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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, one a student of Celestia, the other just getting started, are yanked from their homes by a mysterious magical mirror. Now trapped on Earth, their lives forever altered, they do their best to cope. To learn. To join Starfleet, and, someday, to return to the home they lost.

Returned from hiatus, albeit with a less regular posting schedule.
Preread and editing work performed by Blue Horizon, Vic Fontaine, and witegrlninja. Thank you all very much. :twilightsmile:

Featured as of April 5th, 2021! Thanks all.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of August 7th, 2021! Thank you again so much! :pinkiehappy:

Season 2 Cast List.

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oh i am really going to enjoy this. i'm curious as to which timeline of Star Trek this will be in, ToS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise?

So although not quite listed in the story yet, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight arrived on Earth in the year 2358. So we're talking the general timeline of TNG-DS9-VOY.

i'm very much looking forward to seeing how Sunset and Twilight are around a klingon or cardassian, not to mention the borg or the dominion lol
keep up the great work

I guess, I pictired Sunset in 2150s environment more or less. That's where all the fun with the mirror universe begins.

Hmm...yeah, I'll stick around to see where this goes.

I'd say after TOS
The characters have combadges.
Those things were not in TOS, they had those communication panels all over the place...
though that is not to say they did not have them on earth.

I certainly think this story is interesting and has potential. I enjoy the Star Trek series, but I would not call myself a die hard fan of it. I know a few things but can’t answer every single thing about it like long time fans. I just watch it because I enjoy it.

I think I will follow this story just to see how it goes, though I am not 100% sure I will always have an insightful comment.

Nice that you posted first chapter on First Contact Day.
April 5, 2063, Bozeman, Montana: Vulcans land on Earth after detecting the first Human warp flight.

Very true, though this story will be steering well clear of the Mirror Universe, for many reasons.
Thank you. :twilightsmile:
Hey I'm just glad to see you aboard another one of my stories. :raritywink:
Ah, I was hoping someone would catch that! Well done! :yay: It was a fortuitous opportunity I could not overlook.


And looking ahead at the timeline...
Sunset and Twilight might meet Ro Laren (she started at the Academy in 2358), and they might meet Deanna Troi (she graduated from the Academy in 2359)

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D meet Q in 2364.

Two paracausal beings in the Trek verse who aren't Qs? Oh this is going to cause all sorts of delightful mayhem.

Ah, well, mild spoiler. They won't be attending the Academy for a while. Smart as they are, they still have to be at least eighteen. This gets officially stated in the next part.
You can bet their magic is going to turn some heads, that's for sure. :twilightsmile:

Off to a very fun start, you certainly captured Sunset very well (also like the note about her getting a therapist... honestly if Celestia had done that for her it probably would have prevented a lot of problems)

Eager to see how Twilight fits in and where this all going :twilightsmile:

Off to an incredible start!

It seems like Sunset will be a mentor/big sister to Twilight. That should be interesting.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes the two of them. Personally, I'm hoping that the two will meet crew members of the Enterprise, like Data. Oh, that would make for a fascinating interaction.

Looks like you've got another amazing story in store for us. Looking forward to it. :pinkiehappy:

Ok. So Season One introduces Sunset to the Federation. I bet when Sunset and Twilight return to Equestria, they introduce themselves as Starfleet officers. Until then, school, learning, and Starfleet to give them something to do. Look forward to next week.

You had my interest before, but with pre-entering-mirror Sunset and a young Twilight, you have my eternal love for this fic right off the bat. Eagerly buckling in for what I can already tell will be a fantastic ride.

I really like the concept, if you don't mind me asking is there a planned upload schedule?

Haha, you're not wrong about the therapist.
Thank you, thank you. I hope you end up enjoying this story as much as you did DR: IHW. :twilightsmile:
Ostensibly, once a week, on Mondays at about 1500 GMT -8. Or 3:00 PM PDT. Seattle/Los Angeles/San Francisco time, etc. There is already a buffer built up, so I am hoping I can achieve what I did with my last long story and avoid any posting delays at all.

Oh boy, this is a promising start. I can't wait to see where this thing goes!

Have you completed a significant proportion? Or is this a release each chapter as it is done?

I have completed three additional parts, enough for a three weeks buffer. I intend to never let that run down.

That doesn't seem very fair. Since a pony is considered an adult at 16, they should adjust the age requirement. They should do this for all species.

This is interesting, but I'm sad the nudity thing got glossed over so quickly when it would be great fodder for the kind of cultural conflicts that make for good Trek B-plots.

So, you're three chapters ahead of the current one. How many chapters do you see the finished story (subject to change, I know. None of my stories ever clock in at where I think they will -- I always under-estimate. Sometimes dramatically underestimate.)

