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Human Tag = Human In Equestria
Blog Post regarding title change
A Star Trek Crossover
It was a long six months, but thankfully it was finally over. After an uneventful tour of duty patrolling the Tzenkethi DMZ, Lieutenant James Scott, Helmsman of the Akira-Class USS Juno Beach, was glad to be rotated off for three weeks shore leave.

En Route on the Shuttlecraft Nichola Goddard to the Trill Homeworld, there was a small mishap... Apparently Dark-Matter doesn't mix well with Matter/Anti-Matter Drive Cores.

Crash landing outside a small hamlet town inhabited by Ponies, a Starfleet Officer must find a way to make the best of thier situation.

Title is in homage to the novel of the same name by Thomas Wolfe

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Apparently Dark-Matter doesn't mix well with Matter/Anti-Matter Drive Cores...

We learned that in the TNG episode In Theory.

Deep Space Nine being destroyed, the Assassination of President Bacco;

de-facto cold war with the Typhon Pact powers

six years since the Borg invasion

...What the hell has been happening in the [noncanon] novels?

The Shuttlecraft is named after Captain Nichola Goddard, the first Female Canadian Combat Soldier killed in action,

And here I thought she was named after Robert H. Goddard, The Father of Modern Rocketry.

The events in this story take place in the time period before the start of Season 4 but after Equestria Girls

Wasn't Equestria Girls classified as noncanon/Expanded Universe/Beta Canon?

You have a few technical issues. The biggest one is that you switch between first and third person perspective in the same sentence.


...What the hell has been happening in the [noncanon] novels?

Retarded stuff. I gave up on Star Trek novels after the Borg invasion arc, which were some of the edgiest trash I've seen in a while. At least they got rid of Janeway permanent in those.

I remember hearing about the Borg eating Pluto and someone in the novel saying that finally settled the debate about whether or not Pluto is a planet.

Yep, that was a thing that happened.

All I want is a new, good, Trek show to wipe all these novels from existence.

Technically, we don't even need that. The official line on canon is that only the live action TV shows and movies are canon. (Except the Voyager episode 'Threshold'. The writers apologized for that one by writing it out of canon.) What I really want is a new series to wipe out the Reboot movies, or at least put them in a timeline that has never interacted with the main universe.

5830615 Thank you for the comment.

For the technical issues, chock that up to writing while tired. I actually started the story writing in 3rd person; but switched part way through and went back and changed, must have missed something, I'll be going over it tonight and writing another chapter tonight.

As for the Pocket Books novels: A lot has been happening, and you should be reading because the expanded universe that has been created in the books is awesome. The Book that Commissar Rin mentioned about Pluto is the one of the few exceptions in the Pocket Books where quality lacked (TNG Novel Before Dishonour), and its one of Peter David's worst novels. If you can get past that there's some really good stories to be told, like the Breen, Gorn, Tzenkethi, Romulans, Tholans and Kinshaya (Typhon Pact) allying against The Federation, Ferengi, Cardassians and Klingons (Khitomer Accord) and the east vs west, US Vs Soviets cold war war vibe, then there's the Political fallout from the Andorian reproductive crisis leading to them seceding from the Federation, and a lot more.

This is à good story i like it and i can't wait for chapter 2

Looks promising. I'll definitely follow this for a bit. Look forward to more.

Looks like you're off to an interesting start. I look forward to reading more.



I'm surprised he hasn't commented on the existence of psionics. Since Kes and the species from 'Metamorphosis' did some 'magical' stuff.

So, what'ya got in there? Ray guns? Ohh! Lasers! Tell me you have lasers in there!

I see a phaser demonstration in the future.

Also, I'm surprised that Twilight didn't have a visible reaction to all of those lives lost, or more questions.


I'm surprised he hasn't commented on the existence of psionics. Since Kes and the species from 'Metamorphosis' did some 'magical' stuff.

Abilities like that are exceedingly rare in Star Trek, with only 7 instances in all of the series put together, so knowledge about it wouldn't be common, and James is just a Pilot, not a Xenobiologist.

Also, I'm surprised that Twilight didn't have a visible reaction to all of those lives lost, or more questions.

Stop! You're giving away plot points from the future!

Are you counting the Q, Prophets, Metrons, and Pah-Wraiths in that number?

Super Nerd Trek Powers Activate!
Q, Pah'wraiths or the Metron's don't really count since Q's extradimensional omnipotent being, and the Metron's did their thing by manipulating energy, which possibly means they have some form of high technology. The Pah'wraiths/Prophets are also extradimensional energy beings and fall into the category of Q, they also don't have physical bodies unless they possess a host.

Also, the majority of the examples of psychokinesis in Trek were unnatural. The Platonians developed their powers artificially from their environment, Gary Mitchell got his from exposure to the barrier at the edge of the galaxy, and the Children on the Darwin Genetic Research Station (TNG Epi Unnatural Selection) were the result of illegal genetic engineering.

The only 'true' natural examples shown in canon were the Ocampa, Vorta and the Humanoid known as Gem (TOS Epi Empath), and even the Vorta don't really count since the Founders genetically engineered the Vorta from a tree-dwelling primate to what they are now.

*ceases rocking out with my Trek out*

Comment posted by Sentinel053 deleted Apr 11th, 2015

Keep your freinds close, and your enemies closer.

Wouldnt it be better he keep the weapons in the secured, encrypted, armoured safe thats inside the secured, armoured casing of the shuttle, where they are safe? Except fr the singular item of course, given it has non lethal settings.

Timberwolf, meet phaser.

You could say that being a trekkie and not a techie, means they dont have to bother with the impulse reactor based replicator bootstrap method, where you manufacture the parts to build a better replicator, to build the better parts etc. As for neeing certain specialist materials, as long as the burnt componants are still physically there, the atoms are there to be torn apart and reused to make new componants. Plasma seperation makes all waste and ores the same.

