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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


The autumn is coming, and our favorite bipedal unicorn, Lyra, is preparing for the big event of the season - the Running of the Leaves!

But how is Bon-Bon going to take it? And can Lyra's body take the bipedal cross-country race? Only one way to find out!

- - -

This whole thing was inspired by the cover image, made by thelivingmachine02 on deviantArt.

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LOL. That's all I'm gonna say, because there's nothing I can say that wasn't already said when this was on EQD.

For the record: FIRST...only because it's 1:50 AM.

read it on EQD, glad to see it here 5/5

Hahaha, a little crazy, but enjoyable. I liked it, keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! Anything about Lyra should, IMO, be at least a little strange and silly.

Man, I loved this fic.

This was really fun. Thanks for writing it! :twilightsmile:

Also, I assume you're aware of this? Because it's pretty awesome, and you definitely should be if you're not.

Edit: Never mind, it seems you are. I found you commenting on it like 14 pages in. Feel free to ignore me.

Ignore you? Never! ::flutterrage:

More seriously, I'm gobsmacked, thrilled and excited that this fic's inspired other people. It's one of the best things about this fandom: the sheer, often recursive, creativity!


I couldn't agree more! I only became a brony about two weeks ago, and I've only been slowly indoctrinating myself into this culture. I keep seeing things like this which amaze me. A background pony sitting in a strange way inspires a flood of artwork. A piece of that artworks inspires a great short story. This short story inspires a beautiful comic. It's incredible, and I can't believe it took me so long to see what all the fuss was about.

Thank you for the reply, and again, thank you for the wonderful story. :pinkiesmile:

That was great. I'm curious, where did the whole "Lyra running on her hind legs" come from? Is it because of the way she sits?


Pretty much. In a scene in Dragonshy, she was seen sitting on a bench in a very un-ponylike position. Ever since then, the fandom has taken that and expanded it into sort of a running premise that ranges from her liking to sit and stand strangely, all the way up to her obsessing with or wanting to be human. It's basically the fandom having run amok with an admittedly adorable background character.

This fic is adorable. I love how you wrote this all in a true slice-of-life context, its just brilliant. But I got to ask tho, will you be making more fics about BonBon and Lyra? The way you write it makes them look unpredictably lively!:twilightsmile:

Original idea. The story feels a bit rushed, still well written!

I remember this one from deviantart! :pinkiehappy: How's the fan comic and/or video coming? ANy more from it? :yay: This is honestly one of my favorite like... top seven or so.


Thanks! As far as I know, the artist's working, slowly, on the next section of the comic. :yay:

Count me in as another one of your fans from dA~ This was an absolute blast to read in the WTG. :pinkiehappy:

And in case people want to see the fan comic based on this story (made by DarrianMH on deviantArt), here it is!
Part One and Part Two

Utterly darling! I love the view of Lyra and bon-bon's relationship too since so many fics seem to focus on the strife and fights rather than the simple pleasure they must get from each other.

I know I'm massively late to the party, but I just want to express how much I love this story. This, to me, is the essence of the LyraBon ship. Lyra is odd (not human-obsessed, just weird), and Bon Bon doesn't quite understand her, but she offers her love and support regardless.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. Lyra and Bon-Bon are the most loveable almost-canonical couple ever!
And yeah, I don't really like the human-obsession thing, since it's such an obvious meta-element to introduce into the setting. There's plenty of room for Lyra to be exuberant and a bit weird otherwise, too. :)

Wait... Honey? Sweet...? I LOVE YOU!? o.o Oh god they're shipped? :fluttershyouch:

Love the story. :pinkiecrazy:

At this point, I'm halfway ready to defend Lyra and Bon-Bon as a canonical couple. :pinkiehappy:

Fair enough, likely as not it'll always be fanonical though.

Oh, sure, I really don't think they'll have a lesbian couple even as background characters, but with the way the animators keep putting Lyra and Bon-Bon together, the idea has taken a life of its own.

I shouldn't nit pick the obvious difference between fanon and canon but I couldn't resist. :pinkiecrazy:

Still this is actually the first time I've ever read that ship so it took me by surprise. I honestly don't know why fans are so obsessed with them myself other then I suppose the typical human obsession with romancing and the acts involved. What do I know though I keep to myself in my sanctum for decades at a time anyway.

Great story and a clever, fresh take on an old theme. Well done!

I have long been a fan of LyraBon shipping, but this fic takes the cake. Presenting Lyra's fixation on "humanized" behavior as an alternate lifestyle is a wonderful idea. Seeing Bonbon portrayed as a supportive spouse puts me in mind of many of my friends in the LGBT community who have struggled to find acceptance. Your story truly touched my heart.:heart:

I wonder what would have happened if they actually put this...

Lyra said, reaching with her forehooves to touch Lyra's hooves.

That... sounds a bit off, don't you think?

This was a cute whimsical little story that I thoroughly enjoyed!

What the buck is with all of the lesbian fanfics? Why? Am I the only one who thinks that two mares making out seems a bit wrong and even disturbing? I still like the story, but would like it more if you took out the Lesbo parts.

1713499 I think they just put them together all the time is just because the animators just thought of those two backround characters being really good friends. Not because they have a lesbo relationship.

You're not the only one, but to be completely honest, your attitude seems a bit wrong and even disturbing in this day and age.

Anyhow, with Korrasami now a canonical ship in Avatar: Legend of Korra, who knows if we'll see actual gay or lesbian ponies in the background.

5447335 It seems wrong and disturbing in this day and age? The buck is that supposed to mean?

What a difference 6 years makes.

As for the story, its good but it has that early MLP jank.

welp, and now they are married.

But no hands.

Maybe in G5

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