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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Takes place immediately after the events of "The Cutie Re-Mark". Proofread by Smitty91.)

Starlight Glimmer should be happy. She has been forgiven for her past misdeeds, and has a promising future as a student to the Princess of Friendship.

But, she's not.

Despite her efforts to hide it, Starlight feels that she has been forgiven too easily. She shouldn't be forgiven at all.

While reflecting on these feelings, and deciding whether or not to tell somepony about them, Starlight recieves a visit from a filly that once trotted a similar path. And this visit, will teach Starlight a powerful lesson about forgiveness, and atonement.

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I'd love for a future episode to focus on DT and Starlight.

Awesome story:twilightsmile:

Bravo! Simply exquisite!:twilightsmile:
And I can't believe I didn't realize the similarities between these two!:facehoof:

that...actually make sense! why the fuck wouldn't the show writer do this!? this is amazing! it does make sense!

This certainly does remind me of the season 4 final for one reason, showing Twilight understands the difference between someone "needing" forgiveness and "deserving" it. Starlight couldn't see Twilight was giving her what she needed rather than what she earned. Forgiveness is weird like that, it's something you tend to earn after you receive it rather than receiving it because you earned it.

RQK #6 · Jan 6th, 2016 · · ·

A swell read, for sure. It's especially intriguing to see these two bounce thoughts off of each other and share their stories, since they have quite a bit in common.

At times however, the fic felt like a really long conversation. I kinda wish there was a bit of action involved. And what I mean by that is, maybe, Starlight is pacing around the room or the two are walking through the hall as they talk.


But rather than destory me, Twilight reached out and offered me a helping hoof.

That one in particular jumped out at me. There were some other minor grammatical and spelling errors but I can at least point this out.

"Is there something troubling you, my faithful student?"

If she really thought Starlight was that 'faithful', she wouldn't be taking all these extra security precautions on leaving the unicorn alone. Sometimes, stock expressions don't apply in the context they're used in.

Tiara sighed unhappily, and looked all around, as if she feared her mother might appear at any second. "She said that even a rich pony knows better than to insult somepony for something they have no control over. Making fun of a pegasus that can't fly, would be no different than if somepony else picked on me because I wasn't good with my earth pony magic.

Yea, you see I'm not buying that. From what we know of her, and her basic complete control over DT's life, I reckon she was the mare who put that idea into her daughter's head in the first place.

Remember the song? "All my life I've been told, what to DO, what to SAY?"

Something tells me Spoiled doesn't have a moral compass, as is implied here. And if she did, she lost it out at sea years ago.


It also would have been nice to see Starlight's interaction with the Crusaders. But, I guess you'd already written enough at this point, so I'll let you off the hook. You can breathe again, now.

Aside from that, this is good stuff. I still think Starlight's excuses for doing what she did were markedly shady, and find it very hard to relate to a character that reacts with such petulance to losing one single friend. I certainly don't want her as a main character in season 6, but who knows? Only time will tell...

Hope this starts a trend of Starlight and Diamond stories.

6804787 One can only hope.

6805155 Well, we don't know for sure what they're going to do with Starlight in Season 6. I'm hopeful they'll at least take her down the same route as Sunset Shimmer, and make her work for her redemption.

6805570 I don't mean to imply Spoiled Rich has anything resembling a moral compass, it's more in the light of "Even evil has standards." In this case, Spoiled Rich is concerned primarily with appearance, and even she knows that mocking the disabled is a sure fire way to destroy your appearance in the eyes of everyone.

6805570 Twilight may have forgiven Starlight for her past transgressions, but that doesn't mean she has to forget about them. Besides, she really has no excuse for at least not looking into some security after what Starlight did. And she offered Starlight the chance to come with her, but Starlight refused, so Twilight decided to respect Starlight's wishes as any good teacher would do.

6806833 I hope so too.

This. This is the type of stories we need more of. :pinkiesad2: It's sweet and just so heartwarming. I even teared up a bit. Thank you for writing this and honestly, I'm surprised it took this long to get a Diamond/Starlight buddy fic.

6805570 Starlight didn't build the town and her philosophy because of her lost friend. She just cut herself off and didn't make another one because she believed a cutie mark would take them away. Apple Bloom faced similar fears, but Apple Bloom had something Starlight didn't. She had a loving home with adults who could and do talk to her and explain right from wrong and how to deal with heartache. As well, Apple Bloom soon met two ponies who stuck up for her and helped her about, facing similar hardships to follow.

Children are irrational and it's up to those older and friends to make sure we pull through this. Starlight, given her attitude, had no one to help her through the most crucial spot in life. This is made worse since she's an equine, a herd species, and we've seen other characters react negatively to the loss of a single family/friend/pet someone who's part of their herd.

