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Zecora and Yoda have a short conversation about the Force, and then a surprise guest shows up.

Challenge fic based upon a thread from the Crossover FIMFic group, which dared people to write something like this, claiming it was impossible. I decided to prove them wrong, because I like a challenge.

Featured as of March 4th, 2021! Daww, thanks everyone.

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I like this story

You madlad. I can't believe you actually did it.


I can totally see Zecora secretly being a Jedi. There’s been a few instances in canon that could back this claim.

Yoda teaching Pinkie about the Force?


I have a bad feeling about this. :pinkiecrazy:

Just kidding! :pinkiehappy:

You just keep whipping out amazing fan fiction.

Impressive... most impressive! :raritywink:

Enjoy this story, I very much do.
Your work I would very much like to review.
But rhyming as Yoda, with syntax O-S-V,
A struggle it is. So the end, this must be.

The son-of-a-gun, ACTUALLY did it!? I'm shocked.

What in Saint Sgt. Peppers tarnation is this?... And why do I love it?

Hehehe, thank you. That's why I went this direction--I can just easily see Zecora being a Jedi. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan but I know enough to get by.

She, actually, but yes. :twilightsmile:

Thank you everyone else as well. :twilightsmile:

To write for Yoda easier it is, to be honest. To rhyme dialouge always, far more difficult it is. Impressed I am by your ability in rhyming.

short but i had a blast reading it

Challenge fic based upon a thread from the Crossover FIMFic group, which dared people to write something like this, claiming it was impossible.

I can understand why; the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was "two people with abnormal speech syntax interacting? I respect any author crazy enough to try, even more if they manage to pull it off without cheating".

You had both me and my girlfriend chuckling. I love how you captured those characters. Good Job!

Would like to see this as a full story...

Just take your best author award already

I'd had the idea of magic=The Force bouncing around in my head for a while, but I never thought to do anything with it. It also never occurred to me to have Zecora be the Jedi; I'd pictured Celestia and Luna. As awesome as that would be, though, I must admit Zecora makes just as much sense, if not more.

Please make a sequel this is gold!

i knew pinkie was a secret laughter master i thought they went extinct but when i saw pinkie i knew she was the last of her kind

I've always believed Zecora worthy of being a Jedi Master. Aswell as Yoda's Apprentice. It's a concept that has long stuck with me

Annd the Pinkie bomb, can't forget that there's a comedy.

It would be neat to make things fly around just using my thoughts

Hello, just passing by, I didn't read the story, but I want to salute you for taking on the challenge of making this fic.

A conversation between Zecora and Yoda? That must be crazy challenging!

A curious story, that’s what I see,
And incredibly good, is what it be,
I’d love to see you delve for more,
And maybe get this to chapter four?

earned a favorite this has.

Holy hecking gosh this was a ducking good read
Into the favorites folder it goes~

This was an enjoyable read. Have a like and a fav.

Damn... even just this lone chapter, the strength of the Force is like no other. Is it a sin to ask for more?


And so begins the rise of Darth Smiley.

Jedi Master Zecora makes tons of sense.

And of course Pinkie can surprise Jedis! :pinkiehappy:

Zecora and Twilight at the pond scene with Force training? :)

A pleasant outing.

Hey, I made a recording of this story; would you mind if I posted it on YouTube?

story definitely needs to continue.

I need more Master Pinkie


Fixed it. Finally.

Thanks for catching that. :twilightsmile:

Picture this Yoda making someone make a pinky promise just to troll them with Pinky with her forever part

This was amazing! I never thought of a crossover like this before! :raritystarry::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

annnd this is going into my favorites spot for how simple and interesting this is, it's interesting how someone can write a short story using two difficult characters to write with, Yoda from Star Wars and Zecora from the show, with all her rhyming. The Author of this is mad lad/lass.

Not gonna lie this was really fun, a sequel or spin off would be cool to see. :pinkiehappy::moustache:

Emil #40 · Mar 6th, 2021 · · ·

3 weeks later, all of Ponyville cowers in fear as Pinkie, spraying confetti from her hooves, cackles "PARTIES! UNLIMITED PARTIES!"


Darth Vader: What is thy bidding, my master?

Palpatine: There is a great disturbance in the Force.



How the heck did you manage to whip this out so fast?!

I work from home and have a job that gives me free time to write on my Chromebook.

I can just imagine a sequel about Darth Vader tracking down Zecora and noping out the moment he realizes what equestria is capable of.

:pinkiesmile: "The Ponk Side of the Horse is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be...unnatural."
:twilightoops: "Is there a way one could learn this power?"
:pinkiecrazy: "Not from an Ali...corn."

:facehoof: "...why'd you pause mid-word?"
:pinkiehappy: "Because it wouldn't have fit the rhyming convention then, silly!"

Spoiler alert: The Force has a sense of humor and one day while bored decided to create a living avatar with no prior knowledge of the force yet able to unconsciously use it. The Pony is Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie the first person/pony to speak midichlorian.

Vaya, fantastico.

But the eternal question remains: Who is the greater master? Yoda, or Mister Miyagi?

But then the Dark Side takes Pinkie and she becomes Darth Pinkamena! :pinkiecrazy:

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