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It's not romantic if you are tied in your chair against your will…

That’s what Spike was repeating not just to himself in  his head, but screaming to the entire restaurant while looking at the person who had him captive.

What would you do in this situation?

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Comments ( 33 )

Wooow! This is an interesting start on a rare pairing. Can't wait to see where this story leads!:raritywink:

who knows? maybe in more odd pairings. XD

Seeing her like this almost feels... normal for her. Kinda makes me think what it would be like to see them under 'normal' circumstances.

It would be a huge fight and misunderstanding and a lot of funny jokes and Spike freaking out. LoL

And that's how started a big fight. LoL

I confess, I wasn't super into this one. The whole idea about a restaurant that wants you to pretend to be kidnapped is probably supposed to be funny but mostly just came off as nonsensical. The part with Spike having multiple sisters could've been interesting, but nothing was done with it. As it is, it just felt like too much attention was given to a superfluous detail.

It's not bad as a concept, but even as I type this, I find myself forgetting what I just read with alarming speed. Apologies.

I know people who are into kidnapping fantasies / play and whatnot. They’d prolly pay through the nose for a restaurant like this. Though... I think the dining would probably take place in something like a dungeon...

I’m analyzing this story too much, aren’t I?

Hue, hue, hue, hue, hue!

It would be more like a bondage restaurant. But I have to minimize to make free for everyone to read LoL

I’ve never been to a BDSM club, but some more... promiscuous friends of mine have, and they know people who would love a paid kidnapping experience. (Fake, I think)

Exactly. So that's something similar, thankfully by Cadance. Maybe in the sequell Spike will have his revenge.

...Come on baby it's your lucky day!
Shut up your mouth, it's gonna be my way!
Come on baby don't be afraid!
Cause if it weren't for Date Rape I'd never get laid!

It would be funny if Adagio would make Spike sing that song all night along. LOL. Thank you for comment

And that's where Twilight goes into Big Sister Instinct mode.

What's next, Spike having dinner with Adagio, Sonata, and Aria at their place?

Actually would be the confrontation of Adagio and human 7 and after that Adagio visiting Sparkle family for dinner. LoL

Spike I have a question. Why do you assume it's cadance and not someone else.

Spike: Who is other person named Mi Amore Cadenza and is a Dean of School? :moustache:
But you are right, I have questions for her, I just don't know why I have a feeling in the moment I see her, she will run away...

Maybe because she heard you yell her name across the city

Spike: I doubt, if my scream would be so loud, they would have send me a rescue team. But maybe I will ask the owner if is that the true.

Good luck with date number two

Spike: Thank you. I will really need, because the next date will be at my house... with my family...

I recommend bribery to keep the parents from bringing out baby pictures

Spike: Well the Sparkle family doesn't have my pictures of baby... My sister Sunset in other hand... I don't know how did she managed to take and add on the internet. Anyway, the thing is... I cannot let Twilight and Adagio alone in the same room, it will make a ruge storm.

Best of luck you will need it

ok :rainbowderp:lol:pinkiehappy: awesome:moustache:It's been a while since I've read something like that. but it was worth it

thanks for enjoying this fiction XD.

quite a concept.
most excellent.

Thank you to enjoy it the new chapter. XD

Who take bathes at this age?!

Knowing Spike he likes a rubber duck and Sunset usually like to use the bathtube to relax herself.

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