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Since The Friendship Games, Sunset and Twilight now have something in common: Magical transformations, an experience unlike any other that they both endured. Twilight now feels inclined to share her feelings about the matter. Though the circumstances were different and their reasons even more so, they can agree on one thing....

Featured 9/27/15

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Wonderful little story! You get an upvote!

Makes me wonder how Pony Twilight really feels about her power, unlike Sunset and Human Twi she has same level of power they got short term ALL THE TIME and has had Quadruple the amount. We've seen her little slip ups but how does she deal with being so powerful all the time? What keeps her restrained, and if Human Twilight sought her opinion on what happened, what would it be?

Yeah, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I probably wouldn't take it very well either. Wonderfully heartwarming, have my upvote!

6468998 maybe it was a type of restraint Celestia failed to teach Sunset properly. Maybe a tale for another time.

We need an aftermath.

Nice! It felt a bit unpolished, but the story was very good. I could definitely imagine this scene in my head and both girls were very in character. And I like the reference to the futility of Sunset's original plan. Great story overall.

6469127 I will admit, I wrote it all in a couple of hours, so that is probably showing. I'm not the best, but I'm always improving.

Even thought I haven't seen the movie, it was a great story to read.

6469157 I really enjoyed this i'm also working on a similiar story except with pony twilight kind of like extended version of the movie:pinkiehappy:

A very thoughtful epilogue. Of course, the scars, and the temptations, will remain forever. Once you have started down the dark path, even if you turn back, the things done, the things thought and the things felt will always influence you and dominated your destiny.

Your past is not today.

I see what you did there. :raritywink:

I don't like to nitpick but why can Spike still talk? He lost that ability once Twilight turned back to normal

I like to think that the body becomes accustomed to it. It should only feel odd if it's different, so it's not too different for Twilight. And we have stories that ponder how Twilight might have dealt with containing multiple alicorn magicks.

6469685 No, Spike was still talking after Twilight returned to normal. Remember the following bits:

Sugarcoat: At least they didn't manipulate Twilight into releasing all the stolen magic and turning into a power-crazed magical creature that tried to rip the world apart just to win a game.
Pinkie Pie: Wow! That's a lot to take in when you say it all at once.
Principal Cinch: That's ridiculous!
Spike: Nope, that's pretty much what happened.

Dean Cadance: And don't forget to tell them about the talking dog. [giggles]
Spike: Because that would never ruin your reputation.

This was a really nice written epilogue. Good job :twilightsmile:

6469764 funny thing, that was actually going to be in the author's note, but I decided it would be better if Twilight said it instead of me.

This feels like a nice addition to the movie's ending. It's all very natural, like it's the obvious end-point for both their character arcs.

It feels like an actual episode, with the Aesop and everything.

Well done!

6469928 Thanks guys, appreciate it.

"Heck no." Sunset said simply. "You would have been kicked into Tartarus before you could finish a geometry problem. The Princesses would have defeated you so fast. Just be glad I got to you first."

I don't believe that. Not that she wouldn't be defeated. But I think you overestimate the Princesses powers.

Is there a second movie with those humanized ponies? One with as native human twilight?

6470076 I believe this is from the third one, called "The Friendship Games"..

6469934 you can say that again.

Nice job for an epilogue. Good job! Thumbs up for you!

Couldn't have made a better fic myself. This was truly believable. When anyone be they good or bad gains such great power, it must feel so fantastic to feel like they can do anything they canted to and nobody could stop them if they tried. But if one use it improperly and end up losing that power, it'll be a heavy burden to live all the bad stuff they did (or the good they could have done but didn't). Lucky for Sunset and Twilight, they have their friends who make the burden easier to carry.

Personally, Midnight Sparkle is my favorite MLP villain. She's just so interesting. It's like they took the script for the first movie's climax and turned it upside down. I'd be surprised if SciTwi wasn't an ensemble darkhorse anymore after that.

6470108 Okay.

It feels like an actual episode, with the Aesop and everything.

Well done!

Georg #28 · Sep 28th, 2015 · · 2 ·

"Is that all?" asked Spike.

"Of course not," replied Twilight, rubbing her hands together. "I learned that when I regain my powers, I'll have to strike first at Sunset Shimmer and her friends. Only then will I be ready to start down my path to ultimate power. Right, Spike? Spike?"

