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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Collab with Matt11. Covertart by Matt11 on Deviant Art, used with permission.)

Since befriending the Cutie Mark Crusaders and gaining the courage to tell her mother off, Diamond Tiara has enjoyed a relatively peaceful home life. That peaceful life is shattered suddenly and unexpectedly however, when Filthy Rich dies!

Such a loss would be painful enough as it is, but on top of that Spoiled Rich turns around and leaves her daughter at the Ponyville Orphanage, leaving poor Diamond without a family.

Fortunately, the filly is soon adopted by Dizzy Twister, Scootaloo's mother. But is Dizzy up to the task of raising a heartbroken filly, how will Diamond Tiara cope with her new home life and loss of somepony so dear to her, and how will Scootaloo react to the notion of having a sister in the form of a pony she once considered an enemy?

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That's just rode! Spoiled, you better watch out for an angry mob! Don't worry, Tiara, I would be happy to take care of you

You know I'm a sucker for 'DT gets adopted' fics (having written a couple myself) so you know I'm gonna follow this :twilightsmile:

Well, Twister makes without doubt a better mother than Spoiled. And her husband would make a good surrogate father for her, no doubt.

8479810 Well, you'll have to just wait and see.

Of course. If you don't mind me asking, how do you think would be Twister's relationship to Rainbow Dash's parents?

8479836 Not that this is relevant to the fic, but I'd imagine she would get along with them well enough. I have a headcanon that Windy Whistles used to be a teacher in Cloudsdale, and Dizzy Twister was among her students before she met and married Bow, and settled down to have a foal.

Sounds good to me. I like your stories with Twister and Scoots very much, I was just wondering given how Dash's parents treat Scoots as second daughter, if Twister would be okay with that or not.

Please tell me Spoiled gets what she deserves(namely the butt kicking of a lifetime):flutterrage:

rose were is my ass kicking suit?

THAT ARSE!!! I mean Celestia damn you spoiled milk -er- rich. I DISLIKE YOU VERY MUCH.

a little fast paste but it works and i cant wait to read more

Filthy Rich is just barely at the morgue and Spoiled gets rid of her daughter. I hope she gets what's coming to her.

8479845 I think she would be, even if she might feel a little jealous of such a fact. I see her as a firm but fair parent with a slight tendency to be embarrassing in Scootaloo's eyes.

Makes senes and sounds good. Maybe, you should make a story with her and Rainbow's parents

Twister is so screwed. I know if Scootaloo's mother didn't adopt Diamond, the Apples would have. Spoiled better cash out Barnyard Bargains and leave Ponyville ASAP. After word gets out about what she did to Diamond, no court in all of Equestria will convict whoever makes her deceased.

8480077 You mean Spoiled is so screwed, right?

Your call, but i'm sure it will be worth the wait.

No, Spoiled is so dead. Twister just adopted a filly on impulse. Without talking to her husband nor her daughter. If her husband don't let her have it, Scootaloo will.

Ah and now Diamond Tiara will also get to learn what it's like to not live in a huge mansion. Which reminds me I thank Randolph should quit working with Spoiled Rich, especially after he finds out what she did to poor little Diamond Tiara.

8480121 That'll be cleared up once Filthy's last will and testament is read towards the end of this fic.

Ouch. This is a truly emotional start to the story. I REALLY feel sorry for Di right now. Her father's death was bad enough, but what Spoiled did was - well, I'm not one to use that kind of language in public forums (even if I respect the right of others to do what they want as long as they don't hurt anybody).

Maybe, at an appropriate point, Scoots can say "This is something so bad, I would feel sorry for you even if we WERE still enemies. Of course, those days are well behind us, but this still going to take A LOT of getting used to."

Or words to that extent.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Again, great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this story. And, well, Twister was acting on pure impulse, but it is understandable why she would feel that level of compassion. And, while it would be understandable that Twister's husband and Scoots might get upset that she made the decision without consulting them, they will also likely eventually understand WHY Twister made the decision.

At any rate, I will VERY definitely be looking forward to more of this (mainly because I'm a sucker for Earn Your Happy Ending type stories, which, knowing you, this will VERY likely be). However, I will ALSO be willing to be patient.

I love this story I can't wait for the next chapters.

And was soon she was out of sight.

I thank "And was" should be removed, sounds werid now that I thank about it.

awesome story so far looking forward to more

Raising the dead would be going against his medical oath?

This is a very sad fic, but things are starting to pick up for Diamond. :pinkiesad2: I hope she and Scootaloo will get along.

I'm definitely tracking this! :pinkiesmile:

8481435 Yes, the hypocratic oath is as follows: "First, do no harm. Treat patients as people." (Or in this case, ponies)

The more I read this the more I feel I should of added a part were Diamond Tiara gives her new mother a hug, but I guess that can wait till the next chapter or a different Chapter.

8482705 That will come in due time, Diamond is still a relatively strong and stubborn filly, even in spite of what's happened to her.

8481435 Eh, its Equestria, there's probably some law against necromancy or something.

NIce work! I like how Scoots comfort her new sister at once, without hesitation, shows how caring she can be. Silver Spoon has a sister, Octavia I assume?

