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On her deathbed, dying of an unrevealed illness, Spoiled Rich shares her last moments on Equestria with her daughter. That's about it. Handkerchiefs are entirely optional, but recommended.

Thank you.

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I hate you. This made me feel bad for Spoiled...WHY?!?!?!

Curse you deadpansnarker! Curse you!!!

Good little one-shot either way.

7811310 Well, I figured I'd been giving her a bit of a raw deal of late, so this is my attempt to redress the balance. Glad you liked the fic... :twilightsmile:

7811321 I prefer when you take huge dumps on Spoiled.

7811332 Nah, everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, even Spoiled. Or perhaps I'm just feeling extra generous this time of year.

Either way, it was nice to write her in a mildly sympathetic light for a change. I may even do it again, if the fic demands... :raritywink:

7811340 Eh, I still prefer when you make her look horrible. Oh well...

My feels just died reading this.....:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

I dobn't feel anything, Spoiled Dead and rotting in the bowels of Tatarus, she anin't going where Randolph is.
a bad parent is the worst thing to have, still Daimond showed real character when she forgave her.

so good story.

7811379 I like to think every mother loves their child in their own way, even if it in in a misguided fashion as Spoiled's affections clearly were.

Especially in the optimistic world of MLP: remember, it wasn't so long ago people were saying the same things about Diamond Tiara after she picked on Scootaloo. Now, it's hard to find anyone who has a bad word to say against her.

Perhaps the makers of the show will follow a similar route with Spoiled... only time will tell... :raritywink:

I can only hope. But i won't hold my breath.


I actually hope they don't. The only reason Diamond's reformation worked at all is because we were able to blame all the horrible things she's done on Spoiled, since Diamond was, herself, a victim of Spoiled and essentially a sock puppet for her evil mother. Also because they don't go into the fact that the CMC would have some very hefty psychological damage from everything they've endured at DT and Spoon's antics, the kind that flies under the radar but damages personalities and growth potential, changing who they otherwise would have grown up to be.

Tiara, also, would realistically (fanfic-mode/real world-mode) be suffering from severe mentally and emotionally crippling issues due to Spoiled's blithering incompetence and vicarious living through Tiara, allowing her own hatreds to spill forth and corrupt and hurt her family due to her own selfishness and stunted world-view.

Having an antagonist BE an antagonist and not just sweeping all that under the rug, for once, would be something I really want to see. You don't have to be a dark god to destroy lives, and it'd be nice to see them handled as a bad guy rather than just 'someone who needs to learn friendship'. Spoiled is the quintessential abusive parent. Having her being treated as the abuser she is - or even trying to reform her and failing because she's just that deeply twisted and stubborn would be welcome from the show. Granted, they'd never do that, but that's what we have fanfics and psychoanalytical anal psychos like me for.

7811587 I point you to my answer 'maybe I'm feeling extra generous this year'. I have a great Christmas to look forward to, some New Years resolutions I finally intend to enact in full... I just don't have the heart to write anything negative at the moment.

Realistically, you're probably right, but if you can't think positively around Christmas, even about somepony as obviously as loathsome on the surface as Spoiled Rich, then when can you? I'll give her a break... till the end of the year, at least... ;)


heh, nopony can be 100% evil/negative right? I like the fic and good to see you see you again deadpansnarker. Have a Merry Christmas follow. :twilightsheepish:

7811587 Spoiled didn't reform in the end. To the last even when she got sick she still was full of herself. However said she still valued her daughter; For all the wrong reasons, mind. And even if she and Diamond had issues to put it mildly, she was still her mother, and parents can mess up there offspring like nothing else. After all, children are mostly hardwired to want their parents to think highly off them.


Oh, no. It's perfectly fine for you and your stories. I'm just giving my thoughts on the canon Spoiled and hoping they don't reform her.

... I kind of like having someone to hate eternally? :trixieshiftright:

I don't know how you did it, but you actually made me feel sorry for Spoiled. If it were me in Diamond Tiara's position, I don't think I'd be at all willing to go back and do much besides say goodbye.

7811912 Something tells me you won't be the one employed in engraving her tombstone... :raritywink:

7811880 Everyone needs a nemesis. Superman, Batman, me...
What? Oh, just some dude who lives nearby, who puts his garbage in my bin every Sunday morning. I got my eye on you, mister... :trixieshiftleft:

7811731 My present to you... a follow in return. And you didn't even have to unwrap it... which is just as well, considering how terrible I am at that ... :twilightsmile:

You have very eloquently captured every aspect of the bittersweetness of this moment. A lovely read.

By the by, the word "virile" has strong connotations of "manly" so you may consider picking a different word for youthful vigor.

There IS good in her, don't you see?

"You were right, Diamond. Tell your father... you were riiiiight"

7811890 Well, that was my intent. I'm glad at least some people seem to have thought I achieved my set goal. :scootangel:

BTW I want to wish you especially a Merry Christmas... if it wasn't for your deployment of me as editor for some of your fics, I don't think my output right now would be as much as it is. Doing that also helped me through some very tough days this year, so I really appreciate that. Thank you. :raritystarry:

Alright, enough of the sap. Roll on 2017!! :twistnerd:

7811966 Who am I to turn down the recommendation of such a studious changeling? 'Sprightly' it is, then. :moustache:

I liked it. I liked it a lot. It reminded me of my own Grandma's passing. She was a much better person then spoiled rich...but still...I liked your story. Nobody's 100% awful, after all. Kudos!

"The last thing she did... was squeeze my hoof..."

ouch:fluttershysad: :pinkiesad2:

My only complaint is the handkerchief part in the description; it would fit far better in an author's note or something. Other than that, great story!

Death is the ultimate equalizer, it seems. And some ways of going out are even worse than others.

Don't know if Spoiled Rich deserved to pass like this, though.

7812415 Who does?
Well, I can think of a few people, although I don't know them personally... :moustache:

The laws of nature judged her.

I liked this, sad as it is. A good chance at forgiveness on both sides is great

Still sad she died, though :fluttershyouch:

Nah, everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, even Spoiled


be carried out in an inconsequential local registry office, instead of in the grandest cathedral in Canterlot.

That part feels like a disservice to themselves more than anything, you should make the most important day of you life as special as possible.

That being said, this was an emotional piece, with some darkly realistic undertones. And the final bit at the end, was interesting to say the least.

And yeah... that horrible time when what month it is, what say it is... all begins to go. Dammit. :-(

very emotional l fic here

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