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The night before take you child to work day, Twilight and the other girls leave to spend time with their family's and relatives. But Spike is left alone, seeing as he is secretly the son of Celestia, and it would be pretty obvious if he showed up next to her in the court room. Celestia knows this, and arranged for a special night & day for Spike, in hopes to make up for it. "Hey Luna, How would you like to spend some time with Spike?"

Chapters (8)
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A story that better explores the relationship of Luna and spike, damn I need more of this.

I love seeing Spike and Luna interacting together.

This is so good please to more

Let's hope Spike doesn't mention his pen-pal/girlfriend to his mother and aunt otherwise there's going to be a field day.

This is interesting can't wait for next chapter.

Would love to have Tiberius in the mix and knowing Luna wants to find out more about Spike's special somegriffin.

A Spike, Momlestia and Aunt Luna story? You have my full attention. I love Spike being a member of the Royal family.

Beautiful and heartfelt chapter. Really shows the bond between aunt and nephew. I'm excited for more.

Really liking this so far, love the explanation for how the dream realm works. The rainbow puking was a funny bit (reminded me of Aqua from Konosuba)

Can't wait to see what nightmare Luna & Spike find inside Carrot's dream, should be interesting! :twilightsmile:

A very beautiful and innocent chapter with the two family members. I love how you explained Luna's dream ability. A few errors but nothing major. Just make sure to always double check your work. Amazing job. Excited for more.

Honestly I would love to read a prequel to this where Luna talks to another Dream walker about her nephew and makes a deal. Very excited to see this update, welcome back. And Spike's photographic memory would be a damn great help to Luna and maybe even being trained as a dream walker in time. I'm glad you remembered other races, most people do not. Great job, next!

Well at first I wrote the first chapter to be pre 6 but by chapter 3 I jumped to 8 so go with that

Glad to see a new chapter, can't wait to see what else happens inside Flutter's dream! :yay::moustache:

Since Tiberius is nocturnal guess that means we won't be seeing him?

Buck yeah. I'm very excited to see this update and even more so that Shy is not as spineless as in real life. She swears. Awesome. Very in character and really awesome chapter. Kind of wish Shy could join them in their dream trip. I feel like that would be fun. On to the next. Great job.

Hope It's Not To Big Or A Bother To Ask, But I Love This Story, And Just Wanted To Know When The Next Chapter Is. Hope This Isn't To Much Of A Problem.

wait what's going on now??? is someone having a bad dream involving spike or not???

I wonder, is the changeling that has a crush on Spike is Ocellus or is it a changeling OC?

If Spike ended up in Gabby's dream zone......

Very cute/heartwarming read in this chapter indeed :0

This was a very good romp for Spike though the dream realm, looking forward to the final chapter!πŸ˜€πŸ’–

I wish moments like these happened more often for spike in the series.

Luna's not finish with Spike's connection with Gabby and he better not go into any of the Crystal Ponies' dreams.

I'm sure even Celestia would approve and even asking Spike to invite his griffin friend over.

Where is Tiberius?

He is watching over her physical body right now, he’ll show up in the morning

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