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This story is a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before

The Enterprise's mission to Equestria may be complete but perhaps it's not the whole story...

(This story and the preceding 'Where No Pony Has Gone Before have been bundled together on Space Battles Forum: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/where-no-pony-has-gone-before-star-trek-tos-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic.620290/)

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The stories continue even while the characters sleep. I wonder if they missed the media coverage, maybe its a different story, of the man called Kirk, who became Captain of the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise?

Or as The Doctor says. Its just this big ball of wibbly-wobbly timy-wimy, stuff.

Pity they couldnt get an older relation or freind to purchase one of those decorative minatures bottles, given they had someone only turning up at the school for a day and would like to give them something appropiate? Then again, by that point, theyre in Principle Celestias notification space and things would get a bit more awkward?

Wish I had access to a decent workshop. Id love to do some atomic enginering on a replica Bat'Leth with whats turned up over the years. Id pass it off as Cymbal manufacture. :moustache:

I hope Worf enjoys his prune juice.

Whew, lots of happy-good-feelsies in here. I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Sulu and Bones' kids? With the CMC? Oh, my...

So now there are two Spocks, two Amandas and Two Sareks in this universe? Glad we have two McCoys as well!

I'm guessing Q did this as the Kelvin timeline wouldn't come to pass once Spock knew about it?

The tech upgrades those ships will be able to share will be amazing. The Romulan and Klingons governments will not be happy either.

This much change is going to make most of the shows and movies worthless! So good job Q?


Odd thing is that while the 2009 Enterprise looks slicker when compared to the Classic series Constitution class, she's actually less advanced overall in my opinion. She was under construction in 2252, 19 years after the destruction of the USS Kelvin. Even assuming that accelerated research programs advanced Federation tech an additional ten years in that period, that would make her equal to early 2260's tech but scaled up so that her overall power is greater than the TOS Enterprise . The tech about to be put into the rebuilt Prime universe ship will certainly benefit her Kelvin timeline counterpart but aside from some cosmetic changes, the reverse is not necessarily true. So not a significant tech boon to Star Fleet but still an impressive ship. The Romulans will still be unhappy but the Klingons may get a boost from Engineer Kellet studying the model of the Vor 'cha class.

Her weapon systems and some internal controls are better overall than the prime Conni. Her warp core, as shown in the movie is horribly lagging behind.

Nearly everything about the Kelvin timeline is shaped by their being a Romulan super ship out there somewhere. So, you are correct, for the most part the 2009 Enterprise is behind the TOS version. But there is just enough they gleaned from 24th century tech to bring parts of it to a slightly higher standard.

I want to see how Pine-Kirk and Shatner-Kirk get along. Pine's Kirk is fun, but shaped by the lack of George in his life.

If the original Enterprise is no longer destined for destruction at Genesis, would that mean that in the new timeline the Enterprise-A would be the Kelvin timeline Enterprise?

It's an interesting thought. At this point, I neither confirm nor deny.

"Dang it! I'm a McCoy! Not an alien!"

Oh Gods the meta puns :rainbowlaugh:

So I had to give the new crew a chance in this new timeline.


also that JJprise is NOT 700 meters long, that JJ being an idiot.

Diane Duane's The Wounded Sky (and subsequent books)
John M. Ford's The Final Reflection

Excellent choice to include in. Truly appreciated.


YMMV. As to the size of the ship, my wife (Whom I rightly respect and fear more than others on this site) witnessed me involved in a 300-page debate on this subject back in 2009 and will kill me if I restart it here.

While I feel that the scripting problematic (Chekov born six years earlier than his Prime counterpart as just a small example) and fully recognize these characters are not the same and cannot replace the Classic crew, Some of them were IMO exceptional: Karl Urban was great and Bruce Greenwood's Pike was much warmer than Jeffrey Hunter's character. frankly, I think it is clear that Greenwood enjoyed his role while I don't think Hunter did. Anton Yelchin's Chekov was allowed to breathe much more than Walter Koenig was ever permitted. Sarek was well done too.

