of person who strikes me as needing a lot of reassurance. (I should know: I need plenty from my own husband all the time.) So of the two, Flash is who I'd say would be better, certainly. Timber's a bit too full of himself.

Pony Twilight, that gets more complicated, since the two have lived different lives. Pony Twilight seems to do better with just the support of friends, and since she becomes the leader of all of Equestria at the end of the series, that would make it pretty hard for her to find anyone. Assuming she didn't, like, hook up with Rarity or something. Nothing about the ending implied that, but given how easy it is to read relationships into anything on the show, it wouldn't surprise me.

Oh man, I can't wait for this to get real good...

Following canon, Wallflower is definitely the most suspicious. But I can see the traitor being quite a few other people as well.

wallflower blush more like RED HERRING BLUSH

She's def throwing out 1st victim vibes.

Oh it'll definitely get going, don't you worry.
WHO KNOWS? :applejackunsure: Guess we'll see, eh? :raritywink:

“So. We’re split, then,” Wallflower said, arms crossed.

Calling it now:
Someone on the "Sunset isn't the traitor side" is going to die, and there's going to be a scrum debate involving the other 8 against the 7 on the "Sunset is the traitor" side.

I won't lie: there will be scrum debates in the trials. It's possibly my single most favorite game mechanics from the series, and although I'm mostly avoiding representations of game mechanics in this story (because they're just that, game mechanics) Rebuttal Showdowns, Scrum Debates, and Argument Armament all show up in a more story friendly version, because they're by far the most logical to do so. Since, after all, they're just different versions of people arguing with each other, and you can easily do that with dialogue.

This is also influenced by the various Fanganronpas I've read, I'll admit. I've read so many and seen so many different ways to present things that my trial segments are going to end up being a mixture of my favorite bits of all of them, but heavily, heavily leaned towards written story, because I favor plausibility of what I'm reading over pointless representation of mechanics that only exist for a game to create gameplay. I believe you'll enjoy the end result quite a lot, because I had tons of fun writing the first trial, and am eager to be writing the rest of the trial segments. As of this comment I'm much of the way through the second part of Chapter Two. I would be further along but my work has become much busier this week than I anticipated, so that's given me less time to write than I expected. I don't anticipate any issues keeping to the update schedule though, not at the rate I'm writing.

Can't wait to see how everything gets incorporated

Somehow, I get the feeling that Wallflower or Rarity is going to be that one character that looks like they'll be important, but dies in the first chapter. Granted, it's early, but still.

Okay now the list of likely first victims has increased to three.

I'm still thinking Flash will be the first victim, but Adagio and Wallflower are pretty likely as well

Oh boy, on one hand I am glad Pinkie is taking it upon herself to do what she always does and raise everyone’s spirit with a party, but on the other hand this is just screaming for a murder to take place.

An alliance between Sunset and Adagio sounds like an interesting idea, even if Sunset is sure Adagio will probably make a move eventually. Glad they managed to establish quickly they are both from Equestria, though I wonder if Sunset would trust her if she knew she was a siren? Probably a smart idea not to tell her about the portal.

Glad Twilight’s head injury was fixed up quickly. I remember in Danganronpa it was said food was restocked everyday so they would never run out, but was the same true for medical supplies too?

Indeed! We'll have to see if your guess is right. You may find out next Saturday.

Actually, I think for the most part the games skipped over even mentioning medical supplies. I don't believe they were restocked in the first game, but given the situations of the 2nd and 3rd they probably could be. For our purposes, Monoponi has as many supplies as is needed for the journey. It is a full-sized cruise ship, so there's plenty of extra storage space.

Also, I recognize the parallel between a party in the first case here, and a party in the first case in SDR2. That's intentional, actually. It's my way of doing a tribute. The actual mysteries will be quite different, even if it's a similar setting idea. I just wanted to mention this because I realized, after thinking about it this morning, just how frequently parties are used as settings in Fanganronpas, especially in first and/or second cases, and I didn't want anyone to think I was copying them. :twilightsheepish:

So, if I know my Danganronpa history, someone will use the party as an excuse to try and kill someone. However, they will fail and someone else will become the blackened. The first victim is always someone who is set up to look like they'll be important, so I'm thinking either Adagio, Rarity, Twilight, or Flash is about to bite it.

I get the feeling that Diamond Tiara is going to be the Byakuya of this story

She has been a bit like Byakuya light so far, hasn't she? Half the intelligence, all of the calories, and more silliness thrown on top.