I'm sure they will spend plenty of time au natural in their quarters, which someone will undoubtedly walk in on.

This gets addressed, don't worry.
Hehe, well, I did consider making it a bigger deal, but Sunset is very much fish out of water there, and she'd already been stunned once. She's not eager for a repeat.
Hard to say. I'm unwilling to give an exact number at this time, beyond stating it will be quite long. I have finished a very long work before, called Danganronpa: In Harmony's Wake, so I have no doubt I will finish this one too.

I was about to ask why Sunset did not turn into a human but when I thought about the setting, it makes sense story-wise. A humanoid appearing out of thin air would not be seen as unusual in this era as they have transporter technology. However, an equine would have definitely gotten way more attention. I mean, most sapient species are humanoid. Odo even states that humanoids are more used to each other than they are to sapient species that are not humanoid in origin, like the changelings. So, Sunset is seen as an oddity and her sudden appearance would definitely had gotten attention. I saw a Klingon there in the story and he reminds me of Worf. Dunno if it is Worf but you described him the same way. Just wondering. Anyway, glad to see Sunset adapting and now Twilight's in the story. I hope Season Three we get to see Sunset reunite with Celestia, establishing First Contact for the Starfleet and the Federation. Star Trek had explored other universes and timelines, so finding a way to Equestria would be Sunset's primary goal. Though after years of living in the Federation, her ideals would change as she adopted their ways.

And Trek-verse technology is centuries above anything Equestria has and would be seen as magic. Let's hope when they appear, they won't be shot at by unicorns.

Is there a publishing schedule you will try to follow? I'm looking forward to new chapters.

Will all the chapters be as long as the first one, or was this a one time thing, like the typical double length series openers?

Locating Equus, not until someone with a high security remembers the Guardian and tries to check that way ... :facehoof:

Hmmm, holosuite to replicate the departure room?? :coolphoto:

Doctor Selar...??

Suzie Plakson would get a giggle or two out of this...!

And in case anyone was wondering...



This is approximate Star Trek: Next Generation timeline...

Doctor Selar was referenced several different times during the series, but she has been seen only for "The Schizoid Man"...

She's almost been exclusively on starship service, specifically Enterprise...having her at Starfleet Headquarters is unusual...

Selar has a very interesting bedside manner...none at all. She's brilliant, but almost a version of Maud in her deportment and conversation outside of medicine...

In fact...I would very much like to see a Selar/Maud scene, but like everyone else, I'd fall asleep fifteen seconds in...

Awesome so awesome and quick question when is this set in the like the tng DS9 Voyager era so like the 2360’s-2380’s or later

well Celestia is screwed. Honestly i thought Twilightr would be fro mthe weddign time not her rainboom.

and wouldn't think nudity for her be a big thing. according to manual the Galaxy class has an area for Dolphins

Consider me very very interested in seeing how this will play out. This is going to be very fun seeing the ponies impact in the Star Trek verse and what familiar faces they'll interact with and affect. Not to mention what sort of dynamic forms between the two, I do see Sunset as the only other of their species and the older taking responsibility for little Twilgiht in a sort of big sister role.

It's kinda of a shame that baby spike wasn't pulled along with Twilight to add to peoples reactions at not just unicorns existing but dragons. Seriously can just see the Federation having a field day and theorizing their worlds have interacted in the past.

I am curious if Discord will turn out to be Q or have a connection of the sorts. Beyond that excited for what happens next, and hope to establish the time frame on Star Trek's end of this.

Also look forward to seeing how the ponies adjust to this new society, let's see how they handle what comes their way like say the press if their still a thing.

So far, all the episodes have been roughly this length. No promises that will always be the case, but as anyone who read DR:IHW will tell you; I am not adverse to going in depth with my content.
Yes indeed! Well caught. This is indeed the canon Doctor Selar. It's before the Enterprise would be launched so she had to do something before it, right? :raritywink:
Well while there are a lot of opportunities for adult Twilight to show up, I think this is more interesting.
Truth is I have my reasons for leaving Spike behind, and many of them. You'll find out.

As for Discord and Q... We'll just have to see.
Haha, it's true the Guardian of Forever would solve the problem. But I have no intention of involving it. I don't like deus ex machina solutions and that's what the Guardian is.
Back when I was designing this story, it was originally just going to feature Twilight without Sunset at all. however once I decided Sunset Shimmer should be involved, I did for quite a while consider having her be human, while Twilight was the only pony. However I ultimately decided that was not nearly as interesting, and what I've done here allows me to do a particular take on the story that I think will be much more enjoyable.

Well, to start things off, I will admit that Twilight and Sunset are my two favorite MLP characters. So I am slightly biased in their regard.