6807267 Yes, but children have to grow up at some point. A missing part of her past is: Did Starlight actually have parents (who would be responsible for teaching her some of the stuff you mentioned), and if not, what happened to them... Because I find it VERY difficult to believe a filly could survive all by herself throughout foalhood, without having some kind of support structure in place. This is a bit of the finale that wasn't really dwelt on... I wonder if it'll be delved into in season 6? Probably not.

Anyway, one of my new favourite stories called ...That's It? brings to life everything I felt about Starlight's non-existent 'dilemma'. So, go read that if you want to know what I felt about the situation with her 'revenge'. Right now, she seems like a very petty character who's reasons for almost ending the world are as pathetic as they come... And without further details of what drove her to such extreme lengths, I'm afraid my sympathy for her is at 0%.

6807267 I'm surprised too, I mean, just recently Diamond Tiara got a fanfic with Svengallop of all ponies that redeemed him. Diamond Tiara's been the focus of fanfics almost non stop since her redemption, with all kinds of characters.

6807300 I read that fic. Didn't like it {too mean spirited for my tastes} and felt a bit hypocritical on Twilight's part, since she went loco for a report. {And didn't have to apologize.} This was the very lesson of Lesson Zero. People seem to forget that sanity isn't something straight forward, nor are choices.

children have to grow up at some point.

But if said child didn't get the support they needed, they will grow up with distorted mindsets. A good example would be 'Voldermort' from Harry Potter. Had Voldermort grown up in a loving home with people who could relate his problems effectively, he wouldn't grow up to make choices many would have deemed villainous and wrong.

I go into detail here. on why it is hypocritical all this hate as well as why I sympathize with her.

Starlight, amongst the four villains reformed {Luna, Discord, Sunset} has the distinction of being the only one amongst them that wasn't villainous for the sake of selfish desires, but a {twisted} justified means of aid. It's why I didn't feel bad for Luna or Discord when they were redeemed, and Sunset only a tad bit {but mostly due to finding her hilarious}.

6807366 Don't get me wrong... I LOVE redemption arcs of anyone seeing the error of their ways and turning to the light... But Starlight's reasons for becoming what she did struck me as arbitrarily to say the least. If they expand upon them, great. If they leave it the way they do, nah. I actually think it's better for them NOT to make any excuse for the villains pasts (As they did with Discord and Sunset Shimmer) than attempt a half-arsed one and botching it up (Like they did, in my opinion, with Starlight Glimmer).

Anyway, that's what I think. Up against the Heel Face Turns likes of Diamond Tiara, Pacifica Northwest in Gravity Falls and (maybe) Peridot in Steven Universe, it just pales in comparison. Let's see if season 6 can change my mind...

6807444 But that wasn't her complete backstory, just a focal point that would lead to mental instability. Eh, they could have left Discord in stone and I would have been fine with that, given his immorality. I found it to be clever and understandable and will be expanded upon without question. I actually think it's better when a villain is given a reason that I can understand, then not. {Which is why Starlight's redemption on-point tops the others.}

Nooooooooooo! I've had this idea for so long, but I never got around to it!

Ah, well you're a better writer by a longshot anyway.


"'Was he your boyfriend?"'
What is this "boyfriend" of which you speak? Is it anything like a colt friend? Dang kids and their slang.
Seriously though, good story.

I enjoyed this. The inability to forgive yourself is a huge obstacle many face when they commit a wrong that is very grand. Although, there are those who won't forgive themselves for even small wrongs. Accompanied with the sad music I was listening to, I did feel the emotions here. And you have articulated very well what it means to forgive yourself. Nice job.

That was powerful. I'm really hoping that we get an episode at least somewhat like this for real.

It was cute. On a critical standpoint, I'm personally not a fan of overlong recaps of things we already know, but I don't regret reading this, I'm glad I found it.

I never thought I'd ever see a fic that had these two together in it. :twilightsmile:

I loved it.:heart:

and its for this reason why Sunset and Starlight would be besties...sequel it

A beautiful story. Particularly since I can imagine Starlight running into the Crusaders at some point. And we know through On Your Marks that the Crusaders have had a solid impact on Diamond; just watch Silver Spoon working on the pie with her.

A princess that could easily have Starlight thrown in jail if she so desired, and to be honest, Starlight wasn't sure why Twilight hadn't done that yet.

If that's true, "We Can't All Be Friends" (which was all about Starlight refusing the offer) must have been running through her noggin.

Great story! :pinkiehappy:

This is a very good one-shot.

Is there something troubling you, my faithful student?

The faithful student thing doesn't really sound right when coming from Twilight. Could be because she's not formal like Celestia.

Hmm, I dunno. I like the idea. I really do. But the dialogue feels really off to me.

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