The Grand Galloping Rarela, the most prestigious event in all of Rarequestria, is about to commence. However, it wouldn't be complete without Rarity making her grand appearance, along with the other rare six. Will the Elements of Fabulosity be able to defeat their surprise antagonist? Read on to find out!

Story for Yipyapper's birthday because he's a cool dude and if you like this fic check him out and stuff. Did I mention he was cool?

Big thanks to my editors SirTruffles, FloydienSlip and Flint Sparks!

Cover art found here.

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My anti-Rarity friend is gonna LOVE this story! :raritywink:

Argyle for the masses!



Hey, you tryin' to copy Obs' story? I'm on to you, Bob.

But this looks hilarious. I'll have to read it.


Magic is Rarity, Fabulousity for all. :raritywink: A wonderful piece of work, Bob.

I... Okay, then. Certainly an interesting read at the very least.

That story... Wow. 9001/10. Have all the rarity!


This is a...

...rare form of comedy.

Elements of Generosity

I was thinking more Elements of Fabulous.

Majin Syeekoh

This story is truly a Rarity.:raritystarry:


4700936 No please

Like this, perhaps?

Needs more Rarity.

Not enough Rarity.

Now that I think of it: Rarity has always wanted to be a Princess and be close to Princess Celestia, she's competed in (and nearly won) the Young Flyer's Competition, she spends winter wrap up making adorable nests for baby birds, she plans and organizes parties, and she's even tried her hand at dressing as a farmer and bucking apples. Ol' Fashionface could pinch-hit for any of her friends if needed! :raritywink:

I think you've broken the universe, Bobby. :pinkiecrazy::raritystarry:

YOU DON'T CONTROL ME! :flutterrage:
*steals a sofa on the way out*

Lovely story, by the way. :raritystarry:
I absolutely adore the way you narrated the story. :twilightsmile:

CANT. STOP. LAUGHING.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Here, have some random Rarity:raritycry::raritydespair::raritystarry::raritywink::duck::raritycry::raritydespair::raritystarry::raritywink::duck::raritycry::raritydespair::raritystarry::raritywink::duck:

This is the best story on the site.

I'm not sure why it has the Alternate Universe tag though. Is there some other pony show everyone else has been watching that I haven't?

This seems like Rarity's ego having a JO sesh. Lot's of stroking to make itself feel good.:trollestia:

4701575 I heard Hasbro made an AU fanfic based off this story.

Something about friendship instead of Rarity.

I downvoted it.

I, for one, welcome our new Rarity overlords! :raritystarry:

I thought Nightmarity Moon was gonna show up. But Fashion Disaster is FAR worse. In fact, she is the. Worst. Thing. POSSIBLE!!! *couch faint*

I'm going to change my profile picture to Rarity now. This is just too awesome. I love you, RarityBob.
Sincerely, EarthBound Rarity.

God... God dammit, RainbowBob... :rainbowlaugh:


...or fixed? :raritystarry:

much STYLE

I wonder what a Fluttershy version of this would be like. All the others are fairly obvious.
In a Rarity one, obviously, there would be a lot of fashion and fabulousity.
In a Rainbow Dash one, it'd have a lot of going fast and saying awesome.
In a Pinkie Pie one it would have a lot of randomness.
In a Twilight Sparkle one there would be a lot of complicated science tangents.
In an Applejack one there would be a lot of apples.
But what would happen in a Fluttershy version?

Took you long enough. :raritystarry:

4701826 The Fluttershy one would be a blank document, because the story would be too shy.

Well done, RarityBob, well done. I was so worried when Fashion Disaster's horrible fashion struck Rarity, but of course, she could make it look good. Luckily, Rarity makes everything look good.

Still, I would have liked to see a bit more Rarity in this fic. Her appearance was almost 'blink and you'll miss her'.

Rarity is best pony... I think... I can't tell after this.

I would tell my Elements of Laughter to duke it out with your Elements of Fabulosity, but it would likely come to a standstill. Mine would be so insistent on parties and fun, while yours would just love to adorn to their fashion sense. In the end, nothing would happen.

Mister sponge, why must you come up with great ideas? Seeing a story like this is a rarity... that was intentional... but I loved it. Don't ever change.

But in all seriousness, we need more stories like this.

....................................................... Have you been hitting the Linseed oil again? Also, what's wrong with plaid? That sort of talk could reach the ears of the International Department Of Inadequately Trained Scotsmen (IDOITS), and then you'll never drink single malt in this town again.

Somehow this feels exactly how like one of Rarity's own dreams would be, with her as the center of the universe and everypony else a pale reflection of her a la a more FABULOUS Being John Malkovich. Have you been dream-walking again, RainbowBob? :trixieshiftright::rainbowlaugh:

4700981 :pinkiehappy:

[Insert comment about worst pony here]

When I saw who the author was, I was not surprised. :ajsmug:

I can only assume this story happened because you ate marshmallows laced with LSD. Well, more of them than usual.

In any case, thank you for this bizarre little journey into the fabulous land of Rarequestria. :raritystarry:



Dafuq did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:

*shuts computer* Thaaat's enough Internet for the day.

I can tell you're going to like my anti-Rarity friend. :raritywink:

A shocked gasp escaped from the mane six,

Missed a spot. :raritydespair:
*Wipes with marshmallows*

A shocked gasp escaped from the rare six,

Fixed. :raritystarry:

4701400 Agreed.

Hmm... not enough positive Rarity emoticons either.



There we go.

Everyone's names sounds like shipping! Sparity, Rarilight, Rarilight. It's all one giant shipfic without actual romance, instead... Rarity

Should've replaced every name with "Rarity"

"Hello Rarity," said Rarity as Rarity trotted by while Rarity flew overhead towards Rarity's house to pick up Rarity for the day

Shove it in their face. :raritywink:


I'm only one sponge! :raritydespair:

Forgive me! :raritycry:

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