Don't get me wrong. I did not like the changes to 'Khan' but I liked Benedict Cumberbatch's acting. Had he been one of Khan's followers, I could have accepted him easier. Admiral Marcus... Ugh! and I really have issues with Into Darkness as a whole.

All that said, I regret you did not enjoy but it is what it is.

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the Enterprise-A originally called USS Yorktown? She would be renamed after the original's destruction at Genesis.

Roddenberry suggested this but he wasn't making the calls at this time (For the movies anyway). Since we actually SEE Yorktown going down at the start of ST IV, I find it unlikely to be that ship. I know the argument is that they could not have built a whole new ship for Kirk so quickly but there was probably already a Constitution-Enterprise class already in an advanced state of construction when Admiral Morrow announced the original ship would be decommissioned.

Also, I don't like the renaming of an existing ship in service. Sailors believe this is a bad omen.

True, but it would have been a nice little nod to the 3 Yorktown-Class Aircraft carriers of World War 2.

Yorktown, Hornet and Enterprise.

Not sure if USS Saratoga was a Yorktown-Class as well, I think she was a Ranger-Class.

Saratoga in WW2 was a Lexington class carrier converted from an unfinished battlecruiser. Ranger was a much smaller and frankly less successful ship built purpose as a carrier. Ranger's flaws from her limited size and Saratoga's limitations from being a conversion were rectified in the Yorktowns but Saratoga was still quite successful and still holds the record as fastest carrier in the US Navy (At least officially) The NEXT Saratoga and Ranger were both Forrestal class supercarriers.

Now, STARSHIP Yorktown, at least the one in service during TOS is believed to be the Constitution Class ship in the fleet museum in the late 24th Century.

I massively agree that, yes, it was a big stretch. Better for Pine-Kirk to be first officer under Pike.

I have a few ideas for a funny chapter. Ever heard of Spock vs Q?

Oof, still have to let V'ger do it's thing, and only spare those Klingon ships from their fate (maybe, they still are Klingon and might attack anyway, and that's only if the high council listens in the first place).

I understand, V'ger is coming for earth no mater what. This can't be avoided like Khan. Heck, right after this someone should be going after some whales.

Chang and Cartright will have all kinds of eyes on them, and more worrying, sec 31 will do something with this info, and with those who now know of their existence.

The Whale Crisis has already been averted. As per the last chapter of RK's original story, the Enterprise's last mission before coming in early for refit was to pick up George and Gracie, one Dr. Gillian Taylor, and give Dr. Marcus Nichols the secret of transparent aluminum.

As for section 31? I would not suggest they try to tamper with the outcome of Sloan's dealings with Bashir and O'Brien. The Emissary of the Prophets would not be happy and neither would TI or other organizations.

Operation Sunset? Sounds like something triggered for End Of Days situation. :twilightoops:

Spocks answer to the Kobayashi Maru is evil mirror universe, where he is Lawful Evil? given gravimetric analysis has been used on Earth since the 1970s and we are reaching the point where distributed aluminium ion cm cube quantum clocks can pick up cloaked induviduals by their temporal relativistic effects within metres?

Has the Doomsday machine turned up yet, or are they stripping a freighter to have nothing but an overcapacity warp core for that?

Doomsday Machine was in 2267, two years before the mission to Equestria, so sadly, there was no chance to stop the loss of the Constellation. All events of TOS, TAS, and Enterprise happened as in canon. Everything else is subject to change.

That said, how about O'Brian and Bashir working with Twilight?

the key thing is they already know V'ger's secret so many death can be avoided.

O'Brien AND Twilight: "We HATE Temporal Mechanics!"

Also... Sundance Apple may be related to MacIntosh Apple and Marble Pie...


Good changes, here. And nice to see the idea of them going back just a bit further used. :p

Something I'm not quite following. When did Kirk go into the Nexus, and is he going to head back to his original time using another method of time travel?

