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Hearth's Warming Eve.

For the ponies of Equestria, it is a time of giving and great joy, but for little Rose Aphid it could be the last day of her life. For you see, Rose is an outcast female changeling, and it has been a long time since she has felt love or kindness.

With time running out, her journey takes her to the most unlikely of places in search of love.

The first story in the Life of a Rose.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 109 )

Thanks to everyone who gives this a read. As always, please let me know about any grammatical issues I may have missed.


D'awwww! An adorable tale, good job! :rainbowkiss:
The ponies in this (well, at least Pony Joe) seem to hold a bit more of a grudge towards the changelings than in other stories.

:heart: So cute! I love it! :rainbowkiss:

I just don't get it. This is the second time this weak that I have found myself liking a story and not understanding why. I loved it anyway.

there is only one issue with this story. ITS OVER! WHY?? WHYYYYYYYY??

I'm going to go ahead and agree with this bloke here. There needs to be a sequel or continuation to this. The fact that it has a completely perfect record demands it.

3650097 Thank you for the kind words.

I intentionally left the ending a bit ambiguous, as I felt the story is a lot stronger if the reader him/herself gets to decide little Rose's fate.

It comes with the unintentional bonus that there easily could be a sequel, and I'm open to letting others use Rose Aphid as a character and writing about what might happen next.

very lovely, very dark actually and quite depressing right before (insert spoiler here) Thank you for writing this lovely story with a more level headed take on this particular situation.

Good luck, Rose.
Hopefully you'll never have to starve again. :fluttercry:

I could see this being made in to a full blown story with the way you've started it off. It's a shame this is just a one-shot, I can see this going from 'lone changeling starving on streets' to ending with 'lone changeling becomes queen of new hive under celestias rule', none the less, great job, you have a lot of skill and really should take this a step farther.

Oh Luna, my feels....Haven't read a touching story in a while.

That was an ice story, if you get my drift. :facehoof:

*all of my feels, all over the floor*

You took my heart and stomped on it :fluttercry:

:fluttershyouch: ... S'alright.... I wasn't saving those feels for anything... :fluttershbad:

Really good, though the ending seemed a little abrupt to me, this smells strongly of a sequel or more chapters. (like others have said) But for the amount of feels you managed to jam into 3k words I applaud you.

Sequel? :3 I love this.

This story is heart warming and show that there is always a second chance. :heart::yay:

Awwwww what a sad story :fluttershbad:

aw so sweet! Sequel please!!:heart:

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have put together a radio play reading of it on YouTube.

3675684 I love it! :twilightsmile:

Very fantastic job. I'm humbled to hear such a nice reading of something I've written. Thank you for putting it together, and have a great Christmas!

3675684 Well done Miss Scribbler, well done :twilightsmile:

I loved this story. Short and sweet too. Everything played out very nicely and I loved the open-ended...uh...ending.
I do have one qualm though, regrettably. It's often interpreted that the changelings are a hive mind, and that when one queen dies, her status is simply given to another worthy female of the hive. Makes it hard for me to believe that all the females would be cast out in this case. But I've come to the conclusion that somehow in someway Rose herself wasn't fit to serve as queen for some reason.
Eh, just thinking out loud. Thanks for the great read! 8/10 only because it was shorter than I'd have liked it to be.

3688165 Thanks for the feedback!

If I may retort, that interpretation is established by the fandom. Now, if we as writers were to simply take that as 'law,' we wouldn't be very good writers, would we?

That's not to say that stories with those elements are automatically bad. I just prefer to explore new ideas rather than to rehash the same, tired formulas over and over. Vinyl x Octavia shipping? Old, boring. Lyra loves humans? I'm sure there's more to her than that. And so on...

Again, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed my take on them.:raritywink:

A pleasant little Hearth's Warming story. A different take on the changelings, but that's not a bad thing.

this brought on the tears...... well done!

A heartmoving story, please do more with rose.

3675684 This video is how I found this... I so hope that you make more with this changling! I want to see more of her... I want to see what happens next! I want to see where she goes from here? Perhaps she finds a way to live and move forwards. Finding a home where she can stay. Or even meeting up with Pony Joe again? It would be amazing and cool and I would love to read it if you make more to this story!:pinkiehappy:

Whew. Thank goodness it wasn't like The Little Match Girl.

And the bartender came out from behind the bar
and in all of his life, was never that far
and He did something else that he thought no one saw
and took all the cash from the register drawer...

Love that song, great job ponifying it :) I like how you used some of the lyrics here and there, figured it out halfway through ^_^

Love "I'll be home for Christmas" too :)

3865795 You win the entire internet for the day for getting the reference. :raritywink:

3865863 The whole day? All 3 hours left of it? SWEET! :raritydespair:

Yes, that was the right eponycon. :raritywink:

I loved that TSO album :D

Hmm. Joe's action is already a bit questionable, but I do wonder why two guards don't do anything more then urge a lone small filly who (assumedly) is obviously struggling with exhaustion through the gate they are guarding. Shouldn't they at least ask where her parents are?

3866177 They probably should have, but they let slide. :duck:

Perhaps someone can write a story concerning whether those guards come to regret their oversight, or if perhaps it leads to something much bigger in their lives.

Does this mean that Rose no longer remembers anything about her father or what he did for her? Or that she might not remember him at all? That sounds really grim.

3867599 Pretty sad, but if there are any memories of him that are left, they are not kind or loving ones.

But then, wouldn't she have no idea how she got out of the hive, or some similar giant gap in her memory?

3867676 Yes.

This is touched on when she decides she has no fond memories of home.

I was scrolling through EQD and found this story. I didn't even take notice of the author until I clicked the link and found out that Slorg wrote it :rainbowderp:

I had been saving it until now to read it and I just got a few things to say about this story:

One: It was glorious. :raritystarry:
Two: The plot continued on without stopping, which was great. I haven't read thoroughly through it because it's like 12:40 AM over here/
And Three: IT'S OVER? WHY? WHY?! :raritydespair:

Anyway, great story, Slorg :twilightsmile:


If someone writes a sequel to this I want to know about it.


also, was i the only one who wanted Donut Joe to adopt her as the ultimate way to show that Equestrians aren't evil in Rose's eyes?

This is a good start to a great story. Too bad it seems to be a one-shot. Not enough room for a real emotional connection with the protagonist as it stands, though you fit in about as much character as you could in such a small space.

When she said she couldn't remember anything good about her home anyway I kept thinking, Why doesn't she realize that she probably consumed the memories for energy? It should be pretty easy to figure out that she did that.

that was amazingly sweet
i loved it :pinkiesmile:

This was heartwarming and depressing at the same time.
It feels more like an introduction than a one-shot.

Wait, did the pony who help her was Joe? It said earth pony as he walked away but Joe was mentioned as a unicorn. Did I miss something?

3873495 Probably a derp on my part. I'll fix it up once I arrive at PonyCon.

Wow, Joe is an ass! Changeling foal dying in the ally? Give her a sack of bits! Because we all know that bits are totally what changelings eat, not emotions... or maybe she is going to buy some emotions over and "Feels & Futons", the store that Davenport(the guy who runs Quills & Sofas) 's brother runs!:ajbemused:

I'm sorry(not really) but I can't see that as anything other than cruel(, expensive,) mockery.

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