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Part of the reason behind making this group is to be a collective of Kid-Friendly stories, but also, sometimes, kids seem to be better judges of what makes a good story and doesn't than some Bronies, to be very honest.

The Folder System is actually simple: If a story fits more than one genre, then put it in in more than one folder, and "main" is everything goes, so I suppose I could just get rid of it.

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(Alpha has been demoted due to retiring from the site. Miss ya, bud)

...well s***, the banner is gone. Looks like I gotta relocate it (ffs...)

What are the tags? Also, when in doubt, put it in main.

My story Minty's Misadventures in Ponyville is Kid-Friendly!

Where should I add it?:scootangel:

I think I will, especially if this place continues to grow! :pinkiehappy:


I tried, and it worked. Okay! (You could also make those members admins if you want to...)

A Contributor, I think, which you are; why don't you try and see? I also made some of the first and founding members contributors as well, this group is growing fast!


Thanks! Do you have to be a contributor or admin to use it?



I need you to make the folder for me.

Absolutely! There you go! You're a contributor now!

Very good! Welcome to these forums!

I am a kid, so I know what kids like. I could take a look, and if you make me a contributor, I could do a "kids recommend" folder.

I've submitted a story to the Main folder, and I'd like some input as to whether it belongs. I fear my writing might be at the young adult level, but nothing in the whole world would make me happier than hearing that of a brony parent reading my stuff to their kids.

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