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I love MLP and drawing and writing. My fave out of the mane 7: Sunset Shimmer. Mane 6: Rainbow Dash. My brother is: BronySoldier98

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Meet me:

1) I am 10
2) I am HUGELY obsessed with MLP
3) I love gifs a lot (As you can see at the top and the 'Pics I like' module)
4) My fave mane 7: Sunset Shimmer Mane, 6: Rainbow Dash (I can't decide between her and Pinkie, actually)
5) I love to write and draw
6) My brother is BronySoldier98 and is 8 1/2
7) I only have 3 friends in real life at school
8) Equestria Girls is better than MLP in my opinion
9) My fave episode is so far Magical Mystery Cure, but might change to Cutie Markless
10) Fave Rainbow Rocks song is Welcome to the Show
11) Fave out of the 3 new music videos is My Past Is Not Today
12) I have a ton of bad luck
13) My BFF now has an account! Check out: MlpEgRox2015


Another completed story! · 2:50am Apr 23rd, 2015

Yay! I've finally finished Mission: Equestria! Go check it out! :pinkiehappy: Here:

Mission: Equestria

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1873540 so, I'll be the next one banned?:fluttercry:

1) Your underage for the site.
2) She was banned 8 weeks ago

Hi! My name is Sparklelover2003, I'm 11 and I think Equestria Girls is better too! (Although I am STILL trying to by an Equestria Girls doll even though i'm in 6th grade) Do you read dork diaries? I LOVE dork diaries! My favorite color is pink and I also have a lip gloss adiction too!

Oh gosh that was soooooooo much talkng.


P.S. I followed you!

Hey! This is my new account. This one got banned. :(



You're very welcome.


For someone so young you have a very good grasp of the English language. Good on you.

1745485 NP! And thanks!

Hey, thanks for joining StarShy! It really means a lot to me. :yay: Here, have a potato grown with Irish love. (::)

1743992 Nye Bye! Bill Nye The Science Guy!! If you know who he is!

1743990 Yeah. I gotta go now. Bye.

1743989 Cool! It got annoying for me so I turned it off

1743988 Thanks. Guess what? I turned on the interactive pony from the settings! So cool!

1743987 Pretty much. Just search the internet for a few popular MLP ships

1743986 Do you pretty much just try to match 2 ponies up?

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