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An ancient enemy has escaped their bonds and threatens to destroy the entire world in a black night of chaos and uncreation. What Equestria needs is Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony.

Unfortunately, what Equestria is getting is Princess Luna's rather dangerous-sounding 'Doom Patrol'.

Luna! Derpy! Princess Erroria! A weird-looking cyclops! They and the rest of the animation error ponies must race to save Equestria from the doom that awaits. But it's a task they can't possibly hope to achieve.

Because their enemy is... Nobody?

[NOTE: This story is very loosely inspired by Grant Morrison's 'Doom Patrol' comics from the 80s; absolutely no knowledge of it is needed to enjoy this, so don't get scared off!]

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Doom Patrol... That's the one with the Question and Blue Beetle and all the other Charlton guys, right?


No, that was... I don't think they ever had a name!

Doom Patrol was with Robot Man and Negative Man etc, though this is more an 'inspired by' than 'crosses over with', so you don't need to know anything about it.

Oh, Blueshift. Oh, Blueshift.

HOW did you...come up with this...? But it sounds so AWESOME! And this is why I'm subscribed to you. This is something I MUST read.

Slowpoke? Is that Luna in disguise?

Yay I have my very own fic :scootangel:

Can someone please explain why the alicorn filly is riding a Slowpoke? I don't get it.:fluttershyouch:

Fricking Donny :flutterrage:

“Piss off!”


Blueshift, you're being beautiful again. Stop it.

Let's fly to the castle! *FLING!*

Yes, this is awesome so far. So so awesome. :pinkiehappy:

The best part is, even if we accept your premise, Princess Erroria double shouldn't exist, she was an animation error within a dream sequence. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

No, that's the Watchmen you're thinking of. :trollestia:

Now someone needs to make a alt account on here, named Time Flies, and write really bad self insert stories with it.

Isn't The Cyclopes Pony Named Blues?????


No, Blues (or Noteworthy as Hasbro would have it) has two eyes!

2402150 Then you should probably have a look at my avatar.

2402269 That's really funny looking.

Also, I liked the fic, Blue. Good jawb. Didn't want you to think I faved just for a Pokemon.

Oh, Doom Patrol. I loved that comic. It was crazy random. Nonsensical. Turned sideways with a geranium planted in it. The Justice League dealt with alien invaders and Lex Luthor. The Doom Patrol handled transvestite Genius Loci and The Painting That Ate Paris.

And this is Rule 50 in all its glory. Against a threat too ludicrous for the Mane Six, you need an imaginary princess, an impossible-faced hatepony, a colt born from absurdity, a hero of a thousand made-up victories, and a pair of eyes just enough out of synch to see the truth. You need... the Doom Patrol. With ponies.

I am expecting some Monty-python style silliness from this story.

How did this get featured after only 79 views? Oh right, because the feature box system is broken.

Well, I'll give this a read anyway.


2401793 it was the one where beast boy made his big debut, wasnt it?

IIRC, Beast Boy joined the Doom Patrol some time after the period represented here, after the original writer left and the Patrol calmed down to somewhat more-normal levels of lunacy.

Pretty sure Slowpoke is Erroria's companion because it took 4chan a year before actually acknowledging the existence of the error alicorn and dubbing her Princess Erroria. She was pretty huge on /mlp/ for a while after that.


2402791 I meant the overall series this is pulled from. no reboots

Ugh, reboots :raritydespair:
Sorry, can't help you with that.

Being one of those who happened to be around for Erroria's "birth", Slowpoke's companionship is indeed due to the fact that unlike Derpy, it took two years to get her shaped up into the Princess of /mlp/ we know today.

Poor Luna. She could really use Banana Sundae right now, even if he's Erroria's imaginary friend.

(Hmmm....Negative Man vibes...)

...You have my attention; please continue.


Translation: this is fucking perfect

Oh. Oh, my. Oh, Blueshift. This is beautiful. Truly beautiful.

So it's a /mlp/ thing? I still don't get it, but I like the slowpoke.

Very nice beginning. Totally ridiculous but still completely serious.

I now completely want to dig up and re-read my Grant Morrison "Doom Patrol" run. Your description said you didn't have to be familiar with "Doom Patrol" to understand this story... and while that definitely seems to be true, I know I'm appreciating this on a hole extra level because I have. It feels like Morrison's "Doom Patrol" and I could easily see this being the plot-line of one of the comics.

Also, bonus points for naming the first chapter "Crawling from the Wreckage." I half-expected chapter 2 to be called "The Painting that Ate Prance" (yeah, I'll pony-size it...) :pinkiehappy:

And "Doom Patrol" references aside, the Derpy-Luna scene in the Post Office may have been one of the greatest Derpy scenes I have read yet on this site. Derpy being Derpy, and Luna getting distracted because she's no on any stamps. :derpytongue2:

Keep up the good work; looking forward to Chapter 3!

“Begone, begone, o form of pony, // And arise the princess who is no phony!”

Where are the iambs, Blueshift
where :raritydespair:



OMG, gone gone the form of man, Rise the emon Etrigan! just gonna put that in my comment. I loved it, I love everything that this is you even referenced the Suicide Squad. omg oooh I'm nerdgasming to much

2402107 I'm assuming that was a joke, since you were using the :trollestia: face, since Watchmen were alternate version of known super heros, since Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons were unable to use the actual characters.

She frowned, peering at one of the sheets of paper. It hurt to look at it. “…An’ a four-sided triangle?”

Even the laws of geometry aren't safe from the CMC. Heheheh.

Screw Slowpoke, what about Missingno?


I believe originally DC bought the rights to the characters and asked Alan Moore to write a comic about them. They then realised that Watchmen would render them all completely useless after it had been completed, so make them original instead.

This Mr. Nobody seems a lot more dangerous than the original Doom Patrol version, who could drain sanity from people but couldn't turn reality itself inside out, at least not without a little help from his friends or the occasional weird artifact. I will read on with interest to see where this goes. (BTW, I am aware of the origin of the other characters, but where does Scootaguy come from? "The many origins of Scootaloo" (which I bailed on) or something?)

2404488 Yeah, I knew it was something like that. I own the graphic novel, I've read it twice. And I saw the movie in theaters 4 times and have the final cut blu-ray.

2404504 Ah, Derpibooru, My Little Pony's theater of Dada...


Eeeyup. Since it took so long to create Erroria, according to the original thread, naturally the only way she could have gotten to /mlp/ that "fast" is on Slowpokeback. One artist seeing the post later, and...

Exquisite. I can't help but imagine Nobody as the Nightmare form of Fausticorn, though I'm sure his origin is nowhere near as intelligible... if he even has one.

In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to more. Especially whatever heroics might be performed by best pony. :derpytongue2:

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