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Not a changeling. Whatever gave you that idea?


The Equine anomaly, it sits on the edge of Federation space, largely unexplored due to the severe instabilities in the local subspace. Of those who have entered, many have reported seeing a blue equine watching their dreams.

Now the Enterprise has been sent to investigate. Peaceful contact with what is believed to be a powerful telepathic lifeform is the primary goal, but when they enter the anomaly and take a look around, there is a lot more on one small world than anyone could have predicted.

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Interesting. Keep the story going.

Spotted an error here sir/madam:

He was walking, alone, I through his family's vineyard, without a care in the world.

The 'I' doesn't belong here.

I'm also taking a wild guess here and assuming the 'mystery' voice is none other than DisQord.

Thy story is now tracked.

An interesting take on First Contact with Ponykind that wasn't caused by Q but still possibly stars him. I'll follow it.

I want to see this. Also, is this the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E or the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D?

*EDIT*: Also, I think I have an idea for the name.

These are the Voyages...

It's the best I can come up with.
*EDIT 2*: Here's another one.

The Equine Anomaly

Q is Discord, and if you don't realize this, then Buck you.

ah i love Q.

Good start, I hope there will be more. :twilightsmile:

Please update soon... I'd really like to see how this goes, with Picard and crew meeting with the ponies..and of course Discord./Q.

I just found this story and hope to see more chapters in the near future!

Excellent, more story please? :yay:

The question remains - is this Q or Disqord ?
Nice additions of headcanon in this story btw.

7446664 I'm guesssing q-cord, aka both.

Discord meets Q? Wait, scratch that idea. The universe would come apart at the seams

I suspect the answer is Yes.

Pity it died. OT was off to a great start.

Can I make my own remake of this. One that wont abrubtly stop and will have many chapters and a good ending.

Go ahead. I may come back to this at some point, but I can just take it in a different direction to wherever you go with it.

wait, is that discord at the end? or is it Q?

What if Discord "IS" a Q? :twilightsmile:
Furthermore, what if he is the Puretrator of setting up Equestria at its current setting as well?
Though I love to see how you Translated one side to the other, making sense of the cross between the two here.
Twilight is Ecstatic... :pinkiesmile: this calls for.. a Party

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