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She really should've expected these results.

Now featuring a reading by StraightToThePoint Studio! Thank you to them. :twilightsmile:

Angel Midnight wrote an unofficial sequel called The Royal Sisters Take A DNA Test. Go read it. :pinkiehappy:

And if you wish to write your own sequel you may go ahead. All I ask is that you provide me a link when you post it. :pinkiesmile:

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That, that makes more sense than it should. :rainbowlaugh:

Coincidentally, there is an add for various D.N.A. tests off to the side as I read this, odd.

15%, that's over 1/8

I thought that she was freaking out because she was part zebra before the kirin reveal.

I was torn between whether she was going to be part kirin or "100% that bitch". That reference is not old, but I suppose it is just a smidge too old to be the focus of a new fanfic.

Nicely done. I suggest a horizontal rule for the scene break though, immediately before "Two weeks later"

Nah, that's not something I would've referenced. I didn't even know what that was till you said it.

Good idea, will do. :twilightsmile: I knew I was forgetting something.

With this photo kinda expected Philomena would have been the ancestors she was weirded about. 😋

That... that makes waaaaaaay more sense than it should. Hilarious that she turns out to be the long-lost cousin. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm sure this has been done

Actually, I think I've only ever seen this concept tackled once before. Granted, there could be a few more similar stories that I'm just not aware of, but generally speaking, the "Twilight is part-kirin" headcanon has been surprisingly unexplored.

Either way, I'd say you did it justice. Kudos!

Seriously? WHY is she so upset that she is part Kirin? It doesn't sound that bad? So, what the heck is her problem?! It's like her own Liberty got burn down or something to be this angry?

It CAN'T just be from the Kirin Genes. I'm glad that Autumn will give her Anger Management Classes. Because, Twilight is just being Angry from a ridiculous reason.

She's not upset that she's part Kirin. She's freaking out because it's something she didn't know about herself before, and it's such a bizarre, unexpected surprise that it's shocking to her. Not a bad shock necessarily, but Twilight's prone to reacting poorly to, well, everything.

Both times she became angry in this wasn't because of being part Kirin, but because of how frustrating the person she was dealing with was proving to be. The second time in particular because she gets door-slammed far too often, and then you have miss lovely chatterbox that is Autumn Blaze to boot.

Ah, I'm glad to see I wasn't just retreading old ground. Thank you. :pinkiesmile:


Understandable. But, how would her Friends, Spike, her Parents and Brother, Celestia and Luna, Cadence, or the Young Six react? Even have Discord probably get a joke about this.

I think for the most part, it'd be a combination of "that explains a lot" and "well that's pretty neat." Discord would probably joke around with her about it, and Pinkie would probably throw some kind of "Congratulations on your newly discovered heritage!" party, but that's about it. Of her family, I think Night Light would be the most intrigued, from an academic standpoint. Twilight Velvet might use it as an excuse for more daredevilry. Shining could be curious to see whether or not it has any effects on his magic.

Basically, after the initial shock, they'd all be like "alrighty then" and move on, with only her direct family still exploring it for the sake of how it affects them.

Interesting. It makes sense, but I wonder if Celestia always knew?


That's it! After they found out. They just "Alrighty Then" and left? :unsuresweetie:

This was funny and I wonder how many other unicorns are realted to kirin. I have personally read only one story where Twilight is part kirin but that's a longer stroy wher it's just mentioned that Autumn is her cousin. It's not said what for cousin so probably not much closer than here.

Well I wouldn't say they'd do that immediately. More like, that's how they'd feel about it after the initial few hours or days or however long it takes before Twilight stops talking about it. Of course they'd still be supportive of their friend.

That's enough to potentially claim minority status, if Equestria has that sort of thing.

*insert broken brain anatomy here*

This was hilarious. I was honestly expecting our favorite purple plotted princess to be part griffon or hippogriff or even dragon.

This made my head feel funny.

This story is great! 👍🏽
It answers that huge question of exploding that one time.

Like her tendency to set herself on fire whenever she became too angry.

Sold into my favs, a rare treat!

aww i was hoping for her to be part rapidash... oh well

Well, that’s exceedingly different from most stuff I’ve read on the matter. What fun! I just wish there was more!

Sounds about right for the Sparkle family.

And here I thought she was going to find out her ancestors were some form of molded plastic.

Perfect way to explain ’rapatwi’.

Now all we need is a sequel about Rarity being related to Dimond dogs or dragons (due to you know her greed over shiny things and you know... Gems) imagine her reaction to finding that out, it would be priceless and would most certainly give Twilight’s a run for her money.

Cadence being related to the pies (due to her cutie mark being literally a rock)
Oh even better the pie family is somehow related to the original Crystal Empire royalty making the oldest of the family technically their proper monarch.

That or the best possible idea... Discord, who is he related to you ask... Gummy.
Or you know just make it so that he’s related to literally anything but Pinkie, that would be funny.

Also just gonna add this into my favourites real quick.
9/10 really good for what it was.

in which chapter does this take place in of danganronpa in harmony's wake

And then Shiny realizes that this means Flurry might be like thayt, and has a panic attack. :-p

Though 15% is enough that either it was super strong back in the day, or maybe Greqt Grandma wasnt living up to the Applejackiest truth about what happened that night at the bachelorette party.....

It's weird how this headcanon hasn't been explored much. There's plenty of opportunity with it!

In retrospect that actually explains so much.

"You mean I can royally order ponies to party?!" And thus began the end times.

thing is that Shining Armor hasn't shown this ability, so it's very possible his genetics don't include enough of the kirin dna. It did say 15% is just enough to influence Twilight's magic. so possibly 14% or less gets overriden entirely. Therefore if he doesn't have a sufficient amount of that dna, the only way Flurry could possibly get enough is if Cadance as well has some. And we just don't know enough to say for Cadance.

