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After Rarity's fashion show, Applejack has turned her attention to the fashion industry. Why is it so.....bizarre? Without the ability to come to a conclusion, Applejack takes a risk and starts her own fashion line. A line that will appease to Equestria's top fashion trend.

Don't blame this stupidity on me......I swear it's not my fault.

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This is the stupidest idea ever.

I friggin' love it. :rainbowlaugh:

Heres the only spelling typo I noticed.

"Fashon can be pretty interestin'! Sweetie Belle...

8182139 Part of Bloom's slang, I swear :trollestia:


It's a pretty decent concept, but I couldn't really get behind it.

I think where this story goes wrong is characterization. This whole story relies on Applejack being rooted in a place of dishonesty, which would be swindling ponies, and I think she has too much integrity for that. I could never see Applejack making money off of lying to ponies especially with the Flim and Flam call back episode in Season 4, with the curative tonic, pretty much showed her dispelling the integrity of con-artists. She's just really out of character, and that episode really supports me feeling the way I do.

Apart from that, I really don't care for the character's dialogue. At least early on I didn't care for it. It just seems... off, I guess.

It's a good attempt, but unfortunately, when you get the characters wrong, the rest just falls with it. It's not a bad fic, it just didn't work for me.

Finally an answer to the question. "What do you get the pony who has everything ?"

Answer [ ] and for the one or two of the humor impaired that are visiting us here is what is between the brackets [ Nothing ]

8182151 AJ isn't being to dishonest. She is telling the 100% truth she is selling people Nothing. just what everyone sells. I still laughed pretty hard.

8182151 Well, she never lied to anyone. I understand where you're coming from and I tried my best to come across that it's more of the stupidity of the situation rather than dishonesty. Applejack makes a business by selling nothing. Ponies, being the consumers they are, buy nothing. Applejack never told them that they were wearing something or that the clothes were invisible.

If ponies buy all those hideous costumes, why can't they buy nothing? Either one is fashion to one's perspective. So this looks at the stupidity of Equestria's fashion line.



I still think it's dishonesty, because it's taking advantage of someone's ignorance.


his whole story relies on Applejack being rooted in a place of dishonesty, which would be swindling ponies

But.. she isn't being dishonest about anything. She openly advertises that she sells nothing. It is, in fact, within the name of her store.



Like I said it's a pretty decent concept. It's funny. Just couldn't get behind it. :unsuresweetie:

Thanks for writing though. I do like your writing enough to check out some of your other stories when I get the chance. :derpytongue2:

This was just so silly! It was awesome, too. I laughed and laughed! Great job!

8182173 Making business off of other people's ignorance is not dishonesty (and not a factor here either).

Electricians make a business off of the average person being ignorant in the ways of technology. Carpenters make a living off of people being ignorant in wood workings. Most people can do these things if they learn themselves, but choose not to.

If one sells a product that says "buy this and you'll be in pain" and someone buys it and is in pain, was it dishonest? The person knew exactly what they were getting. There's no trick.

And, of course, this is a stupid silly story. I chose Applejack to be the store owner because of the recent Rarity/Applejack fashion episode. And thanks, I didn't try my hardest with this, but I always like doing something silly every once in a while. :twilightsheepish:



Agree to disagree. :twilightsmile:

And maybe lack of my appreciation is partly because I've not seen the episode.

Still, I hope your story does well. :twilightsheepish:

Not a bad idea. I treat fashion as a four letter word that is inappropriate to say around children. It is also the reason I just don't get Rarity.

Tsk tsk Applejack. You wear a hat, don't you?

8182344 And she's got 30 of them. Maybe that will be her new branch "Nothing-On-Head Apparel"

This is gold! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

:raritycry: Spikey more ice cream!
:moustache: ON IT!
:twilightsheepish: What will you do now?
:duck: Foals! Get Spikey
:twilightoops: Wut?
:raritydespair: Spikey! I need you!
:twilightoops: But you two aren't even married!
:raritydespair: Spikey now!
:moustache: What?
:twilightangry2: NO!
:moustache: Really?
:raritywink: Yes
:raritystarry: Designer foal clothes!
:facehoof: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I feel so stupid
:moustache: You should see what she has me showing everyone

Was good for a couple chuckles in the end :twilightsmile:

Found two mistakes of note:

rubbed a hood on her chest.

rubbed a hoof on her chest.

I appeased to the masses.

Can't tell if that's a typo or just Applejack being Applejack,

Already laughed at the short description. Definitely gotta read it at some point.

Something tells me the Flim Flam brothers would be proud of Applejack right now...or curse that they didn't think of something similar before she did.

8182151 I haven't actually read the fic, but from the description and the comments I think you're kind of missing the point.

The story sounds like it's essentially an extended version of this:

Woah...Aj took the Emperor New Clothes linestyle and took it to a whole new level :ajsmug:

8183164 I had actually never heard of that story until my brother came in while I was writing this and told me I was retelling that story. So, at least I learned something from this :derpytongue2:

The sad thing is, I could totally see this happening.

