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Scraps #5 · 1:07pm Jun 10th, 2014

Once upon a time, I attempted to write outside my comfort zone:

Twilight wasn’t laughing. She wasn’t smiling. She didn’t look like she was even maybe-kinda-sorta thinking about smiling, and definitely not about laughing. Her pretty purple eyes were squinty and not-sparkly, and her soft, soft lips were squished into a grumpy line. No smiles there, no siree. Actually, if anything . . . Twilight looked mad. At her.

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So, I have a quick question. Do you have any intentions of continuing "Fifty Shades of Twidash," or is it dead and you just haven't gotten around to saying so? It hasn't been updated in about 2 years so I was just wondering.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of attention and care to make things shine.

Your attention to Tarnish sure made me beam the whole day.

Thank you for the favourite, and I hope I can entertain you again in the future.


Hey there! Thanks for Favouriting Terminal World! :pinkiehappy: If there's anything you'd like to point out about the story, be sure to leave me some constructive criticism, I feed on it!

Again, thank you! :scootangel:


Thank you for following Fallout Equestria: Shades of Grey!

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