Bear in mind also we've seen cases of Flurry get emotional, and angry at least once, right? No indication of that flare up.

Funny, but the excessive stammer made it a bit hard to read

It just so happens that someone already has a 'Rarity is part dragon' story. Don't remember the details to it other then she never realized that ponies don't eat gems.

Well twilight CAN be a bit of a birdbrain :twilightsmile:

Depends on how it expresses itself in males. It could overall up their defensive instincts. Alongside the magic boost that has to be something from both the kirin and unicorn genetics liking each other, I.E. this is why Shining Armor is the best shield creator/deployer.

You have to remember that not everything expresses itself the same way in both genders even in the same Phyla. Great example of this is the Peacock. The males have that really cool fan tail that looks gorgeous, but the females do not and look rather drab.

I've always liked this hypothesis. Though I do wonder what the distinction is between E. sapiens avis and E. sapiens pegasos. I suppose the former is alicorns? And there's the question of how much genomic rewriting went into Twilight getting her wings, to say nothing of what her apparent implies for her telomeres...

Sorry, thinking too much about pony science is always fun for me. Thanks for a delightful little tale, though it does feel like you overplayed... well, everyone's personality. Each character is one note played at deafening volume. Mind you, that's fine for this sort of story, but you may want to pull back on the throttle in less goofy ones. Again, thanks for the entertaining read. :twilightsmile:

Yep, 1/7 is 14.3% and 1/6 is 16.7% so closer to 1/7th Kirin ... :twilightsmile:

And remember that genetics can be tricky as what one gets from which parent (and beyond) can differ greatly even within the same family!!! :pinkiegasp:

true. but what we do know about kirins seems to emphasize the nirik form is natural to their race. The entire village besides Autumn took a vow of silence to prevent it. I highly doubt that would not include the men in that case.

plus, while your logic using peacocks as an example is sound, it's not a valid comparison in this situation. We are dealing with mythological creatures here, first and foremost. This fanfic takes dna composition as part of the reasoning for certain things. And we know that coloration, for example, is not fully a genetic trait. We've seen enough families to indicate that it can, but doesn't always, influence mane and coat colors.

Given both of those points, i'd say it's just more likely that Shining doesn't have enough of the dna to show it, and therefore cannot give enough to Flurry. Remember that genetic mixing happens each generation. if Twilight's mother had the dna, and her father doesn't, it's a lower possibility. The dna she inherits from her mother must contain all the kirin dna her mother has. That would apply to Shining as well. And simply put, that 15% showing up in both kids, is unlikely.

humans as an example, inherit 23 chromosomes from each parent. 46 total. that means in our case, 15% would be roughly 7 chromosomes. So that's 7 out of 46 that need to be inherited. In our case, those odds of getting those specific 7 chromosomes out of 46 is rather low. Exact calculations i can't really figure though. Any google search pulls up the punnett square, which only factors chance of dominant or recessive traits on one chromosome.

But even if we assume the same number of chromosomes across the various pony races, it's still very unlikely for both to have it.

Alicorns are probably (maybe unsurprisingly) E. sapiens alicornis, if keeping with the naming conventions (alae = winged, cornus = horn, put them together and you get alicornis). And probably only is used for true Alicorns, which would be exclusively Luna and Celestia.

Well, depending on your headcanon that is.

It's also possible that E. sapiens avis is meant to be attributed to Hippogryphs, since they're the clear "horse birds" of the equine species.

Twilight nodded. Now that they were getting into some details, her initial bemusement had trans formed into academic curiosity. “Right, that makes sense. My mother can track our lineage back all the way to the first few generations after Princess Platinum.” Rolling her eyes, she muttered under her breath, “Not that she cares about it, being too busy throwing herself over Neighagra Falls at least five times a day…”

She's got both her kids into positions of royalty, including Supreme Empress of Equestria. She's done her work, I'd say.

Along with the records of the other four or five dictators in her family’s history. Really it’s a wonder she didn’t turn out to be as insane as they were. Maybe Shining was right about her “Twilynanas” behavior being inherited. She should thank her lucky stars she hadn’t gone mad with power the instant Celestia and Luna handed over the reins.

Of course, that means HE inherited it too. But I'm sure he's much too calm, he doesn't have any episodes...
Nevermind the Kirin thing, Flurry Heart is descended from a long line of potential madmares. That's way more screwed-up.

I don’t think the Empire’s budget would be feeling to good...

Due to you know everypony at all times partying (“if you not smiling... then your doing it wrong”) and being analysed by Maud day and night (due to them being made out of rocks)

Just had an idea.

What if instead of Rarity being related to a dragon, a dragon was related to Rarity, “has writing gone too far, the answer is no... it has not gone far enough.”

I mean, what if someone like Garble realised that he was 17% pony, and that 17% was actually Rarity, or Fluttershy, now that would be funny.

Opening joke ran too long.

I enjoyed the bit about twi's unicorn family.

I mean, she's related to Twi and Velvet, so Shiny already knows about that!

Yup, that was part of the joke, and suspecting that was at least contributing to Twi's freakout. :rainbowlaugh:

So this is where my lack of proper Latin knowledge comes in to play, but I was actually intending avia to be a precursor to modern day, equivalent to homo erectus or something like that. I chose avia, as in one way of referring to grandmothers, to roll with matriarchal societies, etc, and go along with Twilight's foremothers comment. In retrospect I could have chosen something that sounded a lot less like "avian." I'll have to think on that and correct it at some point.

Also thank you FOME for the critique regarding the personalities, as you are 100% correct. I exaggerated on purpose for comedic effect, so no worries: well aware how hard I'm pushing that throttle, hehe. :twilightsmile:

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