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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Collab with yodajax10 who suggested the idea. Cover art comissioned by yodajax10 and used with permission. Takes place after "Inspiration Manifestation".)

After Princess Luna and Princess Cadence help Twilight clean up Ponyville from excessive dark magic, the both of them start to consider just how much Spike means to them.

When both princesses come to see themselves as aunts for Spike, they find themselves competing against each other for the little dragon's favor. To that end, they both plan a party for Spike and that includes getting Pinkie Pie involved.

Meanwhile, Spike has no clue what the princesses are getting up to, or why Pinkie Pie seems to be acting even crazier than usual. Will the stress of planing competing parties be too much for Pinkie and cause her to spill the beans? Or will Luna and Cadence be able to put aside their differences before then?

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"I want to do for Spike what I couldn't do for you as a filly," Luna explained. "Celestia told me how every night for the first several weeks, you cried yourself to sleep because of how much you missed your foster parents. And you also had a lot of nightmares about the witch that took them from you. I couldn't be there for you to chase away those nightmares, and my sister had long since given up her ability to enter the dream realm. I wanted to make sure history wouldn't repeat itself with Spike."

I'm assuming you're talking about Prismia from the Crystal Heart Spell right? Something I couldn't figure out here. Are Cadance's foster parents dead, or is it that she hasn't seen them in a long time?

Love the story.

8752826 It's never made clear one way or the other, but I assume they're dead.

And how does Rarity feel about this?

8753058 Why do you bring her up? It's obvious she cares about Spike, but I don't think that automatically makes her an aunt. If anything I'd say that makes her a surrogate mother figure.

I do like having Pinkie as the protagonist of this story. It works very well.

Next : Who’s the best mother ever, Twilight (for Spike) or Cadance (for Flurry Heart)?


Spike should have a holiday named after him: Every Day is Spike Day!

Soooo, why candance and Luna?

Good story. And rare. Very few stories as far as i know of Spike spending time with either surrogate Aunt.
Personally I've always more liked the idea of Twilight as Spike's mom. But that's mainly because there is more to support it, especially if you consider the comic canon. With the whole Celestia is Spike's mom the basis for is 1 tweet from Lauren Faust.
But it is still very nice to see a story that decides to just say they are both his mom.

Quite honestly, I don't think Twilight would win that, considering every gift he ever got from her until his birthday at Ponyville was something he clearly did not appreciate, and she seemingly never realized it until he said it outright. She's got a very bad habit of ignoring his feelings in favour of what she's doing.

Comedy + Heartwarming + Spike/Princesses Story?!?! Heck Yeah!!

8754705 It was a suggestion from yodajax, particularly how he thought Luna and Cadence might be seen to Spike and how they might interact.

Don't forget celestia

I'm more interested in Twilight and Cadance about being mother.

Whenever I read stories like these, sometimes I wish I was there with Spike to help keep company & to keep the peace between the princesses when it comes to showing him love & affection to prevent stress, drama, & family competition. If I can prove & succeed in doing so, they might even be up to the idea of me joining their family.

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