How are you looking to get this sorted out? Attatch the subspace system, what bit there is, to the Crystal Heart then belch a pulse?

Hoping to see where this goes. Internal dynamics, which problems, any world build thoughts.

Yea I agree with you on the weapon location. Being in a armored safe, the weapons would be much harder to abscond with than just laying in a bag. take one of the small ones that can fit in your palm and leave the rest locked up.

Replicators are basically 3d printers that use transporter technology to assemble parts/food. By being able to assemble items atom by atom, it definitely can make anything in its size specifications. What it can make would be determined if anything is banned by software, power to run the replicator, the computational limits of the shuttle craft, and the plans loaded into memory. I would assume that building a distress subspace beacon would be high on the list to put into memory.
For the sake of the story you could make a full up subspace comm to big/hard to make but a smaller one that has the range of the solar system should be able to manage quite handily.

I have my reasons for what I did with the armory, which will become apparent later.

As for the replicator, you're neglecting one simple thing; James isn't an engineer. His training is as a pilot, with cross training as a Tactical officer (again, this will be explained later). That severely limits him with what can be done with the replicator. Then there's the lack of raw materials, even though the shuttle still has the Impulse Reactor for power generation, it only has a limited amount of raw materials before they have to be replenished (a weeks worth, tops, since shuttles were only meant to be used short-term).

What it can make would be determined if anything is banned by software

Then there's that. :pinkiehappy:
He can build something complicated if he had instructions, but without the plans present in the computer...

Who moved the ion storm, set up the extremely specific accident, and decided to retry Kirk vs the Gorn? Tune in next week? :moustache:

Moving on to the Solanae aren't we?

5868588 could you put that in spoiler tags please?

oh crap clicking equals solanae every grab a gun its hunting season

5869238 Can you put that in spoiler tag please? Not everyone is an STO player or well versed in 23 year old one-shot TNG storylines.

5869285 yeah sure anything to help a fellow STO player

From your comment I'm guessing this has to do with the species from the two part episode where Data goes back in time and Mark Twain goes to the future. How do the still exist in STO? They were all killed in that episode.
Currently watching TOS Remastered on TV, 'Amok Time.'

5870026 Nope, Go watch TNG Episode Schisms, Season 6, Episode 5.

Oh yeah, the one with the crew abductions, the crewman whose blood was turned into a polymer, and Riker's arm getting cut off and reattached.

"That's a short list," I remarked quietly. "Status of subspace communication systems."


I dont think it matters one way or the other. He may not even be in the same universe he started out in, given the rather odd physics of Equestria... -unless DisQord carved out a pocket universe/solar system out of dark matter to hold a kidnapped planet as his play-toy...

I'm not crying... that's liquid pride.

So, how much time passed between his wife dying and the shuttle crash?

The current year in the story is 2386. Exactly 4 years.

I'm really enjoying this story so far. Keep up the good work.

Setting out a plot of land?

He truely has come to beleive,

He bought the farm. :pinkiesad2:

When I read the name james I thought of the other story I read called the lost element its a good story you guys should read it if you gat a chance its picture on the front is the elements of harmony around a white oval

Oh and what's with the black outs do you work for the CIA?!?!?!?

How did you get black outs from that chapter? They are memory flashbacks mainly as a plot device to give the main character more background. You've been lost in thought before right? Every one has, and since the entire chapter is dealing with the anniversary of his fiancé's Death, and the brutal grief that comes from that (I get like the main character too every Dec. 28th since my Dad died, so I speak with experience), the flashbacks are vivid

5888822 Oh, you know how it is...when you have to deal with a bunch of FIOA requests all the time, you just learn to black out everything:trollestia:

5893061 oh you troll XD good god man for me the comments look as if the cia wrote it. Black outs everywhere!

5893473 Heh!:pinkiehappy:

I'm pretty new to this site, but I've been to other BBs & it's pretty common for discussions to delve into spoiler matter for things like movies, books, fanfics. And lots of people will judge whether to jump into a story depending on the comments about them--but they get pissed if they see a lot of spoiler material.
Hell, I've seen people get their shit jumped for talking about stuff that's in movie trailers :ajbemused:

But at least here, you can see what's been said by just rolling over or clicking on the blackout bars--> (if you really want to know :trollestia: )

Going to be fun when they realise that the new radar Wifi technique can be used for far more than picking up pulse and biometrics at range of people, by moving from classical analog signal processing and into dense digital processing. Sorry I cant offer links to proper published articles on possible four dimentional signalling, all I have is vague theories based on packing experiments and measurements.

I cant remember what that episode was either, given its from TNG series? Kirk and Picard got Everywhere, and a fair bit When.

Dash is going to need some psych work, and thats one heck of a bad guy to start off with, Starfleet thnks things are bad, it aint even the beginning of how bad its going to get. :pinkiesad2:

Yep, these are the Solanae. Was half hoping to have the Iconians and their Heralds show up, but oh well. Tirek works as well, I guess.

5911072 TNG Season 6, Episode 5, Schisms Link

I wonder how long it'll take for someone to figure out which pony is in the final scene...

...I can guess and not gonna say...:raritycry:

No pony is safe from my creative whims...:pinkiecrazy:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch CLANNAD and cry.

I'm shying away from the STO timeline/universe in favor of the universe in the pocket books novels because Cryptic originally said they would follow both Show/Movie canon and the novel canon in their 'path to 2409', and then promptly ignored the novel canon. As much as I love STO (I have a lifetime sub), I like the universe in the pocket books novels better.

Comment posted by Minevera deleted Apr 27th, 2015

Uh oh thos aint good ready your phasers everyone:twilightoops:

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