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There's something dark lurking in the corner of Diamond Tiara's bedroom, inside the closet where she keeps her dresses. It watches her every night, and she knows that if she looks away it will take the chance to creep closer. Maybe that's why she's afraid to fall asleep.

Winner of the Quills and Sofas ‘Mind of a child’ speedwrite contest, with the prompt ‘monster in the closet’.Written in 1hr 15.

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Just when I thought Spoiled Rich couldn't sink any lower. Making her own daughter afraid of the dark just because she wanted to hear a bedtime story? :ajbemused:

Poor Diamond Tiara! This is a very sad story for her, I can't believe get parents were so cruel (well, Spoiled Rich really).



You know this is amazing, right? Very well done Shas. You should be very proud of yourself.

It's masterful the way you have the metaphor of the monster change every time you flip from the other events of the story back to her room. The same imagery meaning very different things every time we see it is a really cool literary device. It's super impressive.

You've managed to give an incredible amount of humanity (pone-anity?) to a character that honestly is a bit two-dimensional in early canon, which is also delightful to see.

And Mommy leaned in real close to me, and whispered, “See the shadows over there? There’s a monster in there. Waiting, watching. Looking for bad little fillies to gobble up. So you need to be good , Diamond Tiara.”

Trying to scare a little kid like that just because you want them to behave not only that spoiled rich you just gave Diamond Tiara a nightmare not cool lady :twilightangry2:

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” Her voice is high and mocking. “Like a little parrot. Stop calling me that. It’s so juvenile; a nine-year-old should be a lady in miniature, not a toddler.”

You know I don't care if she's drunk or not that is just a terrible thing to say to your daughter especially that young once again what does Filthy Rich sees in her good Lord

Wow that was actually kind of sad which I should have expected because learning about diamond tiaras I still feel bad for saying awful things about her because she's just a kid and probably that's what she got the influence from so basically spoiled Rich told Diamond Tiara to behave herself or else the monsters in the closet will get her which again that's terrible to say that so she did but she still afraid if that's going to happen to her throughout her years she hears her mother and father arguing and basically spoiled rich show her true color that she doesn't even like her own daughter once again what does Filthy Rich sees in her and maybe 4 diamond tiara the only monster she's afraid of is her own mother this was a really good writing here nice job on it

Hot dang that was well done.

The kid's an anchor. Every time Filthy starts to get angry with her Spoiled just has to remind him about Diamond and what she'd think if he forced her to leave.

We never scare off the monster in the closet. The monsters we make do.

Wow. Just . . . Wow. :fluttercry:

Dammit Shas you almost made me cry with this story. Almost, but not quite. Beautiful character arc for Diamond you depicted right there, it was what made this fic such a good story to read. Good work!

Your reading has been completed and can be found here. I hope you enjoy!

Author Interviewer

Damn, I love the idea of using a soothsayer to determine a foal's name. :D I'm so glad someone else came up with that.

How else to explain all the eerily perfect names? :rainbowlaugh:

Where the heck is Princess Luna when you need her to give a foal some very needed therapy?

Ok now I really hate spoiled rich now spoiled rich said she never wanted diamond tiara and never care about her Spoiled rich is a heartless rude sobby pony

Where is Princess Lun when you need her to help diamond tiara

Good story keep up the good work

Thanks for reading it!

I guess Luna can't be everywhere at once, and most of poor Diamond's fears take place while she's awake!

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