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Featured on Equestria Daily
Review by Loganberry

Life is full of challenges.

Pinkie Pie knows that, and will always try to help her friends smile no matter the circumstances. But when Pinkie's newest friend Sarah, a little girl from a strange new world, is faced with more challenges than anyone so young should ever have to handle, Pinkie begins to wonder if she really can keep the smiles coming.

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Magnificent like everything else that you write. I can't help but hate and love the way that you can pull on my heartstrings and, generally, screw with my emotions.

Right from the get go, I connected with Sarah and I felt that I didn't have to question why Pinkie was in a little girl's room; its Pinkie Pie. I cared about Sarah and what happened to her. There's a certain scene in the middle that I really don't care for, but you pulled it off tastefully and was able to make up for it with a heavy hitting ending.


This...is the definition of 'magnificent'. I am not afraid to admit that I cried throughout the story.

Thank you for making me cry; that is quite rare. :pinkiesad2:

This was a truly amazing story. I cried man, I cried. I don't really know how to express why this was just so good, but it was. Bravo.

:pinkiesad2: You really are a beautiful writer, you know that? Whether through a little girl, a disgruntled Aussie, or a hardcore biker, you just make Pinkie so believable and real. Bravo, sir. Bravo!

I predict feature boxedness in your future! 25.media.tumblr.com/f6cf6332e19227e07e7645adeb1b3cb1/tumblr_mksghkBIrU1s5jwlco1_500.gif

I loved the story, but I can't help but wonder why Pinkie could only reveal herself to Sarah?

Unless she really is imaginary.

Comment posted by Bronze Gears deleted Jul 25th, 2013

Sweet Celestia the feels!

Awwww that's so sweet, but also sad. :pinkiesad2:
you really know how to get to people's happy places!
Btw. My name is Sarah too :twilightsheepish:

I have no words...

I think all I can say is that no matter how dark our lives seem, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, a little bit of laughter, a short visit and a friend can change everything. No matter how sad we are, all we need is a little something to light our way.

It's true some days are dark and lonely, and maybe you feel sad, but Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad.

WOW. That was AMAZING. And sad :fluttercry:

Fuck me that hit hard.

Well done, man, well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Told ya it was good :3

The feel train....
Has no brakes.

That was crushing :pinkiesad2:
so sad :raritycry:

Real. Imaginary. Who cares?

Something doesn't have to be real to have a very real impact on you. Thanks, Pinkie, for being this little girl's friend when she needed it most.

Oh god, I'm bawling my eyes out right now...:pinkiesad2:

This exceeded my expectations, well done.

This got labored, choppy breathing from me. That may not seem like anything, but let me give you an idea.

I used to think that my grandfather was the best person in the world. Taking everything into consideration, even over my parents, myself, I believed he was literally the best. One day, he died. I didn't cry at all until a week after his funeral, and only for a short amount of time and not too much. I never cried again after that, and was able to keep a straight face, even smile or laugh when thinking about him even only a little bit after his death. I was six at the time. Take that into consideration. Now take into consideration that this brought me halfway to crying.

TL;DR Dude, you are an awesome writer who knows how to hit people in the feels. :fluttershysad: Another great story :heart:

...I just realized how rant-y and random that sounded.

Congrats on writing the best sad story on this site.

To quote many above me here: Teh feelz.

I haz them.:ajsleepy::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::applecry:

Dammit, I knew where this was going by the third entry, and I read it anyway. And I still sit here with burning eyes.

Well done.

The story was pleasant as well as sad without being overly melodramatic.

It was kind of simplistic, with an (for me) uncomfortable lack of depth to Pinkie and Sarah's relationship. But it was a very short story.

There appear to be some formatting issues with the letter section.


5 Mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

2937403 I think the formatting for the letter is dependent upon which browser and resolution you use. It looks great for me, but I'm on a 40 inch Samsung HDTV as my screen.

DigitalChaos's icon pretty much sums up my emotions right now:fluttercry:

well done

A friend of thought and truthful rot,
A mare made by incantations.
A friend in sight the sun so bright,
Merely made by imagination.

Tears stain the page, crinkled from rage,
Are these from my eyes or hers?
Tears fall from the sky, I know not why...
This gets harder to write every verse.

A lullaby, a lonely sky, a two-winged, four-eyed butterfly...
These times of sorrow are drowned in happiness.
A missed good bye, a forever cry, an imaginary teary eye...
My stomach is full yet my heart knows only emptiness.

A father away swept, a mother eternally wept;
I can't reach beyond this gate.
Two parents who uncrossed, their daughter's life lost,
Why must this be their fate? :applecry:

Oh Jesus Christ this was depressing :ajsleepy: :fluttercry: :fluttershbad: :raritycry:

It was bloody magnificent though, if this is the level of quality I can expect then I'm going to go and read your other fics right this instant!

