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Starlight Glimmer's friends all find out she has become a mother long before any of them met her. But what'll happen when they make the discovery the long-lost filly isn't so 'lost' after all? What'll happens if... she just lives around the corner?

Who knows... but we're about to find out.

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Ah! I love it! Can't wait to see more!

So far, so good...will be tracking this.

Hummm how will Spoiled try to spin this? Also somehow I doubt Filthy knows the truth.

This story sounds very, VERY interesting. Please continue.

Great start I hope you will be able update soon because I would like to see where you go

Hm....Interesting, I'll give this story a shot

Will be tracking this one and see how it goes...

Your story is in the feature box just to let you know, personally I find this story very interesting, well writing and engaging, you have my attention.

This definitely adds a new spin on things. Keep it.

8008562 Hope the bait is tasty! :scootangel:
8008583 Oh don't worry... after the response this has gotten so far, this is guaranteed! :raritywink:
8008596 Thank you! :twilightsmile:
8008608 Well there's only two ways to find out. Either a) Look into your crystal ball, or b) Keep reading the story. :twistnerd:
8008610 No worries there! :eeyup:
8008619 So am I... :moustache:
8008636 Thanks! Hope it matches expectations... :twilightsmile:
8008646 Thanks for your interest, you AND Pinkie! :pinkiehappy:
8008660 It sure is! :duck:
8008672 This story isn't rated M, you know... :trollestia:
8008689 Well, I did my best. Hope they talk a little more convincingly for you in the upcoming chapters! :yay:

8008705 *secretly puts an M over the T*

Um...yeah it is :3

8008705 You really love Diamond Tiara, don't you? Methinks Starlight made a grave mistake hoofing over Diamond to Spoiled Bitch. Yeah, that's right. I hate her THAT much. I hate that mare enough that I will never use her real name. On the other hand, while I used to dislike DT for being a bully and somewhat of a spoiled brat, I didn't hate her enough to want her dead. I really don't get the point of a rich mare wanting kids especially if all she's gonna do is spend her husband's money and kiss up to the frickin' nobles in frickin' Canterlot!?

8008696 Yes I noticed, and I am over the moon. Hi Luna... :heart:
8008697 Well, I won't be deleting it, so no worries there. :yay:
8008704 That's all I could ask for... :raritywink:
8008722 Maybe if I stare at it long enough. Hmm... :pinkiesmile:

8008725 I love all complicated antagonists with twisted pasts who eventually go on to change their way... so, I guess you could say, this fic is a match made in Heaven for me. :twistnerd:

I just wish the show would give DT half the attention it's apparently going to devote to SG in the future... If she becomes just another background character after helping the Crusaders get their Cutie Marks, my only reaction would be: 'What a waste....' :pinkiesick:

8008705 Who told you about my crystal ball, I'll murderlize em!

A quality setup for a Starlight Glimmer (and others) story? I'm in! :pinkiehappy:

8008736 Sorry, I wasn't aware there was a race. :scootangel: Anyway, glad you like the story.
8008740 If you had a crystal ball, you'd be able to find them anyway... :duck:
8008741 Oh, I think I will have to, now... :raritywink:

This is actually really awesome idea of a story and can't wait to see more. But I do worry about something...

This isn't going to be like the other stories were they make the Rich Family evil and try to take away Diamond right? If so, then don't do it. I love to see it as Starlight trying to be in Diamonds life with helping Spoiled to become a better Mother. That would be the first time seeing a good version of Spoiled on here.

And I just realized that your the same writer that wrote A Mothers Love. :facehoof:

8008755 Don't worry... I can actually write more sympathetic portrayals of Spoiled. See This story and This story for details. :pinkiesmile:

It's just that canon makes her such a terror, it's hard to depict her as anything but a bit scary. As for how I'll write her in this story wait and see... but bear in mind, as an author, I hate one-dimensional characters. :facehoof:

Wow, I sure am seeing a lot of Starlight + Diamond Tiara fics recently. I wonder how many...

Four. Four out of nine on this site have been published within the last week. Well, this certainly is a good week for Glimmy. I'll have to read this when I'm not about to leave for class.

8008736 And this is hardly the first mom Starlight fic I've seen, either. Just because something hasn't never been done before doesn't mean it isn't worth doing.

