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My own personal rewrite of the episode A Royal Problem. With Spike in Starlight Glimmer's place.

When Spike is called in for Royal Business to spend time with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the two princesses have been getting rather angry at each other, both claiming the other doesn't know how the other feels when doing their job. So, the Princesses decide to switch places and see who has the better life, but what affect would this have on Spike?

A couple typos and things were fixed/edited.

This takes place shortly after Season 4.

Cover art by dSana!

Special thanks to SuperPinkBrony12 for helping me out here!

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I love this! The way you wrote Spike and the sisters interacting was both heart-warming and cute, and I love the ending :twilightsmile: I can just see the three of them continuing their dream adventures long after Spike goes back to Twilight.

Really want to see more adventures of these three now (not to mention I will forever be imagining this now when I watch the show :yay: )

....not too sure what the deal with the itch lotion was though, seemed a bit out of place to me :rainbowhuh:


I'm glad you loved the story!

....not too sure what the deal with the itch lotion was though, seemed a bit out of place to me

That was done because while Spike is annoyed Twilight was overprotective of him at the beginning, seeing her disintegrated in a dream made him want it because he remembers how much Twilight cares for him.

Awesome story good sir, If this was scene more often on the show, I would start watching it again and start to like Celestia & Luna more again.

I loved this story! I wish more than anything it had been "A Royal Problem" instead of what we got. Spike's dynamics with the princesses has been all but ignored in the show. :twilightsmile:

You should do more Spike spending time with Celestia and Luna fics more often.

Why couldn't this be the episode for 'A Royal Problem'? The way you wrote and played it out was superb and heartfelt. Everything in it felt like the characters from the show. I loved it. I hope you keep writing more of these.

Very well crafted story, a bit odd for me to read them as friends rather then mother, son and aunt but I still very much enjoyed this story. Have a like an a follow my friend, beautiful job.

If Spike went, then Equestria would be doomed. Celestia and Luna can't actually switch places without Starlight's spell.

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