As per the events of Star Trek Generations, Kirk entered the Nexus when the Excelsior class USS Enterprise encountered it while attempting to rescue two refugee transports. Because of the information provided by Sunset Shimmer and Trixie, Kirk knew this would occur and that his presence might very well be necessary to prevent the loss of over 250 million natives on Veridian IV and the crew of the USS Enterprise.

He and DoctorMcCoy both knew it was a one way trip, which quite possibly would end in Kirk's death. This is why McCoy decided not to come on the Enterprise-B's maiden cruise, having no desire to stand there and watch it unfold.

My brain... Garrett?!? How does that work? The Klingons don't need the C to die to prove the feds are alright because they know that the C would have done it? I mean... gah!

Does this mean no Sela? Because that is friggen huge if STO's storyline was cannon before Sunset.

Bones might still be alive too. We don't know when he passed, granted he would be 144 at this time.

And Poor M'ress is only a Commander after all this time?

According to the epilogue of "Where No Pony Has Gone Before', Rachel Garrett and the Enterprise-C surprised the Romulans with a full task force. Narrendra III WAS a one-sided victory..., for the Federation. Yes, this means that there is no Sela but chances are that Spock will not fail to save Romulus in this timeline anyway.

Bones indeed might well be alive. He was certainly still walking and not tripping over his great-great grandchildren's toys at the age of 137 probably bodes well for his health.

As for M'ress, some non-canonical material has her being transported through time to the late 24th Century. I simply chose to borrow that notion to give Kirk a bit more support, taking a command into the 2370's.

You could also make reference to Shatner’s own books, where McCoy underwent treatments that essentially de-aged him back to TMP age. Kirk also had his own private ship and acted as a cargo captain in those.

Given the story line, Spocks temporal equations and the known results between video history and actual transfer, wouldnt Kirk have the equivalent of the Delorean, for a given star, able to shift back and forth accross a range of times, then be limited by how far accross normal warp space while avoiding tangling world lines?

Given the better definition of time travel is that you can travel through time only if time travel occured to get you there?

You Worfed Big Mac?:eeyup:

I would say that I have not explicitly ruled out the possibility that Kirk, Scotty, M'Ress could use Warp Breakaway or other means to return to the 23rd Century (And I do wonder why the Captain of the USS Bozeman did not consider this). I WILL say that at least in the Mid-2290s, there are enough people in High places at Star Fleet Command (Admiral Blackjack Harriman, overbearing father of Captain John Harriman, for one) who don't WANT Kirk to have a command. During the 2370s; however, Starfleet is desperate for experienced command officers with the Borg Invasion (I don't see any way around Wolf 359 being allowed to happen), And the possible breakdown in the Klingon-Federation Alliance, (Kang may be able to lessen or head off outright conflict but unknown), And then there is the Dominion War:

It is coming and will cost many lives, including a fair number of veteran command officers. Kirk will be needed. Another ten years and maybe it will be time for The Sisko to send Kirk home.

Who knows?

As for Worfing Big Mac... The definition I know for Worfing is brutally kicking the ass of the regarded as strongest Hero by the villain in order to emphasize how dangerous the villain is. Not sure how that applies here.

But if you mean Grandson showing up in familiar place? Then yes and Colonel Worf and Big Mac will talk of their Grandsons and their heroic deeds over much cider!


Recipie for Granny Smiths Warp Scumble. Zap Apple and Prune juice fermented over Dilithium crystals, then a Dash of Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Pear Juice, a smigin of Pumpkin Spice, then slowly rendered down over winter by freeze thaw cycles and removal of water. The new batch however can have the ingredient that only existed once before in legend, that of being shocked by a Rainboom? First time Pegasi magic could be directly infused in the resulting mix?

That sounds like a drink you need to work up to. maybe a couple of Romulan Ales followed by a phaser on heavy stun!

sorry E-D would NOT be decomissoned she is only 7 years old. Refited to All Good things form sure but NOT decommed.