You did a great job presenting how alien everything would be for Sunset. It was interesting reading how she took it all in. Also, curious to see if she will eventually be concerned about the transporters being murder fax machines. :rainbowlaugh:

No major errors, spelling or grammatical I noticed on my read through. Though I did feel that the time skip was a bit quick. But I suppose you do want to get the story moving forward.

Final thought/question, will this only be Sunset's PoV or will we see Twilight as well?

At times the story will skip forward in time quite a bit. This is to keep it from being bogged down with padding. I don't like padding, you see, and I do have a planned direction for the story to take. There's always the possibility of me choosing to write a few missed moments at a later time.

And as a matter of fact the next episode is entirely Twilight's perspective. We will see them regularly switch off.

As for murder fax machines, I'm going with canon's claim that they don't create a new version of someone every time they transport. Realistic? No. But it is Star Trek.

Thank you for clarifying. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter then. What time do you aim to publish new chapters?

As for the Transporters, fair enough. :moustache:

Ok, but is this Abrams or Roddenberry Trek? I'd hate to inflict the former on the girls.

Every Monday, roughly 1520 GMT -8, or 3:20 PM Pacific Time.
This is very much Roddenberry Trek. I grew up on TNG, and love DS9 and enjoy Voyager. But I will be referencing all of Trek where appropriate. Star Trek was my first beloved franchise, and will always have a special place in my heart.

The Horta, OTOH, don't need to wear clothes on Earth, since they're virtually impossible to tailor for, sweat acid, and in any event only Maude Pie could identify their erogenous zones.

Oh, that’s a lot of stuff packed into a pilot. I do so enjoy reading first contact stories, and everything going forward should be just as fun. Especially since it stars Twilight and Sunset, my favorite duo. Speaking of, I’m interested to see how that one plays out. Given that Sunset has been through therapy and this is pre-apprenticeship Twilight, I doubt she’ll be anything but supportive. I suspect they might have popped out of somewhere else in the multiverse rather than the universe Earth is in, but watching them look for home as the travel the stars will be wonderful either way.

Oh, and the clothes thing is kind of weird. I get it, but at the same time, ponies are covered in hair. Clothes can’t be comfortable in warm weather, and not showing off their cutie mark ever has to be very culturally insensitive.

Finally another Star Trek fanfic!!! You sure have my fav and my like. Is this set in tng or tos?


Glad everyone is enjoying this. And am so hyped to see all the positive reception. I personally don't know much about Trek outside of the JJ remakes, and the 2000s Enterprise, I did see a few episode of DS9, Voyager, and TOS, but... that's about it. That being said, the universe is fun, and I don't need to be the Trekkie for my role. :p

One thing I will say, kinda surprised at all the nudity comments. Didn't really expect that. I get it, but my view point is like this with the clothes... if they don't wear clothes, would they be treated as animals by strangers, or would they be treated like every other sapient races by strangers? Since there are so few ponies, and they aren't like a majority of other sapient races or would be commonly known about, it felt like it wouldn't make sense for them to not wear clothes. Even if they hate the feel (which, I'd be surprised if they couldn't get comfy clothes made), I get the feeling they'd hate being treated like animals instead of people more.

But that's my uneducated opinion, at any rate. Like I said, I'm not a trekkie, but that's just how I viewed it. ^,^

Still though, I'm glad everyone enjoys it! And thanks for letting us get on the featured box, I hope you all stick around for the long haul.

Also, how did my ideation story get into the also liked section? :facehoof:


Haha, it's true the Guardian of Forever would solve the problem. But I have no intention of involving it. I don't like deus ex machina solutions and that's what the Guardian is.

Like I said, someone with a high enough security clearance that does remember about it (like the arc from the first Indy movie) ... :heart:

I know the timeline is way off... but I'm just wondering if there'll be any little references to Lower Decks...
(and I'm wondering what you think of Lower Decks anyway...)


All right, you've caught my interest.

Also, I adore Sunset's new mommies.

An Iconian Gateway? Well that or the Guardian of Forever. Sounds more like a Gateway though.

Why did it drain Twilight though? I guess the Iconians might has dealt with magic before and this was a failsafe? She was going overboard after all.

Finding Eques is going to be hard. If there was a geocentric system in reach of warp travel, the feds would have gone there already. So it's, somehow, been over looked, is outside of reasonable travel (gamma/delta quadrant) or Celestia doesn't move the sun, but spins what would be a tidealy locked world.

Discord and Twilight's own Sun moving puts doubt to that last, though it is still possible. It's probably been overlooked, a star that orbits a point isn't too outlandish. Just that point being a planet and not another star or blackhole would be

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