Great idea, putting Scoot's aunties into the story! I casually suggest this won't be the last we here from them, in the land of fanficdom :twilightsmile:

8481542 Eh, actually do no harm doesn't appear anywhere in the oath, but most people assume it does so, yeah.

Great story so far, and nice use of Lofty and Holiday, kinda hope they make an appearance later, I look forward to reading more.

8485472 Yes. I'm not exactly sure where the headcanon came to me, but I believe it was in one of the Silver Spoon groups. They do look kind of similar, so it's not entirely out of the question to assume they could be related.

Indeed. I have the same headcano, for me, I got it from the junior gala comic on Deviantart.com

8485485 Really? I'm pretty sure it was, at least when it was first introduced.

Necromancy and bringing the dead back to life are similar but not identical.

awesome chapter. looking forward to more

well i guess its a goodthing in this case that scoots can't fly makes it easier for dt to live

Best story ever please make more chapters like this

Very little I can say that hasn't already been said, but still- excellent job on this latest chapter. Yeah, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all quite well done in all the right places. I particularly liked the scenes with Scoots and Diamond and Dizzy and her husband. It's obvious you are going to a lot of effort to make this story as good as possible and I truly appreciate the effort. Oh, and thanks very much for liking my dialogue idea enough to use it.

Now, I DO have some possible ideas for future "What If? Volumes:

1. "Shadow Play": Expanded to a three-parter by removing "Secrets and Pies" (or, at least, arranging it so that it is, instead, a three minute Equestria Girls short). Thus, "Uncommon Bonds" is episode 23 and "Shadow Play" STARTS at episode 24. Expanding the story to a three-parter will allow for adding more detail about certain things of your choice. Also, Celestia and Luna actually take an active role in the adventure (which would make sense given their past connection to Starswirl)

Plus, if you do decide to do a "Movies volume":

1. For the movie: The Storm King's first invasion attempt is actually successfully thwarted (by actually allowing the guards, Wonderbolts and Mane Six to actually be as competent as they should be AND completely averting the Worf Effect on Celestia, Luna and Cadance's parts). However, the initial invasion was merely set up to give the Storm King a better gage of his enemies' abilities so, if the invasion IS foiled, he can do better next time.

Storm King also busts out every villain and monster imprisoned in Tartarus so he can distract the ones most likely to give him trouble.

At that point, the Worf Effect is actually Double-Subverted (in that Cadance, Twilight, Starlight, Luna, Celestia and Discord ARE drained off by the Storm King individually, but NOT before they EACH single-hoofedly defeat AT LEAST one of the Tartarus escapees).

From there, the rest of the Mane Six and Spike travel the world looking for help while the guards and the Wonderbolts try to keep the Storm King's troops busy.

Also, Storm King averts Bond Villain Stupidity by using the power stolen from the four princesses, Starlight and Discord to return Tempest's horn as he promised. After all 1. A deal's a deal and it would give her one less reason to turn against him. and 2. Even if she DID turn against him despite him keeping his end of the bargain, he would still be powerful enough to handle her (fully restored horn or not) anyway. Instead, Storm King ends up losing because the Mane Five and Spike managed to get help from King Thorax and the Changelings, Lord Ember and the dragon army AND all of the hippogriffs (since Twilight was captured with the other princesses BEFORE the Mane Five and Spike went on their journey, she wasn't around to botch up the negotiations with the hippogriffs). In other words, he did not lose because of Bond Villain Stupidity, but simply because the heroes were able to round up enough firepower to equal his forces.

Of course, if you don't like the ideas, I DO profusely apologize for wasting your time.

At any rate, I will very definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will also be very willing to be patient.

I like the story idea, but at the same time I hope Diamond get's to keep some of her pride and Scootaloo and her mother aren't forcing her to be changed, kind of like int that one story with Scootaloo and Rarity, where Rarity respected Scootaloos predicament and everything.
so far i like it.

Caring Heart didn't press her new charge. She knew that it was unwise to pressure a filly into opening up wounds when they would rather not think about them.

good good, now only SCootalloos familly has to do the same.

This is pretty good so far.

"For right now, know that you don't have to call me 'Mom', 'Mother', 'Mommy', or anything along those lines. You can address me as Mrs. Twister, and my husband as Mr. Twister, and that's fine by me. I want you to be comfortable and call me your mother when you think you're ready."

oh god thank you, that was something I would have liked to get in a different story as well.

I don't want Dimanond to act ungratefull, but maybe there is a reason why she could once mention how difficult it is to get used to the different lifestyle?

I have a sleeping bag you can borrow."

I'm not sure how good that stuff can be, but if the couch isn't exactly in the center of the house, then I would prefer the couch.

(man did it feel_ to be calling Scootaloo that)

I didn't really noticed it before, but I think you made some small mistakes here and there, only the missing word was a real problem to me.

"Alright then," Quick spoke, as he got up from his seat at the dining room table. "I think it's time I met the newest addition to my family. It's sure gonna be weird having a daughter like Diamond Tiara around."

That sounds a bit personal, but I think he is speaking about the problems she has.

I liked this, but somehow the Scootaloo and Diamond meetin felt different from what I expected to see/read or whatever.

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