Decommissioning is not the same as disposing of. It merely refers to withdrawing from active service. The USS New Jersey was decommissioned four times and RECOMMISSIONED thrice. What happens to the Enterprise-D? We'll just have to see, won't we?

New Jersey is a BB and they lost a lot of relevance after ww2. A Galaxy on the other hand still has many uses and again only 7 years old. She would not decommed so soon. Refitted sure but not Decommed.


I believe you still miss the point in understanding that decommissioning is not scrapping or disposing of. I will not argue the merits of battleships, even though on multiple occasions they proved still quite valuable, valuable enough to be recommissioned. Instead, I call your attention to USS Essex CV-9, initially decommissioned at barely over four years of service, not having been seriously damaged and having fully modern systems for the time until her reactivation in 1951.

Now... WHY would Enterprise-D be taken out of service AND a new Enterprise commissioned if there were plans for -D?

That would be telling. Of course, officially they could have claimed that there were unforeseen structural flaws in the early Galaxy design or invent some other reasoning. But would Starfleet LIE to protect or gain a useful asset?

YES! Especially if we look at the US Navy for example: In the 1850's, the Navy wanted a new sloop. Congress would not give them the money so they claimed that the quite obsolete USS Constellation needed extensive repairs. So they took the repair funds and darn it if somehow Constellation didn't look a lot like a new sloop rather than an old frigate when she came back out.

They did the same trick in the 1870s to get new coastal defense monitors: Suddenly four obsolete ships got wonderous repairs! "Don't believe us that this is still the USS Montauk? Well just look! Her old ship's wheel is right here!"

So WHY would Starfleet LIE about not planning to discard the Enterprise D? Why don't they want EVERYONE to know the D might be coming back...?

I know what Decom is but again the Galaxy design is not even ten years old at this point and they don't need to decomm hyer to have her be refited. The galaxy's ere designed for very long term exploration. so again the D would not be decommed jsut to make an E


A ship being rebuilt is not in commission. Hence it has been Decommissioned until the work is complete and it is RE-commissioned. Again, see USS Essex.

Beyond that, I might have a reason for what I say that I just have not written into a chapter I'm ready to release yet.

though given the Sunset files have been aroudn since TOS why would the Galaxy even need a refit they have files on the known flaws shown and can take them out. Hell Worf wouldn't even be needed at DS9 because the klingons have changed.


"Flaws" would be a public explanation for withdrawing the ship... But if there were design flaws, the shows don't give enough technical detail on what they might be. Yes, I did have Engineer Kellet accept a model of the future Vor'cha class ship as if the details are accurate enough, he can start reverse engineering the fundamentals of the design. This may result in the Vor'cha class entering service sooner than in canon.

As for Worf, Whenever possible, Starfleet has tried to put people and things in their 'correct' place to reduce the unintended variances caused by using this special information.

But the reason Worf was sent was becauwse of the Klingons ghearing for war aginst Cardassians. This likely is not happenign in this timelime consider that they likely continued a war with the Cardassians to end central command thus not need for Klingon fear to cause the friction between themn and the feds.

While Worf might not need to be given a particular posting if the circumstances in the original timeline have been changed, he still is likely to still be posted there in the new timeline by Starfleet simply to minimise the changing variables which might make the Sunset files less useful as the little changes and consequences thereof caused by using that information proliferate through history.

I enjoy this immensely.

I almost feel sorry for the Dominion forces. Almost.

Nice touch with the changeling, there.

Very satisfying to see the culmination of the Sunset Files. You don’t usually see foreknowledge like that treated as a finite resource and picking when to sacrifice it.

The Changelings must drive the Founders nuts, almost as good at shifting and empaths on top of it. Granted I’ve always had headcanon that the Founders are weak telepaths anyway, but still. And the fact that Star Fleet has had allied shapeshifters for a long time now miss have really hurt the Founder paranoia campaign.

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