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:moustache: Welcome to Logic Prevails, a place that desperately tries to achieve what its title suggests. :moustache:

:trollestia: Of course, this shall not always be the case, but by golly, we can try!

This is a debate group ranging from all topics imaginable. If it's nerdy, we'll go way too deep into it. If it's a social issue, you can bet there will be intense debates (and hopefully a massive lack of ad hominems). If it's a silly topic, you can bet we'll discuss it with laughs and dorky snorting.

So what stories are allowed here? Well, that's a great question! The story aspect of this group is to have stories with characters learning valuable lessons in logic or reasoning. To make it more understandable, it's whatever you would think Twilight would drool over. It's.....so.....logical....I....just...can't....contain....myself.....mhhhmmmmm... :twilightblush:

HOWEVER beware of the discussions that can arise. This is NOT A SAFE SPACE. You will be challenged for any views you uphold and you will most likely be put in positions that you have to be on the defense. If you are easily offended or struggle to keep emotions out of your arguments, this group is more than likely to not suit your needs. People can say what they want ONLY if it can be backed up by reason and LOGIC. If you throw out random opinions or insult people for their views without evidence, then you are most likely to be banned. This group is not here to have people yell "bigots" or "libtards" at each other.

Of course, there will be exceptions as some people are really stupid. If you have a real attitude of being a real bigot (as in having extreme bias in one view and will refuse to accept or even comprehend other views or blanketing a group of people as "evil" without real or coherent thinking) then you will get the insults you deserve. This isn't a place for trolls or radicals.

Now go out there and challenge the world! Always think that you COULD be wrong, so that you make sure with utmost care that LOGIC PREVAILS TONIGHT! :twilightsmile:

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What a tiny little group. Ordinarily I pass groups this small right on by, but I like what this one's trying to do (even if it may be dead). I'm gonna pop one of my stories in here that I think you people will enjoy.:twilightsmile:


Because the most authors are to lazy to fix every logical mistake they made or they want to finish theire storys in a time limit that dosnĀ“t allow to take care of all of them.


Why so? As long as the inner logic is correct , it is fine.

411739 Because horses talking logically is illogical in itself? :rainbowhuh:

We really need more stories. Why is it so hard to find logical stories about talking horses?

411701 :yay: Finally I earn recognition for my talent :yay:

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