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This story is a sequel to Sunset Plan's to conquer Equestria... Spike is not amused

Anon a Miss was the worst thing happening at Canterlot High, and most of the students were aware that it must be related to Sunset Shimmer.
Spike is coming back to the human world... and he is not happy with it.

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Some ponies may view the barbershop as nothing but a burden and waste of his time. ... But knowing since childhood, Night Light knows the importance of the ponies who share their stories, jokes, trials, and tribulations. In a very funny way.

Twilight Velvet and Wolf are going to find out how long it takes for a simple mane cut to make the entire barbershop create a "healthy" conversation of the possible conspiracy theory of the taxes was being used for Princess Celestia to buy ten thousand pounds of cake.

Prequel of Path of the dreams.


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Through the simple act of betraying with somepony he knows and loves. Spike will be shown just how far his music can take him. From a simple dream as a little dragon, he gave up his dream and his talent to help the only pony who betrayed him after so many years of being on her side. Running away from Ponyville with his violin, Spike trips to Canterlot... Healing old wounds, finding new friends or something more, and possibly even rekindling the old fire of his dreams...

This time he will focus not on the others, but to follow his dreams...

Written for the Spike Shipping Contest.

Cover art by me.

Obs: English is not my first language.

Featured on 01/17/22

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A girl who took care of a garden for years finds herself in difficulty when it comes to working alone... Loneliness, Wallflower Blush never thought that day she would meet one of the most interesting persons in her entire life.

A green-haired boy.

This is written for the May 2021 Pairing Contest.

The knowledge about the sickness in this fiction is based on my experience as a child, please take a good patience and enjoy this fiction which I loved so much to write.

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There is some mysteries which should remain occult. If exposed, would cause such impact in our lives which will never remain the same.

That's why with the invention of the smartphones, some genius as well created the protection password.

Thankfully because of these 4 numbers we are still capable of being seen as straightforward and respected people. If everyone knew what we hide behind cellphone's password, nobody would never shake hands with other person ever again.

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If you think to be the best magician unicorn over Equestria was a challenge, you don't know anything about parenthood then. Starswirl always thought dealing with other ponies was easy, but he never thought how much difficult was to take care of one filly, imagine 3. That's his life with his 3 daughters.

Starswirl have to deal with past, present and future of his daughters, and even if they tried to conquerer Canterlot High in another dimension, they were still his daughters and they were still be grounded for not doing their homeworks.


A collection of random chapters about being a father to 3 sirens, making all the comedy, drama and random problems it could happen with our favorite sirens and the most powerful mage over Equestria.
So don't mind about past, present order, because it will be totally random, so keep reading for fun and enjoy the comedy and slice of life of the most difficult part of life called parenthood.

Edited by: Allegrano_Melody

Officially Featured in 12/09/2020

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Sunset finally revealed her plans to conquer Equestria to every one of the Canterlot High... Spike is not amused.

Edited by: iAmSiNnEr and Allegrano_Melody


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What would you do if you have to save your team from danger? And your only option in doing that it's actually defeating them? Humdrum has a big challenge ahead and the only things he can count on are his own prototypes and his new computer assistant.

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Spike is a famous animator of Metube, and he is being followed by a stalker, he planned to confront his stalker but ended up with him being forced to have a date with her. It ends in the way you expect.


Cover art is not related to the fiction but is like a reference over Spike's animation he is doing.

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To be honest, what we fight for, is actually a private dream. No one did that to make others happy. The one who wants to make fans like you happy is just the league, I think you'd better not misunderstand. For your support and encouragement, we're definitely grateful and also moved, but I must say it ruthlessly: to fight for the fans is not true. At least for me, it's not."

Spike didn't forget the victory speech of the best player of to the Glory. One MMORPG really popular where he lives, Spike was a fan of that franchise since he was a child. And from years he had dreamed of becoming a professional player of this game, and now it was his chance.

Keep looking to see the challenges, Spike and his team will have after getting inside of the championship of to the glory, and keep aware of Spike's personal and firstly professional life inside of the game.

"It doesn't matter how the game must end... I WILL BE THE WINNER, I WILL BEAT ARIA BLAZE."

In Hiatus: Needing someone to edit it.

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