Hey deadpan,

I know we haven't talked in a while. I been super busy and all with work and my own projects. I'll take a read from this story after work today, my friend. :pinkiesmile:

8008816 Well, they do have very similar backstories... both have fillyhood traumas (although, Diamond's is still ongoing) which made them into them into the nasty ponies they were, and both managed to overcome them to become nicer and ultimately, help other ponies out (DT assisted the Crusaders in getting their Cutie Marks, SG pretty much saved the world from the changlings and the Crystal Empire from the wrath of a baby :rainbowlaugh: )

I guess the two of them can relate to each other on that level, hence why they make a good pairing for fics. Which is why I decided to delve into that potential with this story, of course. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading it later... and good luck in class. :twilightsmile:

8008819 AARGH tell me about it. I have four one-shots I want to write, two chapter stories to update AND now this fic to concentrate on. And that doesn't even factor in my usual routine... :applejackconfused:

Still, can't say I don't enjoy it. I just need to stock up on the caffeine, and we're good to go... :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey now, what did Fancypants and Fleur ever do? Those are the ponies she's trying to suck up to, you know.


I have more or less the same load, 3 different stories to upkeep, with a 4th sure to be on its way now, and several one shots I am interested in doing. :twilightblush:

It was good talking to you. I don't think we've talked since December. :trollestia:

8008853 Indeed... very busy time of year for moi. Also, this isn't the only fiction site I write on... ARRGH! It would be so much easier if writing was my job, but alas... it's only a glorified hobby. :facehoof:

Well, hope to speak to you again soon. Keep in touch, and enjoy the rest of the story. :pinkiehappy:


If writing was our actual job, would we be dedicating as much time to this site or more time to the works that produced us money? Or would they be one and the same through patreon or something? :rainbowlaugh:

That being said, I am planning on publishing a book sometime in the future. I've been putting it off for a while in lieu of improving my narrative capabilities, which is why I'm on this site. Much better than what I was using before... (fanfiction website)


Well there are people on the site who charge money for writing commissions, I myself also make money on the side as a fanfic editor, so its not impossible. just throwing that out there.

8008871 Well, the other fic site I use is rubbish for pone stories, so coming here is pretty much my only choice. At least you know you're going to get almost exclusively fans of MLP here, and not get crowded out by fans of other series... :pinkiesmile:

Patreon, eh? Well, I must say I did consider it... but then I came to the conclusion no one would actually want to pay me for my stories. Of course, if enough people ask, I'll do it, but I'm sure I'm on that level yet. We'll see... :moustache:

Good luck with the novel... :twilightsmile:

8008873 Good-o :twistnerd:
8008881 Listen: If anyone reading this wants to hire me (as well as throw some decent cash my way) I'll take almost any job writing related. That rent ain't getting any cheaper... :twilightoops:

Somehow I could actually see this as an episode.

8008890 Don't tell me, tell Hasbro... (as long as Megan McCarthy writes it) :raritywink:


Same here, if you need an editor or co-writing I'm willing to take on any jobs. Prices are negotiable, let me know if interested.

Also good story so far and given how much of a bitch Spoiled and how Diamond Tiara looks nothing like either of her parents, I can buy this.

8008895 Thanks. I'll bear that in mind, and cheers for the comments on the story thus far. :twilightsmile:

8008852 I meant everyone else. Fancy, Fleur and Twilight's parents are the only nobles I tolerate anyway. Plus, I think of Fleur as a changeling with a very sexy Prench accent who uses her modeling gigs to feed.

So many tiara and glimmer fanfic lately. I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen one for starlight and twist what with the backstories...... although who cares about twist? Best filly is where it's at...... even though she didn't speak once in season 6 while snips and snails did. Man I'm more angry about that then I thought.

8008912 Well, at least the surfeit of DT fics right now is making up for her lackadaisical appearances in the series since S5, which should be a national scandal. :fluttercry:

Why aren't the authorities investigating this terrible crime... :twilightangry2:

8008916 I know! The chances of the writers using her again is just............ a diamond in the rough:rainbowdetermined2: oh yeah by the way I did have an idea for you to use. As much as I love COTLM scootaloo forgiving diamond felt somewhat rushed. I was hoping you could make an idea around that concept.

8008926 Yea, I do like that idea... I'll add that to the two PM 's I've received today also requesting stories. Maybe I should start up that patreon idea, after all. Roll up, roll up... :twistnerd:

8008953 In this story... most likely. :twilightsmile:
In canon... not so sure, but it would certainly make for an interesting twist :twistnerd: See there, even she agrees.

8008960 Yep, plenty of major twists ahead...
Oops, she's gone for her tea.
O well, have an Apple Bloom instead. :applecry:

8008987 Pokemon? MLP? CROSSOVER?! :rainbowhuh:
AARGH Stop giving me story ideas!! I'm snowed under with work as it is!! :derpytongue2:

P.S (Stoic Applejack will always be the best) :ajbemused:


Honestly, the best Diamond Tiara story I've read is actually hiding in a Silver Spoon one, The Silver Standard.

But it's a fresh "link", so once you see it done right, an avalanche follows. Including this one.

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