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Just a guy who likes to write. I let my stories go where they please. I'm just their instrument of creation.


After a long hard day of friendship lessons Twilight settles down with Spike to look through her old photo album. Starlight's reaction to one of the photos brings a shocking secret to light. Starlight is a mother, and she does not know to whom.

Twilight and her friends now want to help Starlight find her long lost foal, while trying to puzzle out just how a mother could not know her own foal. Starlight meanwhile is trying to decide whether to bury the past, or drag it all up once again. Both will be painful, but the question remains. Which one would hurt the least, for all involved?

Several truths are revealed, and motivations are uncovered. When everything is laid bare how will everyone react? Will Starlight's life be turned upside down, even in this time of change for the former villain?

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 356 )

Interesting idea, I look forward to seeing more in the future, good luck.

We have kindred ideas, I see! Keep it up!

7360239 Heh yeah I noticed your story as I was writing this :P The two ideas are basically related opposites. Good luck on your story and thank you for the comment.

7360220 Thank you for the comment. Hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters.

7360366 Me too, speaking as a mom I hope it's good.


7360609 Sorry! I'm trying to keep the chapters somewhat short. More will be explained in the next chapter. I hate cliffhangers too but they are a necessary evil.

7360615 Nah its fine, its just AHHHH

Can't wait to see what happens next.

7362974 It should be coming soon, thank you for the comment.

7363231 Again, can't wait.
You're welcome.

Great job! I loved the hook at the ending, can't wait for more!

7363969 Thank you for the comment. More will be on the way soon.

Calling it now. The filly was Diamond Tiara

7378178 I ALMOST went with that idea. But I couldn't see Filthy Rich agreeing to any of this. Otherwise it would have been Diamond Tiara

After the first chapter I was kinda curious where this would lead to.
After this one you really caught my interest :twilightsmile:

7378185 Glad to have caught your interest. I hope I don't end up disappointing down the line.

Well, my theory is kind of out the window, probably, oh well, still is really good so far.

7378241 Glad you're enjoying. We'll see if anyone guesses correctly before the reveal.

7378242 I might as well at least try, is it Scootaloo? Yeah, its cliche at this point, I'm just curious.

7378247 Putting the answer in a spoiler so you can click it if you wish. Yes it is

Wow... Canterlot is full of douches

7378253 :applejackconfused: Okay, I saw it coming, and yet I'm still surprised.

On the other hand this might be the first version of that I've seen like this, I'll be very curious to see how it goes.

7378263 Okay I hope that doesn't mean I'm messing this up. Hopefully I'm not. Guess time will tell.

7378278 You're doing fine so far, I just was starting to doubt it a bit after chapter 2 and only asked because I was curious.

7378183 Is it at least a pony we know?

7378306 Yes. Otherwise I would have an OC tag. It's someone we all know.

7378253 I didn't even need to ask in the comments I knew who it was the second I saw this. Please tell me that those Fucking Assholes that should rot in tarturus get what they deserve.

7378325 Comeuppance will be served yes.

I have a feeling starlight foal had a major magical skill. I think it is sunset shimmer or trixie.

7422341 That would require some time travel shenanigans. Which would be interesting but do not feature in this story.

Commenting just to say that the next chapter is almost finished. Sincerest apologies for the delay. Should be up no later than saturday and maybe tomorrow if I can manage it.

Oh my god I love this story! What will happen when Starlight finds them? Will she? What about the foal is it a colt or filly? Oh! I hate waiting for updates when this is SO GOOD!!

7440096 Those are things that you are just gonna have to wait and see. Unless you want spoiled.

Thank you for the kind comment. I'll try and get the next update up as soon as possible.

God I love the way you write Starlight

7440640 Well she is the reason I'm even writing so I may as well do her justice. Glad you enjoy.

7440641 of course, but I was also just referring to how you write her across all your stories. In my head I like to think they all take place in the same universe

7440834 That would be interesting. They all technically could. The only snag is that in this one I aged everyone up a fair amount, like 5 or 6 years in human ages. However other than that they could all take place in the one universe yeah. I tend to think of them as separate, with Starlight's Adventures being the more cohesive set of stories but that's just me. Everyone else is free to have their own ideas and thoughts. I welcome it actually. I can't think of everything.

It might also help that every one of my recent stories has featured my favourite lilac unicorn as the main character.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Hopefully I can keep up the standard.

Sadly, this sort of thing could happen in any society be it absolute monarchy or constitutional republic. The rich can bribe others into doing things for them, even illegal things. I hope Twilight has them all tossed in a dungeon.

7452067 Like Starlight said, this isn't going to be all about revenge. But yes comeuppance will be served. I'm not 100 percent sure what yet myself.

hmmm let me read this story it seems instresting


I hope glimmy finds her child

“The next day I tried again, but I was hungry cold and tired. The inevitable happened and I collapsed in the middle of the street. When I came to I was in the household of the foal's father. All I'm able to remember right now is that he was a pegasus, and acted like a gentlecolt...for this part at least.”

When reading this part, I do not know if I thought wrong but it scared me. It made me think that Starlight was....

7492582 I think I know what you're talking about, and no. Nothing untoward happened at that part in the story. The only negative part was the taking of the foal.

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