The dog was nowhere to be seen, but he could be heard while running as fast as his four legs would carry him. "Principal Celestia! Twilight's going crazy again! Help! Help!"

"I was kidding, Spike!" she shouted as she ran off in pursuit. "Kidding! It was a joke! Come back here, you mutt!"

Well it's clear how the magic effects Twilight is different as an alicorn, I mean it literally made her explode in unicorn form. I'm sure her perspective is different as she was irreversibly changed, but just having power changes how you think and feel even if Twilight doesn't have to deal with her brain going haywire from more magic than it can take. Still I would like to see the Two Twilight's interact, find how they are the same and how they are different.

6470075 who knows? Midnight Sparkle may not have been that powerful to begin with. For all we know, she could be less powerful than Sombra who was rid with quickly by the sisters.

Besides, Sunset was just joking.

6470323 I guess I just don't like it when people make the Princesses look awesome when they are not. What I mean is that the magic of enjoying someone's character is overcoming their weaknesses. There's no fun in displaying someone as strong as a super saiyan just punch down normal people.

6470323 Not to mention there's four of them to the two that took Sombra.

6470075 Don't forget that one of the princesses is the other Twilight Sparkle.

6470467 Which is a reason why people shouldn't assume alicorns are gods.

Good followup on the movie.

"Heck no." Sunset said simply. "You would have been kicked into Tartarus before you could finish a geometry problem. The Princesses would have defeated you so fast. Just be glad I got to you first."

Heh, nice.

6470481 In my headcanon, they are more or less demigods, at least the main four are. The OG Alicorns were angel like beings that were in service to The Maker.

6470699 Orginal Gangster, but basically, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Cadence, are more or less demigods, yet not infalliable

6470706 Alright, still, they aren't gods, just very powerful, and immortal

Not bad. I like the moral of the story; it's a good one to live by indeed, and it's said by the best person to say it.

It's very rare that I see a story where Sunset Shimmer is the one giving advice. Usually, she's the one with the insecurities. It makes for a nice change of pace, honestly. And that aspect alone adds another layer to this tale.

In the grand scheme of things, there is no distinction between students and teachers. We all have much to learn, but we also have a lot we can teach others. Sunset may still be a friendship student, but that doesn't mean she can't be the word of wisdom every once in a while. I'd really like to see more of that. :scootangel:


Oh, and the rest of the story was good, too. :twilightblush:

6471485 Thanks mate, appreciate it.

At first I really didn't like that Sunset was so laid back like " dude transforming into a raging monster is awesome don't sweat it" but in the end you managed to make a good conclusiĆ³n out of it and despite all is nice to see Sunset come full circle instead of beeing still in her luna phase of " I make a horrible mistake so I must punish miself and be miserable to atone for it" :twilightsmile:

Now write one with a mature rating >:^)

6472345 I'm not that kind of guy.

Havent seen the movie yet...(im kinda figuring whats going on though)

Looks like we got another Raging Demon turned good :raritywink:
Maybe thats what happen to humans when they come in contact with magic? (this is now my headcannon LOL)

Anywho on to your story!
I felt you nailed Twily and Sunny's personalities here. Sunny gets to pass on her knowledge, how sweet. I haven't felt this proud since...well since pony Twily reverted Sunny :)

I do thing the "Raging SheDemon" version of Sunny and Twily would but up a good fight for the equestrians...and normal Earth too.


Power-wise, I think Twilight's ascension didn't affect her mentally all that much. Prior to her ascension, she was already the most powerful non-alicorn/Discord spell caster in Equestria (and has been for most of her adult life. Depending on where you put Cadance power-wise, Twilight was at one point the second/third most powerful pony in Equestria prior to Luna's return). Her ascension didn't change that dynamic much; she's still more powerful than any mortal pony but is closer in power to the other alicorns and Discord is still more powerful. The most significant change would be the addition of wings and learning how to fly.

I'd say Twilight's biggest hangup is in her relationship with Celestia; she's gone from being her student to being her social equal. Unless your head canon states that Twilight's from a noble family, that's something she just has no experience with.

TL DR: Being magically more powerful than all but a small handful of beings is something Twilight's used to. Being of equal social standing to her lifelong mentor, not so much.

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