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A story idea MrAquino and me thought along with some good editing by Autismo555 and in three days BOOM!

It's been 12 years since the Crystalling and much has changed. Flurry Heart is now a alicorn filly and while her parents and Twilight along with Dragon Lord Ember are away she's left in the care of uncle Spike who is now a gigantic gentle dragon while all is wonderful an old enemy shows his face and Spike must protect Flurry Heart from it.

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AWESOME!!!! THIS WAS SO COOL!!!! :raritystarry: :pinkiegasp:

Even Spike does a better job taking care of Flurry than Twilight.

“I always wonder; does being a princess make you an alicorn, or does an alicorn make you a princess?”

Actually that is a very good question... :rainbowhuh:

Glad to make this with you.

8114239 Were happy you enjoyed it.

8114239 Glad you enjoyed it. We tried our very best.
8114361 Size has it's advantages and disadvantages.
8114416 That was a question I had in the Season 2 finale.

8114644 it's always an honor.

8114361 Well heck he's had lots of practice taking care of Twilight and she's the older sibling LOL.

8115701 If Spike wasn't around, Twilight would eventually forget to eat and breathe. It's sad on so many levels, considering how RD is lazy AF, but still has time to eat, breathe, show off and do weather duty.

8115795 Poor Twi always putting books ahead of life.

8116048 I'm honestly surprised she still managed to become a princess despite having non-existent social skills. I'm glad that she's slowly drifting away from her student mentality, but she still DOES put books ahead of everyone else. I wonder if Twilight would be a different pony if she wasn't introduced to books. It would be cool to see more fics where Twilight is an Earth Pony or even a Thestral. Face it, I've seen several fics where she's a changeling or a dragon, but not other pony species. It would also be cool if she treated Spike better as well. Ugh, he's graduated from a butler and a fax machine to what's basically a secretary. Speaking of secretary, his G3 counterpart is so stuffy and boring that I'd RATHER listen to Twilight's arcanobabble than that dude! I'm also worried that G4 is somewhat of a precursor to G3.

And speaking of G3, I still hate it because there isn't much of a plot, the artstyle is headache inducing, the voices are too high pitched, so much pink, too girly and has an idiot named Minty.

“It's been a long time!” Cadence spoke. “Almost a whole decade.”

You mean to tell me that Cadence and Twilight haven’t seen each other for an entirety of 10 years?! What is the likelihood of that even happening?!

Figure of speech.

A confusing, jumbled, nigh incoherant mess.

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