Also, just an fyi to all: I am including a bit more insights into my writing process on my blog, which I update each time I post a new part. I'm avoiding serious spoiler territory, but I do try to explain a bit more of why I am choosing to do the things I am doing with characters, and so on. You may want to check it out, especially for the upcoming parts.

I lost count of all the murder weapons in this chapter.

Updated guesses for chapter 1:

VICTIM: Twilight

DIAMOND TIARA: love interest?????????????

That part with Monoponi had me terrified for a moment. The reveal that he just wanted to scare Sunset was a complete dick move, but at the same time it kinda reminded me of what Bruce Banner once did to Natasha in The Avengers when he pretended to get mad at her. Though Monoponi is obviously much less sympathetic.

I had a feeling Diamond Tiara would be like Byakuya was in the original, not really caring about the others, but Byakuya never hit anyone, he just got hit himself. Although I am curious why she got so violent at being called a bitch, now I really want her dead for slapping Sunset, unless she can convince me otherwise.

I sometimes felt the same when reading your story, I'll be honest. As for your guesses... :twilightsmile:

Yeah, a big factor for Monoponi doing that to Sunset (well, one reason among many) is to help demonstrate how he is not Monokuma. Monokuma, ultimately, was a puppet for Junko who believed in being fair with her despair in one and was an AI running a similar program in the rest. But he was never directly violent. He would never have done what Monoponi did. But Monoponi, despite being similar, just isn't Monokuma. He wants them to suffer.

Re Tiara: there will be an explanation for her reaction, don't worry. Though it really adds to the Byakuya feel, having her be triggered by a similar word. That wasn't my intent--I have a different reason for it--but it still adds to it anyway. And I like that.

1. Noooo wallflower 😭😭😭

And 2.Jcard? Don’t you mean JCrap? Because I only saw one person made guesses for all the cases and didn’t say wallflower would be the first victim

Follow up.. noooo!! Why wallflower 😭😭😢😢

Yes, sorry, I meant JCarp, thank you for catching that typo of mine. Whoops! That's what I get for writing that at 2:00 in the morning. :twilightblush: As for the guess, I was referring specifically to the comment where J Carp called out Wallflower as having first victim vibes.

As for Wallflower... poor, poor Wallflower. :ajsleepy: But, well, someone has to be the first victim...

And so... it begins.

Hm, I did kind of expect Wallflower to die first, especially after JCarp thought so too. And I already have my suspicions on who did it... but the investigation is the most important determining factor, of course.

Not sure what the right emoticon is for responding to YOUR typo. :coolphoto: That works

I think I know who diiiiiiiid it. Or at least, who has some explaining to do about something.

If there was a "type" who spelled my name that way by accident, I'd have to go on the list too. :coolphoto:

Indeed. The goal I have in mind with the investigation part too is that you should be able to solve the case with just the investigation, before going into the trial. I'm eager to see your guesses.
Hehe, I thought you might. I figure if anyone's going to figure these out before the trials, it's you. :twilightsmile:

Wow, Wallflower is the first victim. That might or might not hurt the theory of her being the traitor and/or mastermind. But like you said, just because someone is the first victim it doesn’t mean they won’t be important later. I certainly thought if anyone was different from canon it was Wallflower, since instead of being quiet and nobody noticing her she seemed to go out of her way to be rude at times.

I guess everyone should be lucky the murder didn’t happen “during” the party, though I think it is safe to say the setup and maybe even the execution happened during it, just behind the scenes.

I certainly liked Flash and Twilight becoming closer. I just hope they can both get a happy ending.

Twilight’s door flew open, her glasses askew, her clothes all wrinkled and messy as she stepped into the hallway. “Did someone scream?!” she asked in a panic.

“Sure sounded like it!” added Flash, who popped his head out from Twilight’s room, thankfully wearing pants and in the process of tossing his shirt back on.

“Flash?!” I blurted. “What were you--”

“Nevermind that, Sunset, let’s go!” Adagio cried.

That was both a funny moment, and one that I loved thanks to being a Flashlight shipper.

Right now, without any investigations done, my suspicion is either on Timber or Rarity

I'm glad you liked that moment. I thought you would, given our previous conversation.
Hmm, I see.

Oh boy, I’ve been positively thirsting for a Danganronpa/EqG crossover with Sunset as the POV for so long. So excited that my wait is over. I’m super hyped to be reading this!

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