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Must Read Shelf

Just a quick explanation here on exactly what I mean for the title of my Must Reads bookshelf.

These aren't necessarily the absolute best of the best stories, or my most favorite, but they do all share one major thing. Aside from being good stories, to get onto the must reads list here a story must do one of three things for me.

1) It must embody some of the major strengths of what can be done in particular genre. For example Past Sins is on the list because is tackles some major philosophical questions in a way that is best/most easily done in Fantasy.

2) They embody another element of writing done extremely well to the point of being a great example for other writers.

3) The story can have a message that I think everyone should be exposed to in one way or another. Usually these are also stories that tend to hit home for me personally in one way or another. (Being the literary / philosophic geek I am you can expect a few stories in this category.)

Must Reads

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It deserved it. Looking forward to more chapters!

Thanks for adding A Star Among Wizards to your library!

Oh, definitely. Whether she learns anything from it is another matter entirely.

I’d put it up there with asking a newt to swallow an elephant whole. :trollestia:

Oh, you betcha. To say that Primrose is biting off more than she can chew is an understatement.


something tells me you'll be very happy with it.

I've got the same feeling, for several possible reasons. There are several things I know/think are coming I'm really excited to see. :pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed the little comeuppance in the last chapter. Nice touch with that minor little change in Pinkie's selection of cupcakes. I'm also guessing That Rarities client of the week has no idea the social (and otherwise) heck she's got coming when Rares' patience runs out or the dam breaks breaks in this 'hick' town of 'freaks.' :raritywink::scootangel:

Thanks for the fave on Many Happy Reunions! The next chapter is almost finished and will be out before the end of next month, and something tells me you'll be very happy with it.

No problem it was a nice quick read.

Thank you so much for adding Since When Did Your Dog Become a Haytuber? to your bookshelf! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave.

  • Viewing 120 - 129 of 129
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