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When a debt-collection company sends a representative to collect on Lyra's parents' debts, they don't care that her parents have been missing for years - the debt is legally hers. If she can't pay up, she'll lose her house.

In order to pay the debt, Lyra devises a plan that simply can not fail - she'll convert her home into an item shop and sell her way to riches! Surely Bon Bon will help, too. What could possibly go wrong?

Inspired by Recettear

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Interest piqued. Please continue.

I can tell this one's going to be interesting.


Hm. Your avatar... :trixieshiftleft:

You do realize we have to fight now. I choose blueberry pie, at dawn.

Up until now, this has been quite amusing and laughably illegal, but it's comedy, where laughability is the objective. Let's see what you've got in store for us!

B-b-but I stole it from the artist used it first! Besides, blueberry pie is dreadful, and I'm not a morning person. I shall simply hide inside my Impenetrable Shield of Impenetrableness. :trollestia:

**Preemptive Favorite**
Can't wait for more; having said that, take your time and keep up the good work. :heart:

...Oh, silly Lyra. This should be good. I approve of casting Iron Will as the collector-- I think he'll fill the role much better than if you'd just summoned some OC pony from the ether.

That said, keep up the good work, and I look forward to more!

Hah, I like this concept. I also feel sorry for Iron Will. Have a tracking favourite and I look forward to more.

Amusing, but I find it a bit hard to believe that Equestrian banks and financial law are even more evil than those in our world. It's not Fallout Equestria, but it is a bit, shall we say, unfriendly? :pinkiehappy:

Umm.. the entire premise is highly illegal. Collection agencies are scum, but even they have to abide by rules. Still will track for potential shenanigans

I'm already enjoying this.
can't wait to see an update :pinkiehappy:

2329048 In America it is highly illegal, but Equestrian Law could be vastly different. Especially since they have a monarchy.

I'm gonna track this.


ooooooohhhh 'dis gun' be goooooood!

What am I going to do? she thought miserably.

Put all your possessions under a friend's name and claim bankruptcy.


Take the collection agency to court and because they have the wrong name, you can get off on a technicality. I bet the real Lyra Hatestrings is one lucky pony, she's probably hanging out with her best friend Bun Bun at Glucose Prism Avenue.

Has anyone else noticed that "Ponies having tax/debt problems and opening up X business" is becoming sort of a sub-genre of slice-of-life?

Mother of God... Recettear is one of the most awesome sandbox games that I have! Adorable too. Now for Lyra to have her pixie friend (in this case it would seem to be Bon Bon... and Iron Will) to help her out in buying stuff from te market, charging a higher price at which I have no idea why normal people just can't go the market thus putting all those shops out of business and selling it to said customers.

Dungeon Crawling! To the Diamond Mines! We need some worn swords, wooden shields and of course, an adventurer that didn't pass his guild test! ... Yet.

Yes, nerding out but you had me intruiged by Lyra's face followed by Recettear:twilightblush:

2332579 Thanks!

I'm playing further through the game to make sure Emporium doesn't just become a carbon-copy of Recettear. I want players of the game to be able to recognize nods to it without feeling like it's just the same story retold with ponies.

Also, Iron Will is best Repo Man.

2332641 One obvious thing would be no church thus having the need to change one of the characters and why they decided to start venturing (if you know who i'm getting at) and... Hmm... who can possibly replace that drunkard? Hmm... If there was a pony mod for this, I would so get it:pinkiehappy:

Spontaneity. Oh Lyra, you so silly:pinkiehappy:

Now as for where she would find stuff... and how she sells it... Gosh, I want this game soooo bad... If only it were real... Or a series, I would watch it.

Since nobody's said this: CAPITALISM, HO!

This promises to be cute, funny and entertaining. Fave'd!

Yayifications! Best crossover ever!

Just a quick question: how is the dungeon crawling going to work?

2338711 There are plenty of ways around that. This won't be a "Recettear with ponies" story, but a story inspired by (and with plenty of nods to) Recettear.

Let's just hope that Lyra doesn't start rummaging around the trash for stuff to sell... that would be disastrous, to Bon Bon. And whoever's trash she's rummaging from.

Hope she doesn't start selling bottled Poison Joke.
Hope she doesn't start selling Manticore Fur.
Hope she doesn't start selling Mane Clippings.

Oh who am I kidding... I expect her to do up and silly things! ... Maybe Bon Bon can also sell some candy to Lyra to sell at her shop.

Capitalism, ho!

Been waiting for that line to pop up. Good times, good times.

Lyra, if you want to earn money, just sell your bottomless cup of soda! I would buy it for....like, a millioon buts.
Edit: Autocorrect: :trollestia:
I mean, I would buy it for....like, a million bits.

Had to read up what the inspiration was, and that sounds like an interesting game. The basic premise should be an interesting story. So far it looks good, so I'mma gonna watch.

Well, I've always been a big Iron Will fan, and I like how you've characterized him now that Fluttershy had faced him down.

It'll be interesting to see what Lyra tries to sell...

Capitalism, ho!

This is silly in the best possible way.

Also, this might just make me pick Recettear. Looks very interesting.

wave1:flash1:B S A L E ! ! ! !
(god, it's been so long since I've typed that)

Poor, silly Lyra. She's going to be completely gobsmacked when she sells her first item.

Capitalism, ho!

The things I do for her

This made me think back to Courage the Cowardly Dog; The things i do for love:rainbowlaugh: Did I suggest rummaging through trash cans? I hope so, I know I suggested Poison Joke but... oh well:rainbowwild:

Edit: Looks like I did; 2338940

2339565 I would buy it for a million buts.

This is funny! Favorited in hopes of more Lyrabon.

2371505 We all do crazy things for love. :twilightsmile:

I can just hear the music now...

Lyra-lee, Lyra-bop, welcome to the Lyra Shop!

I have no idea what Recettear is, I immediately thought of Lumas.

Will I need to have played the game to understand the story? I hadn't even heard of that game until now. :twilightsheepish:

2401109 No need to play the game to understand what happens. It's not really a crossover, just heavily inspired by the game.

I found this story (And I like it very much :rainbowkiss:) and found out it was based on the game Recettear. Then I read this: http://ithinkihavethatmanga.com/forum/images/upload/Shippy.original.jpg And decided to buy the game when I get paid! :pinkiehappy:

You are a genius! Recettear is one of the best, and unfortunately little known, games out there for pure fun. Combining the game's story with MLP is just great. It's not a crossover that I ever would have thought of, but it works so well!

A Reccetear inspired story? And it has Lyra in it and Iron Will?

Yes please. Have my fav.

Seriously though, I can't see any problems with this story. Descriptions are not too complicated and give a clear image of what is happening. The characterisation is without any problems for now and it is truly an interesting concept.

If you are in Authors Helping Authors group, I will make another review their way.

What are you doing.

I hope Lyra has a stout shako...I've got my two refined right here...


You, Mr. Slorgy, are a boss.

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