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When accidentally stumbling across Spike's diary, the Mane Six discover secrets on how Spike feels about each one of them.

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Aww... another touching, and heartwarming story so far. I hope you continue with this. :heart: Makes me feel sad though that all the ponies in Ponyville has a family, but Spike doesn't have one. :fluttershysad:

Interesting premise... Liked and faved! However, one thing I'll point out is that you say the event is both 'today' and 'tomorrow' in the first paragraph, but other then that I can't find any fault with it :)

Aw.. I want to see Twilight's reaction after reading Fluttershy's story in Spike's diary. I wonder how she will take to the fact that Spike feels that she won't need him anymore. :fluttercry: A quick update this was, and I love it. :heart:

Out of your Spike fanfics, this is becoming my top favorite of them with each chapter. Alright, we got Pinkie, RD, and Fluttershy out of the way. Now we need Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight. I am getting teary eyed much much more. :fluttercry: happy tears though my friend.:twilightblush:

You got Jiminy Cricket in this story too? :rainbowhuh:

Aw.. another touching chapter. Poor Spike, I know he felt bad for saying that about Applejack's father, and he didn't know that her parents died. :fluttershysad: But I knew Applejack would be forgiving upon him. :pinkiehappy: Your updates are awesome with this story. :twilightblush:

good story. Will see the rest of the chapters.

only thing I don't like is the cricket it would have been better if Mac or Granny told the story

Two lonely hearts sharing a beautiful and peaceful evening together. Romantic and adorable. I love all of these art pieces too at the end of each chapter. :twilightblush: Well, the last pony up is Twilight. My heart is pounding hard to see what Spike has written about her. :heart:

wow what where Twilight Spikle and go spike:heart:

As much as I like that little cricket, he's out of place here. Really out of place. My suggestion would have been for Granny to tell the story.

My jaw still hasn't raised from the sheer frickin douchyness Crimson Mane just showed there.....I......god what a prick.


ooow ;A;


hahahah awesome xD

well now i see why you had the crossover tag in your story

Nice little pinochio cameo here. One problem, it is absoultely pointless! Just being honest.

Lol, Lion King reference :rainbowlaugh:

Cute little fic. Short and to the point, but all the detail we needed was given, I thoroughly enjoyed it :) And bonus points for publishing all six chapters in the same day :twilightsmile:

Liked and faved.

3033826 Yeah, don't worry. I changed that. :-)

Beautifully done. The ending's ending's a little, cheesy, but excellent all the same. :moustache:

You left me blubbering like a baby with this final chapter, but it is happy tears my friend. :fluttercry: Save the best for last with Spike's feelings for Twilight. :twilightblush: I don't care what anyone says I believe that Twilight is like a mother to Spike. :heart: You have touched my heart with this entire story, and I put it at the top of my Spike fan fic list. :fluttercry:

it was a good! the reason I was put off of it was simple, I HATE JIMINY CRICKET even with that though, like and fav

:moustache:This fic probably just saved me from severe depression after a few darker, evil fics that I had neglected for a while... Now I'm happy again!:heart:

Nooooooooooo! How to change the thumbs up so that he was not there?
I liked the story of to this chapter, but I hate Twilight as the mother Spike, yet i do not want down.

WOW. This has to be humanized. The fried chicken is for meat eaters, not ponies. It's wrong in so many ways.:pinkiesick: Good story still.

Wow good story nice ending i say so.


WOOOOOOOOOW ;A; niceeeee job

The Disney references were distracting and maybe ooc for Rainbow (Using Twilight's name in a threat), but hey your story your rules and it was enjoyable. Keep writing.

That was beautiful.

Well, Although the writing was a bit too fast and To be honest Jiminy Cricket kind of broke my balls, I really enjoyed this, especially the Mom detail, oh that made my day, keep writing

This was sweet but I dont understand why jiminy cricket was in it, or what significance he held. :rainbowhuh:

good story but was jiminey necessary? like at all?

Jiminy Cricket leaped on the floor and looked at the diary. "I remember this one!" He said. "Spike did a really good deed that day. It was also the first day me and Spike met."

When I read this at first, I laughed and was like,"What the?"
This is great stuff!

Applejack's parents...died in a terrible storm, just a few months when Apple Bloom was born."

Wait...how is that even possible?

Comment posted by yodajax10 deleted Nov 27th, 2013

3039398 He probably got it from a Griffon restaurant.:scootangel: Also, I think that Pegasi are omnivore since they are part bird:rainbowwild:, after all, Fluttershy has no problems feeding worms and fish to her animal friends, and Applejack doesn't seem very concerned about having worms in Pinkie's cupcakes:pinkiesick::fluttershbad:


Twilight would kill anyone who made fin of spike (I hope)
And lizard, why does everyone call me that:raritydespair:

5167826 You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? Let us remember that is just a fanfic and sadly there are bronies who take this make-believe stuff seriously, which is a problem. Think I'm just sucking the joy out of other users by saying crap like this? Well... that's reality for ya.


I honestly think this would've been a great story if A) it had been built up a touch more and B) ya hadn't decided to add a Crossover Tag for no discernible reason other than a couple of characters who had no real bearing in the story. (also as a side note, Jiminy struck me as Out-of-Character. It would be one thing for him to say not to do this until he came across an entry about him, but on the whole the story could've done without him.)

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