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After Chrysalis attacked Canterlot and revealed Changelings to the world, the other hives are angry. A single spark could set off this powder keg, and then anything could happen.

Meanwhile, Princess Mirage, daughter of Queen Imago and heir to the Everfree Hive, tries to figure out what to do about her best friends, as yet unaware that she is a changeling.

When the inevitable happens, and war breaks out, is Mirage ready to navigate the political minefield she finds herself in?

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The Equine anomaly, it sits on the edge of Federation space, largely unexplored due to the severe instabilities in the local subspace. Of those who have entered, many have reported seeing a blue equine watching their dreams.

Now the Enterprise has been sent to investigate. Peaceful contact with what is believed to be a powerful telepathic lifeform is the primary goal, but when they enter the anomaly and take a look around, there is a lot more on one small world than anyone could have predicted.

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