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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Salem Saberhagen comes from the television series "Sabrina The Teenage Witch". Featured from 11/02/21 to 11/03/21.)

Fluttershy is no stranger to making friends with animals, and is no stranger to some of those animals being weird and unique in their own way. But she's never encountered an animal like this before.

The pegasus finds what appears to be a stray black cat one day and takes him in out of the kindness of her own heart. But this black cat can talk and has his own name: Salem Saberhagen.

When the initial shock of a talking cat wears off, Fluttershy becomes interested in Salem as she seeks to understand what makes the black cat who he is. As for Salem, he mostly cares about having something to do while all by himself in an unfamiliar world.

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All I can say is great job on this entertaining one-shot. Definitely liked the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up. Really appreciated Fluttershy's reflections on some of the things she saw before meeting Salem as well as the passing unnamed mention of Capper. Of course, if Twilight were there with Fluttershy, she might get reminded of her experiences in Sunset Shimmer's adopted world, but Twilight is probably busy with her duties as ruler of Equestria. Of course, if he ended up in the Equestria Girls universe, the girls might recognize him from television and, as they have a talking dog as one of their best friends, it probably would not have been quite as big a shock.

Anyway, certainly looking forward to more of your work in general.

Technically Salem falls in the human tag since that is his true species.

I was gonna be honest with you when I saw the picture I thought this cat was from hocus pocus lol

Oh hey! I thought that that cat looked familiar. Good job.

That is true, nevera Heard a Sabrina crissover, i nos want to read one where sunset shimmer and Friends are arrested by they whuch counsil that hace bien monitoring them for a while, XD, bu oh well.

I was hoping for Salem to exasperate Fluttershy so much, she would refer to him Salem as "Angel if he was a talking cat."

But this was a short and sweet story.

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I instantly recognized that cat from Sabrina the Teenage Wich but for now I'ma settle on "Old."

The Snark is real!!!

Upon closer inspection, this version of the character did in fact originate in the show; the original Archie Comics series quietly retconned the original Salem away in favor of the more interesting character presented here.

What would the Big D have done to Salem had they met?

I'd lov eto read more stories about this cat!!

Perfectly written Salem. He snarks, but he's never directly mean about it. So many people get that wrong. It's not that he's a total a-hole, it's that he tries to make himself laugh to cover up the pain of his own existence. And Fluttershy was the best one for him to run into, though I'll admit, would have loved Discord to come by for some Snark to Snark combat. Regardless, thank you for the smile, and the pleasant hint of nostalgia I got from this.


Probably change him back into a human so he could have more fun. Possibly less fun when the witches council found out. Same both ways for Discord, even better with the dichotomy.

Well, is good to see a Sabrina crossover... But should Salem not be a 'Wizard' instead of 'Witch'?

Also, it could be a good story as Salem is transformed in a unicorn or a human and try to conquer the world again

Salem! The best thing brought from that sitcom, great job!

nice story.

any more perhaps?

I'm putting this in Read it Later. I remember Salem cracking me up!

Just can not beat a classic

I haven't seen that show in so long, but I can still remember that cat/warlock. I'll always remember that character.

I was actually trying to put a version of Salem in one of my stories. I got in an early namedrop, but he's so far away from actually appearing, he probably won't make it before I have to ax the story and just summarize what would have been in a blog post.

Nice small story here, though.

Growing Up is Hard to Do When will you do that

I like Salem a lot. I just wish he can explore all around Equestria, with Fluttershy as his tour guide.

I'd love to see how Salem would interact with all of the ponies, including Celestia and Luna.

Needed a laugh. Thanks for providing one.

I always love me some Salem. Most excellent.

Every few lines that Salem spoke, I imagined the sitcom laughter. The canned laughter.
Whenever he spoke something that stereotypically would have a laugh track in the 90's TV shows.

Made it a bit more amusing. :pinkiesmile:

Anyone else heard his voice when they were reading his lines?


I'd love to read a sequel to this. Good story!

Salem likes to talk the big talk but he can be quite disarming when he wants to be.
Good story.

I really enojyed Reading it!!! Waiting for the next

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