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What would you do if you have to save your team from danger? And your only option in doing that it's actually defeating them? Humdrum has a big challenge ahead and the only things he can count on are his own prototypes and his new computer assistant.

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I'd like to give this story a chance, but all the typos in the description make that very difficult.

I understand, English is not my first language, usually all my readers has this kind of problem in many of my stories, but they understand it's difficult for me to find an editor, so they get used by it. So maybe in the future this fiction will be rewrite or if possible the others will get used by my grammar problems. I thank you to give a try. XD

I wondered if that was the case. I suppose it is now worth a glance.

I hope he releases it anyway. A good way to hurt some villain cred.

Fun concept and not badly written/edited for casual readers. Just need more written to see how it goes.

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