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Stormrider is Out! · 6:01pm Jul 18th, 2017

Finally, after all this time, I've gotten Stormrider where I wanted and have posted it. This is my final new story before I start going back to my older ones. I know this project has been heavily delayed, but no more! The Stormrider

-Cheers for That!

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No, Brotherhood was an attempt at rewriting it.

I would recommend Harmony's Creed over Brotherhood.

Question, are your stories Harmony's Creed and Brotherhood in the same continuity? Just want to know before I start reading.

2328601 Well, I continue to be in the slump and what's worse is that even when I have time, I dont feel like writing a whole lot.

I am working on something that may bring back my enjoyment. I started a comedy story about Celestia and Luna in the EQG world trying to be scoutmasters of a Boy Scout troop. I got the idea because of Celestia's scout uniform in Legend of Everfree. I will be writing about something very familiar to me (scouting) so I hope it brings me out of this slump.

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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