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What to say, what to say? Well I live in Utah, and I like Ponies, and Doctor Who, and Doctor Who combined with Ponies.


Dragons. Big. Selfish. Treasure mongers. No other creature in Equestria is as selfish as they. The spend their entire centuries long lives building and hoarding huge stockpiles of treasures, which they guard fiercely and frighteningly. Many are the treasure hunters who've attempted to cash in on the goldmine that is a dragons hoard. They almost always regret it.

One dragon is actually really strange about it, however. Oh, he has a hoard, which he guards just as fiercely as any other. But! But, he actually has the capacity to trust certain ponies and other creatures enough to let them gaze upon his most precious of treasures. This isn't the most surprising thing, however, despite its seeming impossibility. No. The most surprising thing is just what treasures his hoard contains...

Cover image by Wildheart Wolfsong, used in a dramatic reading by Dr. Wolf.

Can now be read in Spanish here. thanks to Spaniard Kiwi.

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That was pretty good. Short, but a nice message.

I liked it. It felt a little sad and I kinda wonder about the choice to make Twilight either not a princess or not immortal, but otherwise it felt a lot more feel-good than most of the immortal curse stories... kinda like how The Doctor has outlived so many of his companions but keeps on keeping on :trixieshiftright::pinkiesmile:.

You're missing the "stop" and "end" in the last paragraph.:raritywink:

I like this story. Liked and Fav'ed.

Would have liked more everything. But as a one shot very nice! I'm glad the fandom seems to be slowly moving away from the "imortals curse" trope.

Very sweet, fav'd!

Well, I would like to read a full story, even if I have no Idea what it would look like. But nice Fic anyway!

Greetings from Germany, 3ee

Don't even have to read the story to know the treasure is porn. Lots and lots of porn.

But I'll read it later, anyway.

I like it. :twilightsmile:

Just a couple of small tics:

The very first party canon. A number of old birdhouses. The fire ruby I mentioned earlier. The oldest, plainest stetson you've ever seen. An old Wonderbolts uniform. A large bookshelf, full of books reprinted to dragon size--a gift from Celestia and Luna a very long time ago.

"Cannon", as in artillery, is spelled with two "n"s, so that should be "party cannon". ("Canon", with one N, is a group of writings; a "party canon" would be Pinkie Pie's rulebook on how to throw a party. :pinkiehappy:)

"Stetson" is a brand name, like Xerox or Coke, so it should be spelled with a capital-S.

And just as a tip: If you want to insert an en-dash (–) or an em-dash (—), hold down the ALT key and hit 0150 (for –) or 0151 (for —) on the numeric keypad. Just one of those neat little "undocumented feature" tricks. :twistnerd:

This was wonderful :pinkiehappy: It really felt like trip down memory lane, and on a much more personal note it reminded me at the flat of my grandparents, at their cupboard of souvenirs and those souvenirs on the wall. Now I feel warm and happy inside.

So much feels at the end that I cried.....good job. Liked and faved.

i like it, it doesn't have a tear jerking ending

A Spike that isn't wallowing in depression about still being alive while everyone else has passed away. I like it, but still makes me sad :applecry:

Masterfully crafted.

I know this is a one-shot, but here is a sequel is consider...

A new dragon comes into the area. He hears about the local dragon and decides to raid Ponyville instead. After all, what dragon would care about a bunch of stupid ponies?

It's then that Spike finds out what his real treasure is, and the newcomer finds out he could not have made a worse mistake...

this is the perfect amount of feels

This song immediately came to mind after reading it:

3603795 God, that song always make's me cry. :pinkiesad2:

Short but sweet with a lot of passion written in it.
Very nicely done as how Spike continues to remember everyone who he cared about.

I don't know about anyone else, but the plain stetson part made me cry like a little bitch for some reason.:applecry:


Excellent story. Nice use of present tense and first person, a hard thing to pull off, for me at least. I look forward to more of your work. Thanks for sharing with us! :pinkiehappy:

good job on not getting a single dislike. The story was great.

You just had to jinx it, didn't you?:facehoof:

Eh, it was bound to happen eventually. The 149 likes that came before it mean a lot more to me anyways.

I could never reach that high. I usually get a dislike after 30.

Wow, instant Fave. I'll be following this one.

*Alternate Comment* If stories were drugs and I was a junkie, here's what would go down: I turn the bag over in my hands as I examine it and its contents before breaking the seal. There are no tears or damage to the outside. The heat seals along the edges are firm, straight, and a slight squeeze confirms that they are free of leaks. The label is tasteful and pleasing to the eye, not gaudy or plain. There is no apparent moisture inside. The contents are not discolored beyond tolerances, nor do they show signs of excessive age. I break the seal with a pair of scissors open the bag and take a whiff, not overly pungent or weakly scented. I proceed to break a small piece apart in my hands noting the color inside, the texture, consistency, and density; all of which are above acceptable. I pack my pipe with care and strike a large match, letting it burn for a few seconds to get rid of most of the sulfur. I light the bowl with a circular motion, match held perpendicular to the bowl, as I take a drag I note the subtle flavors and consistency of the smoke. Then I inhale and hold the smoke in my lungs, when I let the smoke out I say in a slightly strained, exaggerated voice, " Dat's some good shit ri' dere! Whoo!":ajsmug::eeyup::pinkiehappy:

The writing style is a little helterskelter compared to what I'm used to, but it's super sweet and fun. Well done!

I'm not entirely sure if I should congratulate you on your imaginative and vivid imagery, or be slightly concerned due to the same...

You've made an impact in any event. :twilightsmile:

A little short, and the language and pacing seemed a little janky, but there's a core of a really cool story here. I love eet.

This is one wonderful story, Thank you. :twilightsmile:

You ever read the fanfic where Rarity, beginning to show signs of old age, has herself secretly petrified (unknown to all but Spike), and is a museum piece for years until she becomes part of Spike's horde. She's de-petrified (with only hours to live due to her life force being stretched so thin) by Celestia, when Spike is (eons later) is dying of old age so they can pass on together.

I have. It... frankly kinda freaked me out.

I love this story, absolutely wonderful.

I have always liked the idea of Spike being able to grow into a decent dragon, rather than rampaging monster, through a better selection of his horde.

Very touching! Short, but still as sweet.

I was almost expecting Spike to HAVE the Mane 6 as the most prized possessions in his hoard... :pinkiesmile:

Nice story!

You are completely right with your author's note. Yes, immortals will lose their loved ones. But so, inevitably, do us mortals... and yet we survive, and continue, and carry on with our lives. So would they.

I read this while listening to Bink's Sake.
It suited the soft bittersweet-ness beautifully.
I think you get a favourite.

A bit too much hinted at rather then showed for my taste, but a sweet little fic.

i almost cried......scratch that, tear fell just now, i cried :fluttercry:

Been done many times before but when it's done well like here, it's worth reading again.

A loving glimpse is how I'd describe it.

What story was this?

3603795 Damn, why did you remind me of this :raritydespair:

I am both super happy and super sad at the emotional roller coaster this short fic gave.

Superb work. :D

It's sorta sad, It's sweet, and I'm glad it's complete. Great Job. :pinkiehappy:


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