Have a like, fave and watcher. Sod it, have a moustache while you're at it too. :moustache: Double sod it, have two. :moustache: :moustache:

I actually expected a much darker ending having to do with both characters, but you know what? I'm happy with what you did.

It was subtle, and I enjoy subtlety very much.
Have a fave and a like, Slorg, you deserve it.

Oh my God. I just knew this would be amazing. You're a brilliant writer, and I thank you for this beautiful story.

:fluttershysad: < this is about the most emotion any story can get from me.

:fluttercry: < this is what your story got from me.

well done. :moustache:

Don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry:fluttershyouch: . Realised this is pretty much a true story :fluttercry: . I can barely imagine how this might have felt to you but got a glimpse from this story. Well done *sniff* w-well d-d-done:raritycry: .

That was the most AMAZING story I've read in my life! But it was just so sad and I couldn't help from crying from the pure sadness that this story held.:fluttercry:
Well done Slorg, Well done.

Wow, I just have to say this was the first story I have read on this site that actually made me shed a tear or two. I've read a lot of sad stories, but most just leave me feeling sad. It was beautifully written, and that letter at the ending was the perfect finishing touch. :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:.

I think the part that gets me the most is the realistic part of this. I've read a lot of sad stories, but this was one of the few that really stuck with me, and made me think about reality instead of just a fictional character being sad. It's something that we've all heard about, or in some sad cases seen personally, and so it is very easy to relate with these feelings and have an idea of what it's like to be in Pinkie's shoes at the moment.

Also after reading your blog, and reading that this is a true story it makes me just a little sadder. I'm so sorry, because this is something I truly wish no one had to go through.

When life has taken away those you love,
And you scream and shout at the skies above,
Why bother trying to cry or pout for a long while,
When your memories together are cause to smile?

I cried when a 2 day old kitten died. I cried when Dumbledore died in the book. (The movie sucked and took a feels moment and made it Meg, which is even worse than "Feh" on my "Don't-give-a-fuck-o-meter.") I cried at my best friend's dad's funeral after he was beat to death. My mother, though, when she died on April 1st in 2008, I didn't cry. I got angry, yes, because the doctor called at 10:00 am on April Fool's day to say "I'm sorry, but your mother's dead." But I never did cry. Instead, I've remembered what little of my life I had been able to share with her.

2938269 My icon sums up the entire universe.

2967118 Yeah. I can still remember a bunch of funny moments with my grandfather... like when he convinced me there was a cat in their chimney or that I had an aunt I never knew about :rainbowlaugh:

Also, did you write those lyrics? :o *starts mumbling about awesomeness*

2967340 Aye, I tend to write small snippets of poetry or prose when I feel the need/urge.

It's what my cutie mark's telling me to do.

Just sayin', MandoPony's new song goes very well with this fanfic:


The best sob-story I've ever read. 'Kinda wanted to see what Sun-Bun's reaction was, but it was still a fantastic read.

This was magnificent. I like what you did with Pinkie Pie and her relationship with Sarah, and that letter at the end was icing on the cake. Truly amazing job.

I didn't cry - I've never been brought to tears easily - but my eyes are watering and I want to go sit in a corner and take a few deep breaths to calm myself. This is the second Pinkie Pie oriented sadfic I've read today, and they were both amazing. You've earned a like and a fav from me. Take them. You deserve them. :fluttershysad:

Hello, Gut Punch. Meet the feelings. Get gut punched, feelings.

This was such a beautiful story. I'm sorry to hear it was based on something you had to go through. No one should ever have to outlive their child.

I think this story would have made her very happy. *hugs*


Beatiful story
I'm as tough as leather when it comes to crying, and this only got me to 2 out of 5, five being crying. Still, it was enjoyable to read. The suspense almost killed me towards the end. I was hoping she would just be away for a little bit, and had survived those two weeks Pinkie was away.

That ending was really sad and hit me hard. I think what made it so sad was the lack of detail in some ways. We don't know how they met, specifically why Pinkie could only see her and not her parents, or really all that much about Sarah's personality. It made it feel like there wasn't much to hold onto once Sarah was gone, which is not a criticism of the story.

3117938 Thanks for the feedback.

And those particular little bits of detail that are missing are intentional. I knew I was playing with a delicate balance between what needs to be explained and what can be left to the imagination. It looks like for most readers, I got it right enough.

Thanks again for reading. :pinkiesmile:

Daxn #48 · Aug 28th, 2013 · · 10 ·

Ok, well written und all, but...

That was just amazing. Sad. But Amazing.
My reaction was like that: :fluttercry: :fluttershysad: :raritydespair: :applecry: :pinkiesad2:

I really enjoyed this story. Pretty sad though.

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