Actually, I'm not getting the "Emperor's New Clothes" feel from this. In that story, it was very clear that everyone (particularly the Emperor) was being made a fool, by pretending that they could see the clothing that wasn't there. Applejack, on the other hand, was quite clearly selling nothing--she wasn't trying to hoodwink anyone, she just showed each pony their own body, as it was, and they found it beautiful. That may not have been the point of the story, but that's how I read it.

8183614 Well, said, I never heard of the story until my brother told me. And so I read it and yeah, it's not like it.

And well, I was gonna add some cheesy "body-positivity" in the story but felt I rather just keep it at level stupid and not go deep with it.

8183070 Well, I know there is one thing you can sell... :rainbowkiss: You're mom!

"Ya know, it Rares saw ya like that, she'll tell ya something,"


"Oh, Applejack's is most likely just busy as the harvest season is fast approaching.

Feels like I'm wearing nothing it all... nothing at all... NOTHING AT ALL! :trollestia:

This story.:facehoof: It was tagged as comedy and random and I say it fit that perfectly. I had my laughs so take my upvote.:pinkiehappy:

8182173 I can see where you are coming from though. Techinically there is no lying involved but it still feels like a scam. (Kinda like a pyramid scam. Those are not lying either but are still considered a scam.)
And the moment AJ asked her first customer for the 8 bits I was taken aback a bit as well. It feels like AJ just put a value to that mare's beauty. (Which is kinda contrary to the (un-)inteded moral of "everyone is beautiful as they are".) And that really does feel out of character for AJ. I would have liked for her to tell her customers to pay her what they think is appropriate. The story could still ride the stupid train and make ponies throw money at AJ and make her rich. It could still make ponies swoon all over it but it would feel a lot less like a scam.
But those are just my 2 cents on it.


My word, it's like you created an MLP version of The Emperor's New Clothes. This is so stupidly ridiculous and I kind of love it.

No way, José! It's like that their bodies are naturally beautiful and they haven't realized it until now!:pinkiegasp:

8182198 Yeah, but I think what she/he is trying to say is that lying in front of somepony's face what the price worth is even when the person "know" what they're getting is still dishonest. If you sell a completely color blind pony a white ball and say it is special because it's a blue ball, you're being dishonest because you're not telling them the truth they can't see and can never tell by themselves. Using electrician and mechanic as examples, it doesn't seem like you're showing the full picture. If they're an candid folk, they would charge less on simple, necessary, and easy to fix stuff like oil changes and electricians with replacing outlets. Sometimes, they charge higher on basic stuff and tell you that you need expensive parts replacing replacing even when the parts work perfectly fine. If they're doing this, they're not being honest. The burden of honesty relies heavily on the shoulders of the person selling/repairing the product, not the person who's ignorant about whatever electronics they have. If that's the case, then technically everyone who was ripped off from the product was the dishonest one, and that's not frank.

The analogy of the pain thing really doesn't work either, as this is suggesting that it's the buyers who's being dishonest to themselves. Applejack or any other honest pony, while knowing the true price of the product, should've not played into their ignorance and idiocy. At least mechanics and electricians put real effort for doing work that no one else is willing to do or learn, the Apple sister are just straight up pricing nothing as something, which really sounds less like a ploy and more like a sign of desperation:twilightoops:

Which leads to this video here:

8186116 (squints)

Hmmmm... Spike, whadda you think?

...Welp, you heard the sleep deprived drake. *cocks shotgun*

8186691 I am not going to argue with you mainly because you are taking the story beyond it's point. But I will say that you in no way disprove my points. All you say is that my examples don't work for the broad picture. You bring up points that have no correlation with dishonesty but business practices. It's not about the price when I talk about ignorance, it's about knowledge. Over pricing doesn't exist. It only exists when competition companies sell the same thing for less. Bread for example can only be ruled "over priced" when the average bread is much cheaper. However, despite the increased price, it's not dishonest, just a bad business move.

Dishonesty implies lying and cheating. There is none of that in the story. The literal thing is that nothing is for sale and ponies buy literally nothing. I cannot put it in simpler terms. This isn't like Emperor's New Clothes where the tailor tricks him with invisible clothes. If the tailor tells him "you're naked" and the Emperor's buys "nakedness" the tailor did nothing wrong. The emperor is just stupid. And that's this story. It's completely stupid.

And also, I'm sure most colorblind people can tell a blue ball isn't perfectly white. And again, there was nothing like that in the story.

Also, don't flood my comment section. If you reply to several people, just make one big comment. I don't like having several notifications just from one guy. Just a pet peeve :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by ZestyPegasister deleted May 25th, 2017

Heh, the funniest part is that this could happen in an episode

This was delightfully absurd.

Just so you know, I lol'd throughout the entire thing. Have a moustache. :moustache:

Glad ya liked this preposterous story that somehow came from my mind...

The Emperor’s Clothes influenced this Mildly, I presume?

Absolutely not. Never heard of it until everyone told me that this was akin to that story.

But sure, let's just say it did.

"Only 8 bits?!?! Wow this is a steal!"

It is, but who's stealing from whom? :ajsmug:
This is both brilliant and mind-bogglingly stupid at the same time. Hats off to you, sir.

this fic is the embodiment of big brain

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