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I'm Foals Errand's husband. A fanfic author with experience in anime and sci fi fics mostly. I'm now branching out.

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For Which He Stands · 6:00pm Jun 4th, 2016

So I wrote a little story in the aftermath of the new Captain America controversy. I personally don't like the concepts behind the new comic line but Free Speech is part of the values the character is supposed to represent so I suggested to people that if they did not like the idea of Captain America being a member of Hydra, that they just don't buy the blasted comic book!

The issue that caused all the controversy and Death Threats even? (!) Sold out and went into second printing.

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Have a watch, you've earned it!

Thanks so much for the fave!!!

1878000 But you are now a slave to us, so you have to write what we say. It is called a work camp for a reason after all.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Sorry... I already owe the Mistress of Niflheim 10,000 words and another 3,000 to Lady Seto and Princess Ayeka... Come to think about it... Battleship Kongo is waiting for a chapter also... Oh well...

I would say welcome and all of that, but that is just how we suck people in, before we conscript them to slavery and suck out their souls as they are forced to write increasingly horrific fanfiction about pastel coloured ponies. And since you have already been conscripted into the pony-writer-slave-camp-system, there is no point in giving you false pleasantries, NOW GET BACK TO WORK! I EXPECT 5000 WORDS BY TOMORROW OR YOU WILL SPEND THE REST OF THE WEEK IN THE PIT!

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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