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Spike the Dragon has been the librarian at Ponyville's Golden Oaks Public Library ever since...
For a long time.
Today, an old friend comes to wish him a happy 100th birthday, but then a letter arrives, which leads to more letters, left to him from his youth and adolescence.

A bittersweet tale of Spike coming to terms with his place in the world through looking back at how he grew up.

(Rated Teen for heavy themes. No Sex or Gore)

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Damnit, eyes watering, lump in my throat and finding hard to speak. Well done. It is truely a emotional story. Keep up the good work.

Oh god the feels. Poor Spike.
The curse of immortality; you defy death, death defies you.

How is it that even when I know what I'm getting into with these sorts of stories, the 'feels' manage to blindside me every time?

This was great. :twilightsmile:

Right in the feels! :raritydespair:

I can never get enough of these kind of stories, good stuff!

Great story. Excellent! :pinkiehappy:

There is no escape from the feels. I mean damn that just.... Right into them man.. How can people write this I would short out the keyboard before getting halfway done.:fluttercry:

I write with my keyboard at least one foot forward from under my eyes at all times.
Laying in bed with head on pillow, sniffling into the fabric while barely looking at my laptop screen to make sure my typing is remaining in the home row.

Good show, sir. Good show.

I love the Gamesphere! Too bad I had to sell mine after I gave all my money away to charity :pinkiehappy:

If you get this reference, I will find you and give you a cookie.

:raritydespair: Why do I keep reading these sad stories :raritycry:
It just makes me sad.... :fluttercry:
And Spike will have to deal with the passing of Pinkie Pie soon now :fluttershysad:

Captain's log
stardate 11/30/12
must escape from swarm of feels
lose feels by going through asteroid field
1713802 must force Regidar to
watch all of the episodes of
Honey Boo Boo
because in space
no one can hear you scream :pinkiecrazy:

Beautiful. I'm glad you decided to finish on a happy note.

I imagine Pinkie Pie will be one of those ponies that holds on for a long time, like Granny Smith did.
She'll get to give Spike plenty more birthday hugs before she has to report to Twilight.

Beautifully written.

1715104 Gotta love Drake and Josh

1715317 Nope. Nice try, you get a mustache :moustache:

Too much :fluttercry: for one story.

I sense movie plots about to be used!

Imma liking this already!

So many tears!:raritycry:

You took all my feels:raritydespair:

I'm pissed.
I'm feeling something..
I really don't like this feeling....
Why won't it go away?

Holy cow... I haven't cried at a story since reading the first "Statistics". Immensely long life is truly accursed...

“Just… Try not to worry about me? I’m a big guy now.”

“Tell me about it.” Twilight rolled her eyes.

“Well, this morning I found etch-marks in the wood at the head and foot of my bed from my footclaws and headspikes, I have to duck my head going through every doorway…” Spike started to count off on fingers.

Twilight pushed him again. “Figure of speech.”

“Gosh.” Spike said melodramatically, hiding a smirk.

I remember seeing this same scenario played out by my 2 little brothers...

“Pillow submarine? Isn’t that from someone else’s story?” Pinkie mused a bit.

4th wall break much?

startin to get the tears welling up lol

I'm at a loss for words now...

This is one of those stories that makes you think about life and the people in it. How much do they mean to you? How far will you go to be there for them? How will you go on if they pass on before you? Can you go on if you continue living long after they pass on? What about all those around them who were just as close?

Seriously deep stuff here. Now I gotta go sit on the edge of my bed deep in thought about all the little things in life...

Hmmm... a very ironic ending to the chapter is all I can say.

Technically it's 6 bite sized text blocks.

Complete with indented paragraphs. Standard formatting is double spaced, too.

You know, it's funny how it's always the short stories that get you right in the feels. This and Statistics are the only two stories in the fandom that actually made me well up. Only one story has actually made me cry. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10883/A-Rose-Reverie

Oh, also, great job here, author. :twilightsmile:

I really don't like the appearance off all this tech.... and how we don't find out what Spike remembered...

In the show canon there are parade floats with controls analog to modern automobiles, and video game machines at arcades.
The main action of this chapter is around ten years after the show canon. Technology will progress.

Technology will progress yes, but there no reason to believe it will develop at the rate you have shown. Nor in the areas that it has progressed. Arcades and floats are social things, so they make sense. But motobikes... and personal video games? Considering how social ponies are irl and in the show. I don't see them being developed for long, or being all that popular.

So... who is who? :rainbowhuh:

Did NOT manage to figure out the names and the connections of all the ponies. Well too vague.

Then there was the entire 'feels' that everyone is clamoring about...

Bull. Shit.

This chapter stimulated as much emotion as watching paint dry!

For a story like this to be feautered... urg... its sickening. Such a great concept, such a solid idea... utterly destroyed by its horrible, horrible writing. Why can't people see that?!

... Sorry to hate a bit instead of criticize, but honestly... its so dull I find it hard to criticize on anything

But... Twilight is going to become an alicorn! She can't die!

And Sweetie Bot is a cyborg! She can't die!

And the rest of the Mane 6 are Bearers! Which means they get.. powers... and stuff! That makes them live... for almost forever! So they can't die!

(curls into a corner muttering and rocking on the floor) No dead ponies... no dead ponies... no dead ponies... :fluttershyouch:

1715726 The feeling is boring its way into your brain! It wants to take over like those brain worm things from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan!


You're free to your opinion.

Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Cake after her marriage to a member of the Pie family: Mud Pie.
Blackberry and Raspberry Pie: Twin children of Mud and Pumpkin. In Ponyville they're known as the Razzleberry Twins.
Lancer: Son of Rarity and an unspecified stallion.
Sparkler: Daughter of Lancer, named for a G1 Pony
Firefly: Daughter of Scootaloo, named for a G1 Pony
Gravenstein: Son of Big Macintosh, named for Gravenstein apples.
Nurse Kindheart: Daughter of Fluttershy.
Posey: Nurse Kindheart's daughter, named for a G1 Pony
Butterscotch: Son of Fluttershy, named for fandom r63 version of Fluttershy.

Any Questions?

Would of been nice to see this in the story itself so there is no confusion to take away from the emotion.

And a space between each paragraph, its a small thing but makes it a lot easier to read.

The identity of the ponies at the party are able to be inferred from the text if you don't find the story so boring you can't be bothered to pay attention.

You are the only one to complain about the formatting. Perhaps it is you who has the problem.

... I payed attention. When I read something, I pay attention to what I'm reading, even if it fails to engage my interest. The identity of most if not all of the ponies can be figured out, but their names very hard to figure out unless simply said so. Which several of them weren't. If someone offer's criticizem, don't insult them and tell them they are wrong.

I doubt it. Have a space/line between each paragraph is standard formatting online, and pretty standard elsewhere too. It takes almost no time to do, and it makes stories a lot easier to read. Also, you might notice that the greatest FiMfiction - My Little Dashie, Fallout: Equestira, Past Sins, hell, even Cupcakes all have that format. I mean, sure its a really simple thing. But I think its says a great deal about the format, don't you?

Oh and another word of advice. Try to SHOW what your trying to get across instead of simply TELLING us what your trying to get across. Show, not tell. Not all the time mind you, but needs to be done a lot more.

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