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Hey, look at me! I'm a Guide!

Now that we've got your attention, allow me to congratulate you for finding our little corner of the site.

This is here to clear up any misunderstanding on what color is who. So in short:

Not So New Brony aka Nony

KrissCHu573 aka Kriss

Rametep aka Rame

Gapeagle aka Gap

As for who does what...

Gap is High Overseer of Product Control, basically he's the proofreader and quality control.

Kriss is Loremaster, Chief Grammar Editor, Co-Writer so he's the one that makes sure that any Starcraft Lore we use in the story stays canon and he checks for grammatical errors.

Nony is Master Constructor, PR Coordinator, Co-Writer so he puts together the drafts he or Kriss writes together and makes sure the writing styles don't clash too much and for some reason has been designated PR Coordinator.

Rame is the Union's resident Art Guru and Craziness Warden, this means that he's the source of many of the art done for the story and its side stories so check them along with other stuff here. Oh and he's basically the guy that makes sure that the writers don't get too silly with their ideas.


New Addition · 6:42pm May 27th, 2014

Greetings our beloved readers and random passerby's. We all hope that you have been enjoying the chapters we have created, and, hopefully, you will like what there is to come. :pinkiesmile:

However, that is a topic for another time. We're here with a different announcement.

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1420416 I'm glad to hear that you loved the story Unholy had created as much as we did. I do hope that you'll tell us what you think of where my fellow collaborators are taking Unholy's story, we'd appreciate it

p.s: Apologies for the late response, we don't really check up on this account very often.

:pinkiegasp: Am I dreaming?

The Kropulu sectior has been revived! :D :D I was so engrossed in this one!

Thank You guys, this is one of my all-time favorites on here and I was devastated when I heard about Unholy :fluttercry: :(

I didn't know unholy that well, but considering the effort he put into this, I'm sure he would have wanted someone to carry on this work for him.

Thank you very much for this! :)

1298294 Thank you for your words, Unholy would have been happy to hear that. And you are right, completing this story will take a lot of effort on our part but we do it because we owe it to him to do so.

I was genuinely upset when I saw Unholy's final message, and I was sad to see this fic go when there were plot threads everywhere.
The revival of this story was the biggest surprise I'll probably have this year.
I imagine that completing this story will be a most daunting task, and if I recall, Unholy had a lot more related stories in his head.
This story is definitely an underrated one, and I hope that the new team can match the quality of the original author.

1139667 I know what you mean good sir, but have hope. I haven't personally read WoT, but a friend of mine has and at least to him the change in writing was an improvement. I am sure that that will not be the case here, since we are no match for Unholy, but we are doing our best to stay as close to his writing style as possible.

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